Encounter: Gym Dandy

J. D. Laurel

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 J. D. Laurel


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Gym Dandy


Late Thursday night the gym was empty. I figured I could sneak in a fast workout before they closed. I went straight to the free weights and grabbed a ninety pound curl bar. I hammered my biceps, working them to failure until I got that good burn. Then I blasted my triceps until they were warm and aching. It had only taken about thirty minutes but I had worked hard and sweat stained my work out shirt. Time to hit the showers.

Walking past the women’s locker room I glanced in the entryway like I always do and saw one of my former girlfriends, Andrea, standing there wrapped in a towel. Her dark brown hair was still wet from the shower. We had dated for a couple of months and the sex had been tremendous, but we argued a lot over stupid stuff, just couldn’t get along other than in bed. We were both to stubborn to give in to each other. After we split, I missed her terribly. Still do. “Hey, Andrea, how are you?” I asked.

She turned quickly, placing a delicate finger against her full, red lips. “Shhh,” she hissed at me. Then she motioned for me to come in. Taking my hand, she led me back into the women’s locker room. I could hear the showers running. Standing at the open entrance to the shower bay, Andrea pointed to the end two shower heads and smiled at me.

The older woman I guessed to be about forty-five. She had short blonde hair that was thick like the mane of a quarter horse, and large breasts with dark brown nipples. Her waist and thighs were somewhat stocky, and she had well rounded hips with a big, heart-shaped ass. Her abdomen bulged slightly, making her navel look deep and erotic.

The girl who shared the shower with her was in her early twenties, with black hair and small cupcake breasts whose areolas were swollen like they had been stung by bees. Her ass was firm and muscled, flowing into shapely dancer’s legs, ending with tiny, perfect feet.

The younger woman was rubbing a bar of soap over the blonde’s shoulders, lathering her up. Moving down she began to soap the blonde’s boobs. Holding the soap in one hand she rubbed the suds freely over the huge breasts, lifting them and washing underneath. My cock began to swell, stretching my gym shorts.

I stood close behind Andrea as we watched the two women together. They were so involved with each other they had no clue what was going on around them. The girl moved down further, soaping up the blonde’s abdomen and it jiggled slightly as she rubbed it in a circular motion. The blonde spread her full thighs in anticipation, and the girl went right for the blonde’s mons. She rubbed the soap in the thick hair, and up and down between the blonde’s ample pussy lips. My cock was now thick and hard as I pushed it against Andrea’s delectable ass, and I felt the heat of her smooth skin through the towel. I began softly stroking Andrea’s neck.

The blonde rinsed off and then turned, kissing the girl full on the mouth. She held the girl’s face with both hands while she slipped her tongue into the girl’s willing mouth, exploring as she pressed her sizeable breasts against the girl’s smaller ones. They kissed long and deep. Then the blonde pulled the girl’s head down to her breasts, and the girl eagerly began sucking on one of the thick, brown nipples. The blonde tenderly held the girl’s mouth to her breast and moaned softly as the girl sucked hard on the succulent, engorged nipple.

I slipped the towel off of Andrea and it fell to the tile floor. Reaching around I squeezed her full breasts. Her long, thick nipples stiffened with lust, and I tenderly pinched and twisted them between my fingers. Andrea pushed her big, naked ass into me. The shapely buttocks spread nicely, and my erect cock nestled between them like a homing pigeon, begging to be released.

The girl was taking her time, enjoying the blonde’s plush breasts. She eagerly sucked each aroused nipple, lifting and fondling the smooth mounds while the blonde guided her mouth from one to the other. The blonde pushed the girl’s head down. “Kiss my pussy baby, make your mama happy,” the blonde said with a sigh.

I stepped out of my gym shorts, and my cock sprang into the air, free at last. Andrea reached back and stroked my thick shaft with her tiny, warm hand. Then she pulled my cock forward, like leading a dog on the leash, and put the wide, purple head against her wet, inviting entrance. Spreading her ample buttocks she bent over and her pussy opened up for me.

With long, experienced fingers the blonde spread her plump pussy lips apart for the girl, and her swollen clitoris glistened like a marble at the top of her juicy slit. The young girl buried her face enthusiastically in the older woman’s pussy.

