Encounter: Combustion Collaboration

Kate Hill

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Combustion Collaboration


Wyatt paced his home office, his brow furrowed and green eyes intense. As he spoke in vivid detail about his visits to Earth, he gestured with his hands.

From where she stood watching him through the door she’d opened a crack, Zoey smiled. Although he’d made several trips to her home planet, this was his first try at writing a book about his experiences.

When he reached the part about how they first met, he glossed over it--probably because he didn’t want their sex life in a book available for galaxy-wide purchase. Clearing her throat loudly, she entered the room.

“Zoey, I’m working --” He stopped abruptly and his gaze swept her, lingering on her smooth brown breasts tipped with hard, dark nipples. She’d fondled them before stepping inside, knowing their stiffness would turn him on.

Her hair hanging loose, she wore nothing but red satin panties. Yes, she knew this would get his attention. “I couldn’t help overhearing your entry about me. How did it go? ‘Soon after crashing, I met the fascinating human woman Zoey who was a great help to me.’ That’s it? Then you go on to talk about finding your crewmates? Nothing else about me, even though we’re married.”

“I didn’t think you’d want me to include everything about our first meeting in the book,” he said. Was that a blush rising in his face? Though Wyatt usually appeared collected, he couldn’t always control his blush. It came with the territory of being a redhead.

“Maybe you’ve just forgotten the details. Let me refresh your memory.” She strode toward him, slipped her arms around his neck and kissed him.

Wyatt wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her even closer to his lean, hard body. Moaning, he buried his hand in her hair.

When the kiss broke, she said, “Remember now?”

“I don’t know,” he teased. “I think I need a little more help.”

She grinned. “I can handle that.”

Zoey tugged up his shirt and quickly pulled it off, revealing the angles and planes of his torso. She trailed her fingertip over the prominent vein that ran along the curve of his biceps. Moistening her lips, she caressed his chest. She tweaked his hard nipples. All his years in the military and his current fitness routine gave him a sexy, athletic body. Zoey loved touching him. Reaching down, she cupped the front of his trousers. He was already growing hard and her fondling made him stiffen even more.

“You like how I’m handling it?” she asked in a husky voice.

“Zoey,” he breathed. “You’re distracting me.”

“That’s the idea.” She unzipped his fly and grasped his hard, satin-skinned cock. In many ways, Pixiens were like humans, except for their monthly sexual cycle during which they needed to mate. If they didn’t, their inner heat would destroy them.

Their cycles could be controlled through medication, but most preferred a natural release with a relief partner. Marriage was unusual among Pixiens. Wyatt and Zoey’s was the first interspecies marriage between a Pixien and a human.

While Zoey continued fondling Wyatt, he nuzzled her neck and caressed her back. Cupping her ass, he kneaded it gently. His mouth covered hers in a penetrating kiss. Their tongues thrust against each other and Wyatt groaned, his warm cock swelling even harder in her hand.

“Cycle or not, I can’t resist you,” he said. Grasping her arms, he guided her toward his desk. They held each other’s gaze and a thrill shot through Zoey at the lustful look in his eyes.

When her butt reached the edge of the desk, he reached around her to push his computer aside, then lifted her up.

“Hit save, will you?” he said, his voice muffled since he was nuzzling her neck again. “Otherwise this will get recorded and no matter what you say, that’s too much info for this book.”

Zoey laughed and did as he asked, saving the audio file he used for his story notes and turning off the recorder. “Better?” she asked.

“It’s about to be.” He kissed her again and hooked his fingers in the sides of her panties. He broke the kiss only to slide off her red satin undergarment and toss it aside. Kneeling between her legs, he kissed her belly, then licked her clit.

Moaning softly, Zoey closed her eyes and caressed his thick, red hair. He lapped and sucked her sensitive flesh. Zoey’s heart pounded and little shivers of pleasure rolled through her. It felt so good!

His warm, wet tongue teased her, pushing her closer and closer to orgasm.

A few more flicks of his tongue and Zoey came, panting and moaning. She writhed and bucked, but Wyatt grasped her hips, holding her steady as he lapped.

While she still pulsed and quivered, he stood and pushed down his pants. His cock slid into her soaked pussy and he pressed her onto the desk as he thrust into her. “Zoey, you’re so beautiful,” he panted, covering her shoulder with kisses. He licked the side of her neck, then gently sucked it.

“Wyatt,” she breathed, locking her legs around his lean waist.

Over and over he thrust into her and her body ignited. Her second orgasm came so fast that it took her by surprise. It was even more intense than the first. She moaned, her back arched and her breasts rubbed against his chest. The friction felt so good against her hard nipples. Her pulsations triggered his climax and he groaned, his sinewy body tense and his hips jerking as he came.

Breathing hard, they lay draped over the desk for a moment. Then Wyatt straightened and Zoey sat up. Taking her face in his hands, he kissed her again and she locked her legs around him. “Maybe we should write a book together,” she suggested.

He grinned. “About what? Interspecies sex?”

“Why not? I’d say we’re experts.”

Wyatt’s smile broadened. “But we’d need to do even more research.”

“Yes.” She tightened her arms around his neck. Her breasts pressed against his beautifully sculpted chest. “A lot more research, just to be thorough.”

“Then let’s get started.”

“One second.” She reached toward the computer to start recording, Then she hopped off the desk and sank to her knees in front of him. “Chapter One. The Pixien Penis.”

Her lips rolled over his cock head and Wyatt groaned.


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