Encounter: Voracious

J. Hali Steele

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 J. Hali Steele


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Shade was a greedy bastard, didn’t care who knew it. The willowy brunette on the stool at the far corner of the bar would satiate his sexual appetite tonight. Right now, he was content to massage his dick undercover of the table and eye the men flocked around her. When he was ready to have her, none of them would matter.

Fingers crimped in the air beckoning one of his wait staff. “Give the lady on the corner this note.” Lively brown eyes glanced from a strikingly beautiful face when she twisted to look at him. Long shapely legs carried her in Shade’s direction leaving every male standing at the bar gawking.

“Does this really work for you?” She lifted the note to her nose, and her eyes closed when she sniffed the paper. “Damn, what’s the name of your cologne?”

He eased his chair back, stood and took her hand. “It’s my natural scent, darling. Because you can smell it, you’re going with me.”


“My office.”


His head tilted. “You know why.” Releasing her hand, Shade looked directly in her eyes. “You can say no, you can even walk back to the bar, let every man there continue to ply you with drink and compliments.” Stepping closer, Shade whispered in her ear, “Or you can come with me.”

“Uhh, I’ll follow you.”

He brushed her lips with his. “You chose well.” Shade lifted wavy hair from her shoulder, pushed it back, and touched his mouth to the side of her graceful neck. A rapid pulse met his lips, and her body trembled. Drawing back, he gazed at her. “So did I.” Twisting toward the hall, he pulled the brown-haired temptress in his wake, they entered his office, and Shade closed the door slowly.

He grabbed her purse and sat it on a small table. Leaving her to stand where she was, he strode across the room and sat in the large wing backed chair in front of his desk.

“You didn’t lock the door.”

“No need, no one would dare to disturb us.” He touched his dick, enjoyed the feel of it jerking beneath his hand. “Come here.” Damn, she was hot. He struggled only a little with his other half, shoved gently to keep the creature at bay. She moved to stand in front of him, her tongue flicked across her lips. “Feel what you’ve done to me.”

Tentatively, she reached to his crotch, breath hitched in her throat. She whispered, “So hot… hard.”

“Suck it for me.”

The brunette dropped to her knees, undid his belt and lowered the zipper. She sucked in a noisy draft of air as she pulled out his thick cock. “Oh God,” she moaned. “You smell so good.”

“Suck it, darling, nice and slow.” His hips jutted upward when her tongue touched the smooth tip, swiped precum from the tiny slit. “Fuck!”

He watched as the head of his cock vanished between red lips. Her mouth covered the crown and sucked hard, then her tongue circled the ridge, licked down his length, jabbed at his nuts.

He had chosen well tonight.

Shade pushed fingers into her hair, used both hands on the sides of her head to help her mouth move up and down. “You have a hot mouth.” His ass lifted from the seat, slammed back into the chair. Shade fucked her mouth, up, down, he forced inch-after-inch through willing lips. “Damn, you’re good.” His orgasm was on the verge of blasting the back of her throat. Not yet! He closed his eyes, shut out the vision of his dick disappearing in and out of painted lips, bought some time before he came. When he couldn’t take anymore, he stopped the woman. “Enough!”

Grasping her soft, round ass, Shade helped her to stand. He peered up at lust-filled eyes and began to unbutton her blouse. Firm, perfect breasts were unhindered by a bra. “Nice,” he murmured. Leaving the shirt on, he took taut nipples between thumb and forefinger, gently twisted and pinched pebbled buds. “Want my dick in your pussy?”

“Yes, please… please…”

“Shhh, don’t beg, baby, I’ll take care of you.” Raising her short skirt, he reached for tiny panties that didn’t cover anything other than a small patch of hair. “Real woman, I like a little hair.” He ripped the strip of material off, tossed them into the trashcan beside his desk, grabbed her hips and drew her forward. “I’ll replace those.”

“Let me undress.”

“No.” Leaning in, Shade stroked his tongue around her belly button, dipped into the indentation, and she lifted onto her tiptoes.

Unnhhh,” she moaned.

Releasing her, he pushed from the chair just enough to slide his slacks over his hips. Shade kicked his dress shoes off, and used his feet to get the pants from his ankles. “Turn around.”

“I… I don’t…”

“No one, nothing, in this place will harm you.” He smacked a buttock playfully, used one hand to feather up the inside of her thigh, ease through her warm, wet crease until her knees flexed up and down. “If I wanted to bury my dick in your ass, I would.” His other hand wrapped tight around his cock, jerked skin back and forth coaxing drops of cum from the tip that slipped down to his fist. Shade grinned up at sexy brown eyes filled with more desire than fear. “To have me there, you will have to beg.” He flicked her clit with his thumb before pushing his fingers into her pussy, drawing yet another moan from her kissable red lips. “Sit on my lap, let my cock slip into your wet pussy.”

As she lowered her butt, Shade guided the head of his dick to the entrance of her cunt. “Now, darling, all the way.” The brunette dropped onto his rigid shaft, his balls smacked the crack of her ass. “Aww, baby!” he bellowed. Shade gripped the sides of her hips, helped her lift up and down on his cock again, and again. Positioned between his muscular thighs, her feet on the floor between his, she bounced on his lap, took every thick inch of dick in her pussy. He shoved his hips up to meet hers each time she slammed down. “Squeeze my dick hard, let me feel it.” The walls of her vagina contracted and released around his cock. “Come, I want to feel you come.”

The temptress rose up and down faster, breath whistled through her open mouth, and her hair stung his face as she whipped her head from side to side until he used one hand to push long waves over her shoulder. He wanted her neck. Kissing, licking, teasing with teeth and tongue until positive she was ready, Shade bit her hard.

“Coming… ooh, I’m coming!” Her head snapped back and her pussy contracted tight around his dick as her ass gyrated in his lap, sending his hawk into a tailspin.

“Give it to me.” His cock, surrounded by her cream, penetrated deeper, took more of what he needed. He pounded in her pussy until his balls hurt. “Damn… aww, shit!” Shade groaned as spurts of cum filled her pussy. Moving his hands to her breasts, he held her and laid his head against her back. “Thank you,” he whispered.

While she rearranged her clothes, he pulled his slacks back on and told her, “I won’t insult you with money, but I’d like to send you a gift.”

“Not necessary,” she smiled. “I got something tonight I’ll remember forever.” She walked out of his office and closed the door quietly behind her.

Shade sat in the reclining chair at his desk, rubbing his face. He spied the folded note on the corner and opened it. He stared at the four words he’d written. “Come, fuck me, please.”

He scribbled instructions for his manager, stood, and left through his private entrance. Releasing his raptor, Shade soared through the warm western night air heading northeast.


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