Spaceport: Pirate
Marteeka Karland

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2007 Marteeka Karland


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Horny men would have stolen Vena from the auction block if it hadn’t been for her guardian. Of all the men she’d seen on New Haven Station, Master Haden was the biggest and the meanest. He was also the sexiest male she’d ever seen.

He showed no one mercy. His men and women were held to the highest standards. He asked top dollar for his slaves and to get that, he trained them to the exact specifications of the masters who wanted them.

Except Vena. He’d tried to train her. When his Handlers hadn’t succeeded, he’d tried himself. That evening had been the headiest time of Vena’s life. Experiences like that one time with Master Haden were why she’d left her father’s home in the first place.

She winced. As much as she wanted her father to find her before she was sold to a Fedorian Scavenger -- and he would, she had no doubt -- she didn’t want to face his wrath. It didn’t matter though. Running away had been the biggest mistake of her life. And not because of her current predicament.

Master Haden.

She fidgeted against the wall she was chained to.

“Hold still!” Master Haden hissed. “I’ll never sell you if you’re don’t at least look submissive.”

She ground her teeth. “Like I’m going to just stand her meekly and hope you get a good price for me. I just want to get out of here and go home.”

He turned to face her then. “That’s right. Run home to daddy. He’ll fix everything.” He looked furious. He always looked furious when he spoke of how she’d run away from her wealthy father, only to end up with him. It was if her very existence... disappointed him somehow. He thought her a wilting violet, but she’d proven herself to be made of sterner stuff. And $never had she used the threat of her father to get what she wanted. Still, he simply couldn’t give her a chance.

Not that she wanted one. At least not with anyone but him.

He was the perfect man physically, and he had a good heart. Yes, he dealt in pleasure slaves, but most of the men and women he dealt with were born and bred to that class. They never expected to do anything other than be a slave. Even when dealing with her, he’d been careful.

This, however, was puzzling. He was even overseeing her sale himself. And the looks he gave potential biers almost guaranteed no one would dare buy her.

“I won’t have to run. He’ll find me. Yes, I’m in more trouble than I care to imagine, but at least I’ll be back in civilization where I have a little privacy.”

“You’re in more trouble than you’d care to imagine if I sell to you someone like that Maylarian.” He pointed to a vicious looking, muscled man with pointy ears and equally pointy teeth.

His pasty pale skin made him look eerie enough, but when he opened his eyes to look straight at Vena, his eyes faintly glowed red. He gave Vena the creeps. She shivered, and Master Haden sneered at her. “That man would make a meal out of you. Look at him. He’d take you here if I’d let him. Would you like that, daddy’s girl?”

“Before you get rid of me, I wish you’d finally realize I’m not a ‘daddy’s girl.’” She raised her chin to look up at him. “I’m my own woman. I left my father because he refused to see that. I’d hoped when you were man enough to capture me the way you did you’d be man enough to take me on the ride of my life. Instead --” she shrugged, making the chains at her wrists rattle. “-- you quit. Gave up. You’re one of the most feared traders in the sector and you didn’t even try to tame me.” He stared at her, the anger growing on his face by the second. It sent a huge sexual shiver down spine and she knew her nipples tightened. Her greatest sexual fantasy since meeting Master Haden was to have him so out of control he took her like an animal. “What a waste,” she finished sadly.

“Bitch!” he hissed. “You have no idea who you’re dealing with.”

She looked him full in the face, pulling at her chains to lean closer to him. “Then why don’t you show me, big boy?”

Haden took the steps to her platform in one lunge. As he whirled her around, the chains clinked and tinkled, but Vena didn’t have time to do more than register the sound. Haden gripped her waist and pulled her solidly against his cock. He wore an animal skin brief, but his member thrust against the material insistently, wanting inside her, she knew. She’d known since their first encounter had almost led to one majorly explosive round of sex. He’d stopped then, but she seriously doubted he would now. Her only regret was that they weren’t in private, though performing in public was better than not having him at all.

“I’ll tame you all right, spoiled little rich girl.” His breath was hot at her ear. “When I’m done with you, Daddy won’t want you back.”

Vena cried out as Haden’s tongue stabbed into her cunt. His slurping and growling were loud even among all the clamor of the station’s auction blocks. It wasn’t long before they drew a crowd. If she hadn’t been so damned horny, Vena was sure she’d be mortified. As it was, Vena reveled in the cheers from the on lookers.

“That’s it!” someone yelled. “Drink her pussy.”

“What are you waiting for? Fuck the shit out of her!”

“Oh yeah. I want this one. She’ll make a fine sex toy.”

“Look at how fucking hard her nipples are! I want to suck ‘em.”

Vena turned her head to the gathering crowd, but Haden stood and spun her back around. Hooking one leg over his hip, he entered her in one swift movement causing her to cry out, him to roar. Both in pleasure.

“Look at me!” he ordered. “You don’t belong to anyone out there.” His voice was barely above a whisper, but she heard him loud and clear. “You belong to me. Only me.”

Vena wrapped the chains at her wrist around her hands once for leverage and wrapped her other leg around him. Crossing her feet at the ankles, she moved with him. He led their erotic dance, but only because she allowed it. She wanted everything he had to give and damned him to the seventh pit of hell if he didn’t give it to him.

Haden gripped her waist and pumped into her harder and harder with each thrust. He drove her into the wall behind her, abrading her back each time he thrust into her. She’d be scrapped badly when they were finished, but it would be worth it. The man before her was magnificent in every sense of the word.

The corded muscles of his neck stood out as he worked, fucking her like she’d never been taken before. His arms and chest bulged with his effort and she could imagine the sight they made. The crowd cheered them on, but their noise was only a drone in the back of her mind. She was focused solely on the man in front of her.

Sweat trickled down his temple and his movements sped up. He was about to come. “Come for me, little angel,” he whispered. “Please.”

She smiled into his face. “Anything for you.”

And just like that, her orgasm began to pulse throughout her. It began as a distant hum at her clit where their bodies ground together and quickly spread through her pelvis. Her toes curled. She rested her head on the wall behind her and arched her back as she screamed her satisfaction. His hoarse shout followed hers and she felt his hot seed explode inside her.

When the tremors subsided, they looked at each for a long moment, the noise of the crowd once again intruding. They cheered and more than one man offered a sum of money that had Vena worried. If Haden truly wanted to sell her, she doubted he’d get a better price than the ones being offered now.

“Away with all of you!” he bellowed. A collective groan resounded through out the hall and more than one protest, but a menacing look from Haden was all it took for the crowd to quickly disburse.

Vena smiled as he lifted her into his arms. “I though you wanted to sell me.”

“I changed my mind.”

“So what now?” She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her nose in his neck.

“When I figure that out --” he nuzzled her hair with his cheek “-- I’ll let you know.”