Encounter: Be My Kitty (Kuro)

Ana Raine

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Ana Raine


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Be My Kitty


My neck felt tighter than usual and when I tried to swallow, my spit got caught in my throat. I tried to hold my hands above me so I could see them while still lying down in my demon lover’s bed, but there was only the clatter of steel.

“Are you awake, love?” Caleb’s dark, chin-length hair was dripping with water.

“I thought you couldn’t go to the human world unless it was around Halloween?” I asked, still confused about the chains holding me in place on his colossal bed, but finding myself distracted by the half naked demon in front of me.

The demon that had sworn he would love me forever beneath the human surface in a demon’s world. None of my life with him had ever been hell.

“I swam to another demon’s lair. I needed to borrow something.”

His attitude was strangely suspicious. “What?”

My eyesight wasn’t as blurry, so I looked above my head and saw chains around my wrists, interlaced together in the headboard of the bed. Around my neck, I could feel the bite of leather and when I moved, a bell rang. I felt my cock rising, wanting nothing more than to lose my pants.

“Your collar.” Caleb’s voice was deep and sensual. As he crossed the floor to me, unbuttoning the top button of his pants, I squirmed on the sheets.

“Why?” I managed to ask. His pants hung low on his hips, his dark pubic hair visible because he wasn’t wearing anything underneath the black jeans.

“I wanted to make you submit to me. Once in a while,” he climbed onto the bed and pinched my nipple in his fingers. He rolled my flesh softly between his forefinger and thumb, sighing when I moaned and pushed myself to a somewhat sitting position so my head could lean against the headboard. “It’s nice… to see you like this.” Caleb licked his lips once before he lowered his head and let his long tongue swirl around my nipple. “You can ask me to stop, although I can’t guarantee I will… “

“Don’t,” I responded by arching my back; my voice was already reduced to begging. “Please, I want to submit.”

Caleb frowned and sat back on his heels. “You have to do better than that.”

I thought for a moment before softly saying, “Please, master. Do what pleases you.”

Even his smile was dark, but I’d come to love everything about Caleb, especially his cock. “Watch me, love.”

I did as he commanded me to do. Slowly, he peeled down his pants, exposing his thick, long cock. Caleb stared at me as he wrapped his fist around his cock, using slow ministrations. I could not tear my eyes away from what he was doing. Uselessly, I struggled against the chains, wanting nothing more than to feel that large cock balls deep inside of me.

Whimpering, I struggled, shaking the chains and clattering my bell until he rested his free hand on my bare stomach. “Stop moving, or I’ll make you wait even longer.”

He was torturing me, but I whispered softly, “Yes, master. I’m sorry, master.”

If he didn’t touch me soon, I was going to explode. Caleb threw back his head and rocked into his hand, making soft sounds that made my stomach ache and pool with warmth.

“Please,” I whispered, “Please, master.”

“Please, what?” he said, raising one of his eyebrows.

“Use me.”

“As you wish, love,” Caleb raised himself on his knees and ridded himself completely of his pants. Then his hands were working on my loose jeans, “You’re not raising your hips… you must not want me,” Caleb taunted.

Quickly, I thrust upward so he could tear my pants from my body, exposing my erect dick. God, I needed him.

“So hard,” he whispered, lowering himself to the bed so his stomach was flat on the bed. His dark hair tickled my legs as his mouth opened and he swallowed my cock down his throat. He moaned as he sucked on the tip, before lowering his mouth back down to the base. “What do you say?” he asked, briefly drawing away.

“Thank you, master.”

Caleb smiled, giving me another firm pump before reaching over to the tall, marble table beside our bed and retrieving the very large bottle of lube. I watched, my mouth hanging open, as he coated his dick with a lot of lubricant.

“Get back down here, love,” his hand was soft around my ankle as he pulled me so my back was on the bed, my hands stretched above me.

Taking my other ankle, he raised my legs and folded me in half. I moaned as I felt the tip of his cock poking at my entrance. “Do you want me?”

“Yes, master.”

“Are you sure?” his face was serious, but I knew it was because he was holding back from how badly he wanted to impale me.

“Yes, master.”

“Shall I use my pheromones today.”

My stomach lurched and despite knowing I would go into a coma-like state when he was finished with me, I whispered, “Yes.”

Before my human mind could comprehend what was happening, I was overcome by so many senses all at once. Vaguely, with what sight I had left, I could see his cattail behind him, swishing and releasing his demon pheromones. When Caleb used his demon powers, I was out of commission for days. My legs shook at the thought.

Slowly, he sank into me, keeping a tight hold on my ankles. He felt better than anything I’d ever felt. His cock filled me completely, stretching me so he could fit inside. I moaned and closed my eyes, but I could still see him inside of my mind. He overpowered me, took over my body and mind.

I screamed with pleasure as the bed slammed against the wall as Caleb thrust inside of me. “I am not going to spare you today,” he promised as one hand released my ankle so he could stroke my neglected dick. “I will make sure you remember whom you belong to.”

“You, master, only you!” I screamed, my voice already hoarse.

His hand around my shaft was remarkable, like all of the senses in my body were concentrated inside of my ass and where his hand fisted me.

“You’re squeezing your eyes shut so tight,” he remarked, his own voice breaking. “Are you already that close?”

Of course, Caleb knew I was. I could never resist him for long. “Yes, master. Please let me come.”

“Scream my name, love.”

“Caleb,” I cried, chanting his name continuously as my ears popped and every muscle in my leg tightened. I felt my entire body go completely rigid, before exploding everywhere inside and outside of my body in a single instant. I was crying with pleasure, but I only focused on Caleb inside of me, thrusting through his own pleasure as he groaned.

My sight began to return. Caleb reached above me to undo the chains and massaging the feeling back into my hands. His lips kissed my own, but I couldn’t force them to move. “Did you enjoy being my kitty for a change?” He laughed.

“Yes,” I managed a smile before flicking the bell around my neck. The sound was resonated throughout the room.


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