Encounter: Calculus and Cupcakes

Ana Raine

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2014 Ana Raine


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Calculus and Cupcakes


Trying to study for a Calculus exam while frosting cupcakes for the family gathering was proving to be more difficult than Chase had initially anticipated. He thought about a few simple calculations he should’ve been able to solve, but there was a fog swirling around his mind. He tried another approach, but couldn’t think of anything related to either calculus or baking.

“This is delicious,” a cool voice behind him remarked.

Chase turned around, a half frosted cupcake still in his hand. “Who are --” Chase’s voice caught in his throat as he surveyed the naked, deeply tanned man leaning against his kitchen table.

“Speechless, of course,” the naked man drawled before sticking a spoon full of fluffy white frosting into his mouth. He exposed his sharp teeth so he could use his long tongue to lick the frosting from the metal.

Chase’s mouth was so dry he could only mumble inaudibly. His eyes were fixed on the gorgeous man’s body, particularly his thick cock.

“I came here to scope you out for a fellow demon,” the naked demon said as he set the spoon down with a clatter. “But I think I’ll claim you for myself.”

“What do you mean?”

The demon pointed at the floor. “Baby, you just moved on top of the hell mouth. But don’t worry. I’ll keep you safe.”

He winked, but Chase didn’t feel safe. He felt aroused as hell. Dropping to his knees, he crossed the floor. The demon had grasped the base of his cock and was waving it seductively in front of Chase’s puckered lips. “Be a good human. And I’ll be so good to you.”

Chase didn’t need to be told twice and opened his mouth to accept the offered cock. He took a breath, deeply inhaling the demon’s musky scent. He could already taste the demon’s thick member hovering inches from his face, but before he could wrap his mouth around the thick shaft, the demon tangled his hand in Chase’s hair. “Don’t you wish to know my name?”

Chase paused, sense flooding back to him. He started to speak, but his mouth only produced strange gurgling noises. His neck was heated and his face flushed with his strange desire for the naked demon standing in front of him. Did he really need to know his name?

Chase felt his dick strain in his pants and he lowered his hand to readjust himself. The smell of cupcakes filled the room and Chase thought of offering the demon one, but still couldn’t remember how to speak.

The demon simply chuckled and lowered himself so he was squatting in front of Chase. His face was inches from Chase as he smiled, showing a set of razor teeth. “You’re a strange human,” the demon chuckled. “But I always expected my mate to be slightly off.”

“Your mate?” Chase’s throat was dry. He couldn’t stop staring at the demon’s abdominal muscles. The dark trail of scarce hair below his belly button leading to the demon’s very impressive erection.

“Yes.” The demon licked his lips. “You are most certainly my mate. Do you think I would become this hard,” he motioned to his throbbing cock. “For simply anyone?”

Chase’s head was whirling. “Your name?”


“Yuya.” Chase repeated the demon’s name, his lips quivering with anticipation. What had he gotten himself into?

“Yes.” Yuya smiled and then released Chase’s hair. “Come, baby, show me how much you want me. If you don’t thoroughly satisfy me, I might just be inclined to think you are not my mate after all. Is that what you want?”

Chase formed a small no and stood up so he could follow the demon, who stopped at the kitchen door.

“On the other hand, I like the smell of whatever you’re baking. It smells just like you.”

“Cupcakes,” Chase said softly, grazing his cock with his hand as he wiped the last traces of sugar on his apron.

“Mhm.” Yuya crossed the room and pulled a chair away from the table before sitting down. He spread his legs wide, so his gorgeous cock was freely on display. He let his hands rest on his inner thighs and waited with a hungry look in his eyes. “Entice me.”

Chase’s head swam, but he managed to control his movements enough to discard the apron and his sweaty shirt. Slowly, he unbuttoned his pants and eased them and his briefs down over his hips. He had always been slight and hadn’t thought of himself as a particular catch, but the way Yuya was staring at him made him question every thought he ever had about his self image.

Chase grabbed the other chair and pulled it just out of reach of Yuya. With a blush that made his cheeks look like a cherry, Chase got onto his knees and bent over the chair. His cock was aching so terribly that the moment he touched himself, the muscles in his legs constricted.

“Fuck,” Yuya said behind him.

Chase didn’t trust himself enough to look behind him because he was sure he’d lose his entire load if he did. Instead, he focused on his own cock, using slow strokes over his shaft. His stomach tightened and his hand trembled because he knew Yuya was watching him. He prayed to God the demon wanted him as badly as Chase wanted him.

“Tease your entrance,” the demon commanded.

