Encounter: Not the Garden of Eden

J. Hali Steele

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2015 J. Hali Steele


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Not the Garden of Eden


“I want him.” Vald Gerlach glared at the magnificent she-devil standing in his home. She was tall, with black flowing hair and skin the color of fresh cream, not a hint of sickly yellow pastiness most demons retain after years in the bowels of Hades. “And you’ll make it work.”

“Mictain belongs to…”

“Luke? I don’t give a shit.” Vald watched her eyes go from red to deep violet. “One taste of vampire blood was all it took.” He walked to where she stood and wrapped a curl around his finger. “Satan would rip your heart out if he knew what you gave me to appease your addiction.” She had delivered a demon high priestess right into Vald’s cold, undead lap. “Fuck with me, Lilith, I’ll tell him.”

“Don’t call me that.”

“What would you prefer?” He bared fangs. “Adam has his Eve already and this is not the Garden of Eden, Lil. You chose Hell.” He observed her closely. “Without fangs, you demons are able only to mutilate humans to drink and you gain no power in that manner. It only makes you fuckers crazier than you already are.” He shrugged. “You’re nothing more than an addict.”


That pissed her off. Vald didn’t give a shit. He carried in his blood something no one else had except Vigier Stone and Kiwi, one of his granddaughters, and he’d know the minute either of them thought of sharing it with someone else.

Vald drank from Lilith regularly, and supplied her with young, much weaker vamps, to maintain his toehold in Hell.

Adam, in his own little world above, would have a shit fit if he knew the demon was even near the blood pumping through Vald’s heart. Considering his catastrophic relationship with Lilith, Vald didn’t blame Adam. However, thanks to Lil’s blood, and her tie with Lucifer, the godly being could no longer read Vald’s mind.

Vice-versa, Lucifer couldn’t read Vald because of Adam’s godliness contained in Vald’s veins. Vald protected his unique life force with deadly vengeance.

He snapped his fingers, and a nude vampire materialized beside Lil. “Meet Prater.”

Muscles bunched in the being’s abdomen and his thighs trembled in anticipation of what Vald had nestled in his mind.

Surveying the creature, Lil moaned, “He’s not blond.”

“Ahh, you pine for Luke’s beautiful protégé?” Grasping her chin, Vald asked, “Am I not blond enough?”

“Vald, you mean…” Red eyes gleamed with excitement.

“Lil, you’ll never taste my blood.” Vald grabbed the man’s hand and pulled until his bulging cock rubbed against his own growing dick. “Prater, show her what wonderful attributes you brunettes have.” He drew Prater into his embrace and grinded against his pelvis as he kissed him.

Shoving his tongue through sensual lips, Vald became more interested in the man than he was in conversation with Lilith. “I’ll have him first.” He bit into the young vamp’s neck and sucked just enough to quiet Lil. With his mouth full of sustenance, Vald leaned toward Lilith who greedily latched onto him and worked her tongue through closed lips to get what she craved.

While she cleaned every drop from Vald’s mouth, he busied himself jacking off the vampire, who had a long, thick penis. “Can I fuck her?” Prater asked.

Vald closed the puncture marks. “She has to earn it.”

She tore the thin material covering her body away. “Hurry.”

“Oh hell no, honey, this will take time.”

“Damn you, Vald.”

“Now you’ll wait longer.” Vald’s outfit vanished. He grasped the thick cock bobbing in front of him and worked the skin back and forth. “Nice and hard.” Dropping to his knees, Vald took the fat tip in his mouth. Over and over, he pulled the entire length down his throat and savored the male scent emanating from Prater’s crotch. Vald prodded the man’s tight balls with his tongue, drew one then the other into his mouth before licking back to the cap where he swiped away pearly drops of cream. “You come when I say.”

“Yes… yes, don’t stop!”

Vald recaptured Prater’s dick and began to suck in earnest. Up, down, he pulled cock deep in his throat, swallowed repeatedly allowing muscles to contract, and squeeze the thickness. The young vampire’s pre-cum was sweet and plentiful.

“Please, Vald, let me have what I need.” Lilith fingered her pussy.

