Heliotropic: Into the Trap
Mardi Ballou

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Copyright ©2007 Mardi Ballou


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Vampires’ Sector, Planet Earth, 2755, C.E


After two weeks apart, Val Cutter and Xeke Doran wasted no time talking. Val, already hard, welcomed Xeke back with a bruising kiss. His fangs descended and ached to taste the other man’s rich blood. Xeke’s erection ground into Val’s as both men sank deeper into their embrace.

Val couldn’t wait. With one quick movement he freed his lover’s cock and took him in his mouth. Xeke groaned, thrusting his hips for more and grabbing a hank of Val’s dark hair.

“Oh, yeah, just like that,” Xeke panted.

Val gloried in the taste and scent of his lover. He swirled his tongue around the engorged head of Xeke’s dick and nibbled, making sure not to bite too hard. Though Val wanted to taste Xeke’s cum before he fed fully, he wanted the first rapture of their being together to last.

“I want to feel you all over.” Xeke’s words were barely louder than a whisper.

Val wanted the same. Later, he’d feast on Xeke’s nipples and his balls, take the time to trail kisses over his body. Hell, after Xeke’s mission to the Human Sector, they both deserved a week off for bad behavior.

Xeke caressed Val’s head, pressing him closer to his burgeoning cock. Val’s erection was near the edge, but he didn’t want to come until he was in the other man. Now Val grabbed Xeke’s gorgeous ass and began to finger the crease, playing with the sensitive puckers.

Xeke inhaled hard and spread his legs to give Val more room to play. Now Xeke arced back and forth to maximize his pleasure at both ends. Knowing that his lover was about to explode, Val tongued the thick vein on the underside of his shaft and brushed his fangs over the sensitive head.

Muttering the incoherent words that always signaled his orgasm, Xeke let it all go, flooding Val’s mouth with his cum in a series of spurts. In anticipation of the feed to come, Val drank his lover’s cum and scrupulously licked his cock and balls.

Xeke was still shuddering from the force of his release when Val rose and embraced the other man from behind. Trailing kisses down Xeke’s back, Val ended at this ass. His tongue still bearing the taste of his lover’s cum, he licked his crease until the puckered skin gleamed. Then, cock aching for release, he slipped one finger into Xeke’s tight passage. Xeke arced back to make it deeper, harder. “Forget the finger. I want you, Val.”

Horny as he was, Val didn’t question the invite. He traced the crease, then pushed his cock into the opening. “All of you. Now,” Xeke ordered.

His lover was so wet, Val slid right in and stopped. Xeke’s warm tightness, his scent and the feel of his skin... He’d come in a moment if he didn’t exert all his force to hold back. Waves of pleasure rode his shaft as he thrust his dick into Xeke’s intimate passage.

Xeke, hard again, circled Val’s cock as he fisted his own. Erotic sensation sparked Val like a thousand live wires. No way he could hold back. He exploded in an orgasm that had been building far too long. Too soon, but there’d be more. First, though, they’d feed off each other.

Before Val could sink his fangs into Xeke’s neck, the other man’s communicator emitted an emergency signal.

“Shit. I’ve gotta take this,” Xeke muttered, pulling away. So recently hot, Val shivered. He didn’t like the expression on Xeke’s face.

Xeke’s erection was gone. “Just heard from the chief.” Xeke worked for a covert security organization. “That bastard Retkove’s got the human’s whole supply of llidirium-z. If we don’t get it back to them, they’ll declare war.”.

Val scowled. “Don’t go yet. What difference would another hour make?”

Xeke laughed without mirth. “The humans have a ticking clock. If I don’t provide proof at 0500 that I’ve seized the chemical and will return it, they’ll attack. No way they can win that battle, but they’re not listening to reason.”

Val rolled his eyes. “Not even Ideg Retkove can be that depraved. I’ll talk to him, get him to return it. But first, let’s feed. It’s been too long.” He reached for Xeke who moved out of range.

“Retkove is demanding five trillion gorderii for returning the llidirium-z. Plus he wants the humans to provide annual tribute.”

“Maybe the bastard’s finally lost it,” Val hissed. “But the elders have to know what he’s plotting.”