I pushed forward, sliding the swollen head of my eager cock into Andrea’s hot, familiar pussy. The girl was licking and sucking on the blonde’s sensitive clit while she held the blonde’s squirming buttocks with both hands. I slid my cock in and out of Andrea slowly, sinking a little more in each time until I felt her juices flowing around it. Then, unable to control myself any more, I plunged the full length into her in one forceful thrust. Andrea let out a short scream and shivered. The blonde opened her penetrating blue eyes and looked right at us.

“We’ve got an audience, baby,” the blonde said to the girl who was energetically feasting on the delectable pussy offered to her.

The girl paused, pulling her pretty face away and looking at us. “He’s fucking her, isn’t he?”

“Yeah, he’s got his cock buried in her,” the blonde said throatily.

The girl smiled and said, “She has nice breasts. I’d like to get my hands on those cuties. Look how hard her nipples are.”

“Get your pretty mouth back on my pussy,” the blonde ordered. “Let’s see if you can make me come at the same time she does. I want to watch her face when he comes inside of her. Fuck her good, she deserves a good fucking.”

The girl wantonly buried her pretty face back in the blonde’s pussy. I began pumping into Andrea faster and faster, slamming my cock into her while I held onto her slim shoulders. The blonde started to squeeze her own swollen nipples, and pointed her breasts at Andrea. She was licking her full, curvy lips, staring at Andrea’s impressive breasts while she bucked her wide hips, forcing her hot crevice into the eager lips that were sucking her.

Andrea began to massage her full breasts and pinch the stiff nipples while she pursed her lips at the blonde as if she wanted to suck the blonde’s nipples, too. I watched my cock slide in and out of Andrea’s pussy, her full ass jiggling from the force of my thrusts. There was nothing like being buried balls deep into a tight, warm pussy, and Andrea’s was one of the best.

Watching the young girl service the older blonde was making my cock swell with delight inside of Andrea, and my balls ached and began to fill with hot semen. The blonde was really getting off on watching me fuck Andrea, so I gave her a good show and slammed into Andrea even harder. Andrea was so wet when I plunged into her my cock was making smacking noises. The blonde moaned as she twisted her nipples and stared at Andrea. “Now’s the time, come with me, please,” she begged.

The girl was licking and sucking on the blonde’s extended clit like it was a small cock and the big blonde moaned with pleasure. Andrea was pushing her erotic ass into me, meeting my deep thrusts with her own need. She pulled on her aching nipples twisting them with delight, Andrea’s buttocks began to quiver and goose bumps sprouted like new corn in the spring, covering her delightful, tight ass.

“I’m coming, Blondie,” she moaned deeply, “just for you.” Andrea smirked at the blonde and her clutching pussy gripped my cock tightly. Then she screamed and I felt her hot juices flooding around my raging cock while she shook her pretty face from side to side.

“I’m coming too, beautiful,” the blonde moaned, and then her own screams filled the shower bay. She grabbed the girl’s head, holding the sweet mouth tight against her stiff clit while she bucked her hips into the girl’s face. Then her satiny moisture cascaded over the pretty girl’s face like baby oil. I kept thrusting into Andrea until she quit shaking, and the blonde relaxed against the shower wall. They had come together at the same time, and the strong fragrance of their pussies was like the bouquet of a good wine.

I pulled out of her Andrea and prepared to come on her ass.

“Let’s watch him shoot his load,” the blonde said excitedly. She and the girl walked out of the shower and stood dripping next to Andrea.

“Jack him off, and let’s see how much come he has,” the girl said.

Andrea moved to the other side so the women could see her stroke my cock. She jacked me off with one hand while she squeezed my balls with the other like they were a couple of ripe apricots. My rigid cock swelled, desperately wanting to expel the hot semen that began to race up my shaft. Andrea stroked me faster and faster as the hot come stretched my cock to its limit, and then it exploded. I groaned, watching the women’s faces as I shot a long stream of hot semen across the shower bay. Andrea squeezed my balls hard, encouraging me to go even further. A second and third eruption followed. Andrea milked my cock until the last dribble rolled out, covering her tiny, warm hand.

The night was warm and friendly as I walked out to the Corvette. There were only three other cars in the parking lot. I stopped by Andrea’s car and left a short note on her wind shield. “Dinner tomorrow night, call me when you get home. I won’t argue with you anymore, promise. I’ve missed you too much.”

I crawled into the Vette and sat for a minute, taking a couple of deep breaths. My arms ached. It had been a good workout. One of those when you can actually feel your muscles grow. Yep, I thought, it had been a real “Gym Dandy.”


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