Encounter: With Toys (Her Sexy Side)

Ayla Ruse

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Ayla Ruse


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With Toys (Her Sexy Side)


“Are you asleep?” Kiera whispered. No response. Good. Taking a peek in the dim moonlight at Max, Kiera slipped quietly off the mattress and felt under the bed for the unmarked box she’d received in the mail today.

When she closed her hands around the cardboard, she bit her lip, unsure if she was more nervous or excited. With another quick look at her sleeping husband, she crept to the bathroom, closed the door and sat on the toilet lid. Working as quietly as she could, Kiera opened the box, pushed through the packaging and pulled out her prize: another box. This one, though, displayed a neon pink, vibrating and waterproofed penis complete with a suction cup base. She’d gone the expensive route.

“Wow,” she exclaimed. When she pulled the toy out of the packaging, she gasped with delight and tapped her toes on the ceramic floor. My first vibrator. With a tentative touch, Kiera trailed her fingertips over the veined surface and the thick testicles near the base.

“Ooh, I can’t wait to try it out.” She shuffled through the mailing box and pulled out the batteries she’d ordered, along with free gifts of lotions and oils. “Cool. Maybe Max and I can try these another time.”

She set the latter to the side and worked the batteries into the hidden compartment in the base of the penis. When she turned the dial and it buzzed, hard, she jumped and fumbled to turn it off, the toy now firmly in her grasp, her fingers wrapped around the thick length. She ran it under warm water and used washcloth to give it a thorough wipe.

“What to do, what to do,” she mused under her breath. She touched her lips to the tip and shot her eyes to the closed door. It felt so wicked being sexual with an inanimate object.

Making a decision, she pushed the box out of the way, stripped off her nightgown, pinned up her hair and turned on the shower. Then she stepped under the warm spray with her brand new vibrator.

The noise of the water made her feel hidden, letting her relax and explore the artificial cock.

She kissed the rubbery tip, licked her lips and pushed it into her mouth. It was nowhere near the same as sucking Max’s cock, but it was fun. Kiera imagined Max fucking her while she sucked the penis and immediately felt her pussy throb.

“Oh,” she groaned, liking where her mind traveled. Funny, she never used to have such naughty thoughts until Max entered her life.

Standing under the full force of the water, Kiera turned the vibrator on low and trailed it down her body. When she thrust it between her thighs and rubbed it against her swollen clit, she moaned again.

“Now to something serious,” she murmured, spreading her legs and pushing the toy through her folds. She nudged the rounded tip to her entrance, and after a brief hesitation, worked it into her cunt.

She’d thought the toy was about the same size as Max’s cock, but maybe because this thing was rubber and not flesh, it felt freaking huge. She adjusted her stance, leaned against the tiles and bent her knees. Her wet pussy sucked at the rod she moved inside her pussy. When her fingers, at the base, pressed against her clit, she twisted the dial again and groaned as the vibrator buzzed along her inner walls.

With a sigh, Kiera simply held the cock in place before she began to thrust it in and out, slowly, loving the way it filled her and the unique vibrations it sent through her body. Her free hand stroked her breasts and pulled at her nipples, making them hard and red.

“That’s it, Max,” she whispered, imagining her husband was with her. “God, I love it when you fuck me. Yeah, just like that.”

She was so caught up in her pleasure she didn’t hear the shower door open. Only when a cool breeze made her nipples tighten even more did Kiera notice something different. She opened her eyes to see Max standing there, watching her intently.

She screamed and jumped, pulling the vibrator out so fast it hurt.

“Um,” she panted, “Max. What are you doing?”

“Please don’t stop,” he told her. “I don’t think I’ve been more turned on in my life.”

He stepped in the cubicle and held out his hand.

She ducked her head and laid the buzzing toy on his palm.

“Hmm,” he murmured, inspecting the device. “I’m sorry I interrupted your private time, but I woke up when I heard noises in here.”

“It’s… I just…” Kiera stumbled over her words.

“Shh,” he told her, placing a sweet kiss to her lips. “It’s okay. The question is, do you want me to go back to bed, or would you like me to join you?”

“You could do that?” she asked, hopeful.

In response, he rubbed the toy across her nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned.

“But you’d already moved on from this spot, hadn’t you?” Max asked. Kiera looked up at him, this man she loved more than anything, and nodded.

“Was it here?” he asked, smoothing it between her breasts.

“Or here?” He slid it over her belly.

“I know. It must have been here.” With these words, Max pulled her left leg over his thigh and pushed the vibrator back into her dripping pussy.

He thrust it in and out of her, faster and harder than she would have done so herself, but she had no complaints. She held onto his arms, his muscles flexing and bunching beneath her hands.

“God, Kiera, you are so full of surprises. What in the world made you think of getting a vibrator?”

“You… I’d seen some sketches…” Damn, she could hardly talk.

“I’ve never drawn vibrators, have I?”

“I don’t… I don’t know. Maybe the sketch was unfinished?”

“Hmm, probably. You are such a naughty girl, and I love that I’m the only one who knows.”

He pulled the toy from her pussy and she cried out at the sudden loss.

“Turn around,” he told her.

Kiera did as he asked and faced the wall. She laughed when he reached around her, waist high, and suctioned the pink dick to the tiles. “What are you doing?”

Instead of answering, he pulled her back and said, “bend over.” She thrilled at the deep timbre in his voice. “You’re going to suck on that cock while I fuck your pussy,” he added, his breath hot against her ear.

Excited, she bent over just as Max lined up his cock.

“Kiera,” he exhaled and nudged her feet farther apart. “You have to do your part, honey.”

With a grunt from the powerful way Max thrust into her, Kiera slid her mouth over the extended cock. It was slick with her juices and Kiera sucked greedily, loving her tangy taste.

The feel of the rubber dick on her tongue, the plastic hitting the back of her throat, while Max fucked her from behind, was better than she could’ve ever imagined. She moaned long and loud and set her hands on the wall to either side of the stationary cock. Her breasts swayed hard and the water spraying along her back slid around her ribs and tickled her hard nipples before dripping in a continuous stream to the shower floor.

“I love watching you suck that dick,” Max murmured. “Now you can please yourself whenever you want. And imagine how many ways you and I can use this.” His voice dropped. “I can’t wait to take your ass and shove that vibrator up your pussy at the same time. I bet you’d come before it’s all the way inside.”

Max continued to tell her how they could use the toy, his detailed words sending her over the edge. Her pussy clenched around him, and every nerve in her body focused on the cock in her pussy and the fake one in her mouth. She thrilled at how her cries were muffled by the toy as she came in wave after wave of pleasure. In seconds, Max followed her with a long groan of his own, pulling her hips tight to his body so she felt every pulse of his cock inside her cunt as he came.

Later, after they’d cleaned the toy, tucked it safely away and snuggled back into bed, Max turned to Kiera.

“Every day I’m learning something new with you, and I’m glad you’re open to adventure.”

“Umm,” she murmured sleepily. Then something cold and metal trailed over her shoulder. “Max? What’s that?”

He pushed her onto her back and kissed her hard. “I ordered something, too, and was trying to find the right time to bring it up.”

He pulled back to show her a slender chain with… “Are those nipple clamps?”

He nuzzled her neck. “Umm-hmm. I’m so glad you’re my every fantasy, my sexy girl.”


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