“He’s managed to keep his theft and his threats hidden. It’s too late now to make a case against him. The elders will view the offensive as unprovoked and destroy the human sector.”

“What the hell will Retkove get out of it?”

Xeke shrugged. “In addition to the joy of seeing humans fry, he’ll have a huge stockpile of llidirium-z. Hell, humans on every planet need the stuff. We’ve got to seize the supply and get it back to human sector here. Pronto. You with me?”

“Make war not love,” Val muttered. “I know how to talk to him. Let me try that first.”

Xeke touched Val’s shoulder. “Fifteen minutes. If you can’t convince him quickly, I’ll break in and liberate the stuff.”

Val didn’t like it, but the mission had to come first.

* * *

“What brings you here, big guy?” Ideg Retkove devoured Val with his eyes.

The mere visual contact felt like a shower of slime. Motivated by the mission and his need to be with Xeke, Val bit back his revulsion. “I understand you have something our allies in the human sector regard as crucial.”

Retkove’s eyes flickered. “I see this is a business call.” He reached out a claw and touched Val’s shoulder.

Val flinched away. “The humans are ready to die to get the stuff back.”

“And so they shall. But no sense letting their pathetic plight interfere with civilized manners. We can discuss your evident concerns over a fine blend I’ve just gotten. Three rare blood types combined. We can drink, talk business and then…” His eyes glittered with desire.

Val couldn’t give in to his personal disgust. “Time is a factor here, Retkove. Give me the stuff now so we can defuse the situation. I’ll come back and drink with you after.”

Retkove cocked a brow. “You’ll come back and drink with me? Does that offer include a night with you in my bed?”

Val growled. He had to string Retkove along to get the llidirium-z back, but there was no way he’d even pretend he’d have sex with him. “We can have the drink and talk…”

Just then lights flashed and a loud, keening alarm flooded the room.

“What --” Val started

Retkove jumped up and raced over to his bank of computers. He pressed several keys and a giant screen flashed an image. Bloody hell. Val cursed the universe and Retkove. Xeke hadn’t waited. Five guards now had him in their grip. Val had to save him.

“It appears your companion has attempted to take the llidirium-z into his own hands,” Retkove purred.

“Order the guards to let him go. We can fix this.” Val’s fists were clenched, and it took all his strength not to grab Retkove and kill him.

“Really? Though I’d love to hear how you propose to do that, the guards have orders. Capture and kill. Not even I can interfere.” Retkove watched the screen with morbid fascination. The creep even had a hard-on.

Val seized Retkove around the neck. “If Xeke is harmed, I’ll destroy you.”

Retkove rubbed his cock against Val’s hip. “Got a silver stake hidden in your pants?”

Despite his aversion and the rising sense of panic, Val held on to Retkove. He kneed him in the balls, which Retkove took as encouragement. The horror unfolded on the screen. Though Xeke struggled valiantly, in moments the guards subdued him, staked him and set him on fire.

Sick with despair, Val tightened his hold on Retkove’s neck. The bastard was gasping. Val knew he’d need a stake or fire to destroy Retkove. He figured after he subdued him, he’d drag his body elsewhere and finish him off.

Val was so intent on inflicting bodily harm, he didn’t hear Retkove’s guards until two grabbed him and dragged him off Retkove. He fought them and was just about free when four more joined the fray. Meanwhile, Retkove stood rubbing his neck with one hand and his cock with the other. “I do like it rough, Val, but you got carried away there. Hey, we’ll get it right, next time.”

Val spat. Before he could say anything, a guard had gagged him. His mind whirled with the reality of his situation. The scum had killed Xeke. In a short time Retkove would be responsible for massive death in the human sector. Val struggled to bust out of his chains as yet more guards arrived.

“Don’t worry, Val. You’ll have a fair trial. Until then, I’m afraid you’re too dangerous to be free. So you’ll be my prisoner.” Retkove smirked as he continued to fist himself.

Dragged off in chains, all Val could think of was Xeke’s horrific death. Determined to avenge his lover, Val plotted all through the night in Retkove’s dank dungeon. The bastard would pay with his life for Xeke’s death and all his other crimes.


Follow Val’s battle against Retkove through Heliotropic 1: From The Light, Heliotropic 2: In The Dark, and the exciting conclusion, Heliotropic 3: To The Light.