Chase stole a glance and wished he hadn’t. The scene was enticing beyond control. Yuya was leaning back against the chair with his hand firmly around his cock, stroking the shaft to the tip. There were glistening drops of pre-cum on the purple head, but Yuya didn’t slow his movements. They were precise and deliberate.

“Please,” Chase begged. “Come inside of me. Don’t waste your orgasm.

Yuya’s face lit up. “Waste? I guarantee that watching you tremble on your knees in front of me is one of the greatest sights I have yet to see.”

“No, come in me.”

“If you want that,” Yuya stroked his cock. “You have to prove it to me.” He twirled his finger in a circle. “Move your hips. Come on now. Show me your beautiful hole.”

Chase blanched and immediately turned away. He gripped the chair firmly with both hands and did as the demon had requested.

Moving his hips back and forth was a new sensation, but Chase was too far gone with need to fully enjoy the novelty of his teasing. He just wanted Yuya inside of him.

At this point, it didn’t even matter why he felt the way he did. Being his mate guaranteed Yuya belonging inside of him, so Chase would take it.

The chair scraped on the floor behind him, but Chase didn’t turn around. He wasn’t sure he could take another glance at the demon’s dripping cock without shooting his own load onto the floor.

“Don’t move, baby. I’m going to give you what you want,” Yuya said. Chase felt the demon’s hand on his lower back and then Yuya fell to his knees behind Chase. “Ready to let me in, baby?”

“Yes,” Chase moaned. The anticipation was killing him.

“Are you sure? I won’t be gentle. I’ll be as rough as I’d like because that’s the only way I’ll be able to give you the best orgasm.”

“Oh, God, do whatever you want with me.” Chase didn’t care if he had to humiliate himself, all he wanted was Yuya’s beautiful cock pounding him.

“Good thing I stole this condom from a fellow demon,” Yuya laughed as he tore the wrapper off the condom and slid it over his large girth. “You wouldn’t be able to take the pounding I’m going to deliver without adequate lubricant.”

Chase trembled against the chair and tried to find something to hold onto. Before he could, Yuya took his wrists and held them behind his back. Chase could feel the tip of Yuya’s cock slowly easing into him. The length of the demon’s cock brought a mixture of pain and pleasure to Chase, who couldn’t remember ever feeling anything like this before.

Howling in pleasure, Yuya withdrew his cock only to slam viciously back in. He still held Chase’s wrists, so he had no chance of escape. Not that Chase ever wanted to escape. If he could spend every living moment of his human life being pounded like this by Yuya, he would.

“Do you still want to be my mate, baby?” Yuya asked as he found Chase’s spot and mercilessly rubbed against it. Chase couldn’t stop moaning. “This is me taking it easy on you. I’ll push you to your absolute limits.”

Chase groaned and bit his lower lip. “I want everything you can give me.”

“So eager. That’s exactly what I would expect from my mate.” Yuya clucked his tongue. “Poor baby, your cock must be aching. Shall I give you relief?”

Chase jumped on the idea. “Yes, please! Touch me. Please, I beg you. Touch me.”

“I don’t know. You haven’t convinced me.”

Chase whimpered and felt tears come to his eyes. “I beg you. I’ll give you anything, everything. Just touch me.”

Yuya took hold of Chase’s cock. Chase expected to find a tender touch but the hand pumping his cock was just as powerful as the thrusts inside of him. Chase couldn’t contain his moans of contentment as he felt the tension inside of his stomach snap.

“I’m going to… I…” Chase couldn’t form the words.

“Oh, are you? I want to see you come undone under me. I want to see your cum spill to the floor and on my fingers. Come on, baby.”

Chase screamed as the most powerful orgasm of his life ripped through his body. He knew Yuya had found his own release when the demon let out a low groan and pumped faster than before. Chase could feel the hot waves of Yuya’s cum entering him as his own orgasm tore through his body.

When Yuya had milked Chase dry, the demon withdrew his still erect cock. Chase realized the demon could go again and almost collapsed at the idea.

“Don’t worry, baby. I won’t take you so soon.” Yuma brought his fingers to his lips and lapped at the cum clinging to his fingertips. “Delicious.”

Chase could only stare at the demon. His mate.

“I’d like to try a cupcake,” Yuya said as he stood up and hoisted Chase to his feet. If Yuya hadn’t been holding him, Chase knew he would’ve collapsed to the floor.

With shaky legs, he managed to go to the oven and carefully remove the cupcakes from the oven. “They have to cool,” he said shakily.

An evil grin spread across Yuya’s face. “In that case, I have time to ravish you again.”

Chase could only mutely nod, the excitement of what was to come flooding his senses and making his cock stiff and ready.


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