He continued to minister to the penis in his mouth with the smell of sex wafting around his head as he enjoyed Prater’s fullness penetrating his throat again and again.

“Damn, you’re sucking my cock.” Prat rocked from heel to toe.

Grabbing the creature’s ass cheeks, Vald helped him work back and forth in his mouth and each time Prat drove into him, Vald took more. His tongue swiped drops from the crown when the undead bastard slipped out. Drawing him back in, Vald used his tongue to tease and hold the vamp until he’d had his fill of foreplay. Releasing Prater’s cock, Vald bit into the vamp’s thigh, consuming a mouthful of nourishment.

He beckoned Lil. “Come.” She reached Vald’s side and pressed her lips to his where she licked and scoured for blood. “After I fuck him, you get what you came for.”

Vald nudged Prater toward the sofa arm. “Bend over.” As soon as the vampire spread his cheeks, Vald prodded for entrance to his tight ass. “Open for me.” The man took Vald’s big dick in one excruciating thrust. “Fuck, you’re tight.”

Each time Prater contracted his muscles, Vald wanted to come. “Damn, Lil, he’s good.” In, out, Vald got what he wanted, but he gave back every bit as much. Finding the cock swinging heavily between Prater’s legs, he began slowly jerking the man off again. “Don’t come.” Having taken blood from him, Vald felt his desire to release a load of semen. “Hold it.”

“For hells sake, Vald!”

Lilith’s fingers worked in her pussy and Vald loved hearing how wet she’d become. He fucked Prater even harder thrusting deep inside his tight hole. “Touch his cock, Lil.” Liquid slipped between Vald’s fingers soaking his hand as he jacked the vampire off. “Stroke his dick while I fill his ass.”

Lilith reached between Prater’s legs and fondled his penis while Vald played with her nipples. Alternating back and forth, he rolled and pinched them until she begged, “Please!”

Leaning, Vald licked and sucked Lil’s buds in turn. He swirled his tongue around one nub before biting and drawing blood. Vald lapped at the trickle running toward her abdomen. Lilith had suffered enough.

Drawing his dick from Prater’s ass, Vald twisted the young vamp until he sat on the sofa where he invited Lil to straddle the man. “Let me see you ride Prat’s cock.”

Lilith mounted him and she remained so wet, every inch of Prater’s shaft slipped into her cunt with ease.

Prat began to hike his hips up and down taking what he wanted. “Jesus, she’s hot.” His hips swiveled and every time Lil came down, he jacked upward. “Yeah, ah-ahh, squeeze it.”

Vald bent and sank his teeth into Lilith’s neck. Demon blood filled his mouth. He swallowed and as it wound through his veins, Vald gripped her about the waist and levered her up and down on Prater’s shaft. Slamming into her mind, he reveled in the wondrous feeling of her cunt convulsing around an engorged cock. Damn, he wanted Prater to fill his ass, but no, Lil deserved this for what she’d given Vald -- a path to Satan. Vald stopped the flow of blood as Lilith continued to ride the vamp like the demon she was. Leaning further, he opened a channel in Prater’s neck. “Drink, honey.”

Vald closed his eyes and planted himself in each being’s mind.

Prater’s nuts ached for release and cream already slid from Lil in copious amounts as she came while lapping at the vamp’s throat. The vision, the feelings of both pulled Vald to the edge of no return.

Grasping a handful of Lil’s hair, he yanked her backward enough to get on one knee beside them and shove his cock in Prat’s mouth. “Shit… shit, suck it.” As Prater continued to bow up and into Lil’s cunt, he sucked and deep throated Vald’s cock until there was no holding back. Orgasm careened from his dick. “Aww fuck, come with me, Prater.”

The undead’s body stiffened as he shot a load of semen into Lil and swallowed every drop of cum pulsing from Vald’s dick into his mouth. “Jesusfuckingchrist, where’d you learn to suck a dick!” Vald exclaimed, cum still emptying from his penis.

Drawing Lilith’s head back, Vald peered into her eyes and said, “Who says blonds have more fun?” He smiled, knowing the day would come when he’d take the blond Adonis he coveted from Hell’s embrace. Vald whispered in Lilith’s ear, “I’ll let you know for sure after I have Mictain.”


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