Encounter: Molten Moment (Molten)

Kira Stone

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Molten Moment


The Kelf rode Goran’s thick cock in the prostitute room the Kelf had selected. His nails dug into Goran’s skin, making long, slivery furrows which quickly closed as a Moltenite’s skin should.

“You have the best cock that’s ever filled my ass,” the Kelf said.

“Slow down, make it last,” Goran replied.

“I thought Moltenites fed off fast and furious sex.”

“The heat of it, yes, but too much and I’ll explode.”

The Kelf didn’t slow down. “That’s what I want, baby. Explode for me. Fill me up with your cum.”

“That’s against Universal law.”

Goran began to gasp which no Moltenite did naturally. Lion and Norag were there to protect him as Goran portrayed Lion, but how did one stop the sexual encounter to prevent blowing Goran’s cover without actually blowing his cover?

“Who’s going to tell? No one here but me and your security bots won’t talk unless you permit it.” The Kelf’s voice rose as he raced toward fulfillment.

Lion was going to tell some very important people as soon as he could. The Kelf wasn’t as well informed as he thought.

“No seed,” Goran repeated.

“Aw, give me a little drop, baby.”

The Kelf rubbed Goran’s nipples with his thumbs as he picked up his pace.

Goran made a desperate sound. “Can’t stop. Too much. Gonna explode!”

“Now that’s --”

Goran’s right testicle did in fact explode then, a built-in failsafe. The charge wasn’t meant to cause permanent damage to anyone, only a serious distraction.

The Kelf’s response, however, could only be labeled euphoric. His own release rained down in rainbow droplets that sizzled where they landed on Goran’s skin. “By Goliath’s Stones, when you say you’ll explode, Moltenite, you mean it.”

Goran’s synthetic skin now smoked where the Kelf’s cum had struck him. It seemed that he was also unconscious, a most unusual circumstance for any Moltenite. Lion knew the explosion would set off alarms at home security.

The Kelf carefully removed himself from Goran’s cock and used a butt plug, presumably to keep in what he thought was Molten cum. But then he glanced at Goran who wasn’t healing or even moving and realized he’d been tricked. “Hey! What the --”

The Kelf and Goran were teleported away before a voice replied, “My apologies for the time lapse, sir. There’s been some excitement here.”

Any delay in response from his guards would have to be very serious. However, Lion reported the facts and what needed to happen. “Keep me informed of their status.”

“Yes, sir. Anything else, sir?”

Lion’s curiosity got the better of him. “Tell me what the excitement is about.”

“Your Granda is in a giving mood.”

Last time his Granda got a similar bout of motion sickness, the family business spent a quarter of their yearly proceeds to fix things. Lion laughed. “Understood. Lion out.”

Norag finally broke his silence, his voice sounding mechanical. “What now, sir?

“We’ll return to our quarters here on the Station.”

They arrived without incident, although Norag remained unusually quiet.

“Undress,” Lion instructed.

Goran and Norag were beings of human classification with a talent for light direction, commonly known as Beamers. Lion expected a normal daylight shine to emanate from his guard, but Norag glowed dimly. Something had to be done.

Lion chose his favorite lounger over the bed. “Come. Sit.”

“Yes, sir.”

Lion stretched out so that Norag could lay next to him. “Sex is often calming after stress. Do you agree?”

“Yes, sir.” That tone was stronger, more confident.

“Then let us proceed.”

The first meeting of their mouths was tender, testing. The second became more intense. As the kisses proceeded so did their freedom to explore each other. This was only the second time they’d engaged in sex. Lion had learned that knowing how a species is different from Moltenites doesn’t mean blart during sex. He liked that part best, exploring his lovers and learning how to please them.

“Tell me,” Lion asked Norag softly. “Tell me what you need.”

“Physical connection.” Norag dotted Lion’s face with kisses.

Lion kissed him again. “You will give me your seed?”

“Want yours. Need yours.”

Lion was required by family and Universal law to take seminal fluid rather than give it. Still, it had been a rough day for both of them. He’d give Norag what he needed. If he couldn’t trust his personal guard, who could he trust?

