Encounter: Undead Advances

Sara Jay

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Sara Jay


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Undead Advances


Kia sandwiched herself between her two best friends and breathed deeply. Her pulse pounded at her throat. The poison already coursed through her veins, rapidly turning her into one of them, one of the mindless undead.

Due to their intense military vaccinations, both boys were immune to the zombie bites the trio had received only hours before. Kia, however, would be sentenced to death by morning.

“We’ll cure you, Kee,” Miguel swore, his sweet, rolling accent in her ear. “We will find a way.”

Brick said nothing. His stoic name suited him. Lying to Kia was something he would never do.

“My boys,” Kia whispered, backing her body into Miguel. “This is the last night I’ll have on Earth. Don’t make me promises.” She kissed Brick’s hard jaw, felt him swallow tightly. “Just make it count.”

Miguel’s sharp gasp ran across her bare shoulder. Kia shivered as his hand replaced the warm breath. Brick solemnly leaned in and kissed her slowly, his intense blue gaze upon her even as their mouths met. His lips traveled over her cheek, to her jaw, and down, down her neck.

Kia groaned, arching as Miguel slid off her tank top. He cupped her breasts, raining kisses on the back of her neck. His soft, wet ministrations oppositely mirrored Brick’s harder, stubble-dotted kisses. She almost forgot about the bite at her shoulder, the contaminated blood beating in her body.

Ordinarily this would have been a rushed mingling of the hips between drills and sentry checks, but Kia’s men were determined to make her last night as a human a blissful one. They pawed her body in time, a palm at each breast, a hand at each hip. Between Brick’s calloused warrior fingers and Miguel’s soft artist hands, her nerves joyously shrieked at the sensations.

Miguel pulled her into his lap, his erection pressing against her buttocks. She ground into him, moaning as Brick intensified his kisses down to her breasts. He nibbled each nipple as Miguel squeezed her breasts, and the tandem touches drove her crazy. Her boys worked well as partners both on and off the field.

Warm hands molded her stomach and thighs as Miguel sculpted her body as he did before the outbreak. Parting her thighs, she leaned back to allow him access and he plunged two fingers deeply into her wet pussy. “Miguel!” she cried, grinding down onto him again.

Wetness sluiced down her stomach and suddenly Brick’s tongue was just above Miguel’s probing fingers, lazily licking circles around her clit. Kia gasped, grasping his buzzed head as she arched into one lover’s mouth and against the other’s cock.

Brick’s tongue danced more quickly across her clit, brushing Miguel’s fingers and exciting her even more. The pressure deliciously built up inside her body and she jerked in pleasure. “Want you,” she groaned. “Want you both.”

Her boys obliged her demands, both backing away to allow her to take the lead. Their commander in love and life knelt down, taking Miguel’s thick cock into her mouth. Brick eased into her pussy behind with his long cock, filling her up as she desired.

Kia did not tease Miguel. She stared into his loving brown eyes and swallowed him, his balls hitting her chin. He moaned and struggled to maintain her soulful gaze, brushing her hair back as he gently fucked her face. She thrust a finger into his ass impatiently, nudging him forward and he roared, plunging in deeper.

Meeting his mate thrust for thrust, Brick buried his dick into her over and over, brushing against her clit with each entry. Seeing his beloved enter Miguel with her fingers, he licked one of his own and speared her ass, too. Kia shook with delight, wiggling her ass at him for more.

Miguel’s cock slid out of her mouth with a quick pop as she pulled back and gasped, “Need you in me, Migue.”

Pulling her back with him, Brick lay on the old gray blankets of their warehouse. He kept still as Kia rotated on his dick all around to face him, a grunt escaping his throat. She started to smile down at him but dropped her jaw at the tear running down his gruff face.

“No tears, Brick,” she whispered, voice quivering. “Just take me tonight. Please.”

Nodding, her warrior leaned up to kiss her fervently, sending waves of fire down to her toes. His kisses continued all over her face, burning her with his desire as Miguel deftly inserted his cock into her ass from behind.

The trio quickly found their rhythm, as usual. Two hands on each hip grasped Kia as she rocked onto both cocks, incoherent moans falling pleasurably from her lips. Bracing herself on Brick’s hard chest, she relaxed and allowed her boys to please her well into the night, willing the moon to stay forever.


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