Encounter: Milk Me (Pretty Boy)

Ana Raine

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Ana Raine


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Milk Me


Kai watch his master with what he knew had to be a blank expression. He was kneeling on the floor, staring at a machine perfectly centered in the room. Their bed was shifted to one side, the dresser on the other.

Liam stroked Kai’s dark hair. “You fought well, my Pretty Boy.” Liam’s voice was kind but formal, making Kai’s legs tremble beneath him. He was naked, his body completely exposed to his master.

Moving purposely, Liam stood in front of Kai and bent over, wrapping his hand around Kai’s member and giving a few pumps. “That’s right. I want you nice and excited for this.”

Kai didn’t think he could be any more turned on. The head of his cock was swollen and purple. “Open your mouth,” Liam ordered.

Silently, Liam inserted one finger into Kai’s mouth, pressing roughly against Kai’s tongue. Liam inserted another finger, stretching Kai’s mouth. Kai let out a moan, and forced his gaze to stay trained on Liam’s jaw. It would do no good for him to close his eyes. He had to watch his master.

Kai’s stomach felt warm as Liam twirled his fingers inside of Kai’s mouth. Liam slowly withdrew his fingers and stood up, gazing down at Kai. “What kind of gag should I use? I want to hear your beautiful moans, but I can’t let you talk back to me.”

“I wouldn’t --”

“Don’t speak, my Pretty Boy.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Crawl over to the chest and bring me the leather bit gag.”

“Yes, Master.” Kai shook as he began to crawl, his face flushed as he exposed his ass to his master. He felt a swift, sharp slap on his butt and bit down on his lower lip to keep from yelping. Another swift slap told Kai Liam was following closely behind. Trembling, Kai used his hands to lift the lid of the chest and found the gag, pressing the leather bar into his mouth.

“Good boy,” Liam cooed, his hands at the back of Kai’s head, clasping the gag into place. “You’ve never said so,” Liam observed as Kai situated himself back onto his hands and knees. He felt Liam circling his hole with a precise finger before his master continued. “But I know you love this gag. You always come twice as hard when it’s in your mouth.”

Kai moaned, his tongue lapping at the soft leather bar. Words were impossible.

“Crawl over here, my Pretty Boy.” Liam crossed the room with a few strides, his hand settled on one of the top bars of the strange machine.

Obeying was exactly what Kai wanted to do. He wanted his release desperately. Liam gripped the bar and pulled, creating an opening for Kai. After the bar was placed back over his lower back, clasping on his other side, his wrists were positioned in front of him before his ankles followed suit. Kai moaned through the gag.

“You’ll like this, my Pretty Boy. I can’t wait to watch you writhe. I wonder how long you will be able to take it.”

Liam crossed the room and took hold of a plastic tube with a cord connecting it to a motor. Kai groaned inwardly. He had seen this machine at their last trip to the BDSM club, and God, he wanted to use it badly. Too embarrassed to ask Liam then, he was shaking madly with desire.

Kai felt his stomach dip inward as his very erect member was inserted into the tube, before the motor was placed just beneath. “Ready?” Liam asked.

Barely able to move inside of his wooden cage, Kai made quick panting moans.

The contraption started ever so slowly, driving Kai to a point of insanity. His dick was being clenched tightly, the plastic tube vibrating as the tip of the contraption milked him.

His master was fingering his hole lightly, before there was the snapping of a tube. Liam’s erect dick pressed against Kai, inserting himself very carefully before entering completely. Scraping the carpeted floor for any sort of traction, Kai closed his eyes tightly as the motor continued to hum around his dick, his entrance penetrated deeply. The spot inside of him was being perfectly rubbed and against all attempts to stop his release, Kai bit deeply around the metal bit and saw a flash of white as his legs trembled and tried to give out beneath him.

Liam continued to use him slowly, meaningfully until Kai couldn’t take the sharp, stinging bursts of pleasure as the machine continued to milk him dry.

“Fuck,” Liam hissed behind him, pushing down on Kai’s lower back, which caused the machine to clench tighter.

Kai’s eyes watered, his head swimming as he felt his master slip from inside of him. Slowly, the humming dulled down to nothing and Kai felt his cock continuing to drip on the carpet. The gag was released from his mouth, the bonds slowly undone.

“Your moans were so pretty, pet.” Liam cooed, a smooth pleasurable expression written over his face.

Kai was barely able to cross the distance between them to the bed before collapsing beside his master. His hair was stroked as Kai choked out, “Thank you, Master.”


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