“Lay on your stomach,” Lion instructed.

Beamers bled light through their spines so each vertebrae gave off a different, faint color. Lion licked him from the near black one at the base of his neck to the white one matching his skin at the crack of his ass. The guard’s body began to pulse with light.

“You know how to please my kind.”

Lion smiled at the praise as he extended his tongue to delve between the Beamer’s butt cheeks. He probed the small pucker of skin while estimating the size of the penis he should form to perfectly fill his lover.

Norag shifted below him in need. “Please hurry.”

“Not much longer,” Lion reassured him as the cells that made up his body reorganized themselves to his specifications. “Now, you will feel me.”

Lion eased his hard erection into Norag’s ass. He needed no lube or condom. He could even avoid the burning pain that came with his penetration, but he found his partners preferred to have that feeling along with being stretched and full.

“Yes, yes. More, sir. Oh, yes.”

Norag continued to babble as Lion inserted his cock until he was balls’ deep. The Beamer started moving almost instantly, up and down, riding Lion’s shaft while stroking his own.

Lion fed on the friction they created. Sexual heat had become his favorite form of recharging. When Norag again cried out in bliss, Lion joined him. He too wanted more pleasure, more contact, more of everything joining with this being could bring.

Lion lifted his hips, thrusting into his guardsman as deeply as he dared, with a little twist at the end that ground his coarse hair against Norag’s ass.

“Sir, more. Please. I want to feel you cum,” Norag panted.

“You will have your fill.”

Norag moved faster, riding Lion’s cock in a way he found most stimulating. Not only did the friction replace some of his lost energy, it also $felt good.

Lion replaced Norag’s hand around Norag’s cock, stroking its length. The tip of his erection was leaking that fluid which implied his readiness to come.

“Now is the time,” Lion commanded. “Come.”

“You first,” Norag begged. “Need to feel you.”

Lion had practiced this action many times with the Orgasmatron so he knew exactly what his molten body should do. He thrust deeply and held himself against the other male. His own cock pulsed, throbbed, then he sent a few spurts of molten drops into the other male’s body.

With a few more strokes of Norag’s cock, he too came in a shower of sparkling cum that spattered over Lion’s arms and Norag’s legs.

Satisfied that his protector had been comforted and sated, Lion pulled the man against him, wrapping his arms around him and leaving his cock inside until Norag fully relaxed.

Norag turned his head and stroked Lion’s cheek softly. “My thanks to you for helping me.”

“I’m glad I did so.” Lion moved down to kiss him and… found nothing. Norag was gone. Disappeared.

With Lion’s penis inside him.

Lion rarely indulged in emotions, but this situation seemed to be a good time for one of his father’s favorite explicative. “Oh bloody blart!”

He’d given a bit of himself to another - one Lion had trusted -- and now that part was with Norag, on the run. Without Lion’s approval. This was bad in so many ways, and he had to admit it to family soon. Very soon.

Lion activated the family line to his father.

“Son!” Dolan exclaimed happily. “Calling about your granda’s current generosity?”


Still sounding happy, Dolan asked, “So what’s up?”

“I lost my penis.”

His father laughed so hard it took him seconds to calm down. “Just reform it.”

Was it acceptable to physically attack one’s parent when they were being particularly dense? “I will. However, my former penis is… gone.”

“Someone stole your penis?” He chuckled again.

Lion wasn’t sure his father had grasped the seriousness of the problem. “Yes, Da. A non-Moltenite has part of my genitalia in his possession, my molten penis.”

“Ah yes, that could be a problem. Hold on a sec.”

Lion paced, waiting for further information.

“Back, my boy. Your penis is safe. It seems your lover was caught in a new security net your aunt was testing.”

His aunt was holding his penis? That sounded rather inappropriate. “Ah… well, that’s good? I think?”

“Don’t worry, son, it’s unformed. But for now, when it comes to sex, don’t give a fuck.” Laughing again, he ended the call.


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