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Flash Fiction Challenge from ChangelingPress.com

Twist and Shout!


Work it Out by Daheap

“Oh Shit!” Jake shouted as his head jerked backward and his eyes popped open. “OK, you got me now.” Stammering to find an acceptable response he said, “Ya know it’s been almost three weeks since you first came in here.” He had been daydreaming for a few minutes, or so he thought. The alien woman he was talking to had just poked him and brought him back to reality.

Jake owned a bar and often got lost in thought only to be jolted back by a beautiful lady requesting a drink. This time the lady and he had been doing more than sharing a drink at an empty bar. Jake had wanted to get in her pants since day one and finally they were alone long enough to actually do it.

Hence, his predicament. They had just finished a joint and several Gin hold the tonics. Jake had passed out.

“OK, so it took us three weeks. At least we finally have the right time, the right place and you pass out.”

“You have to admit your surprise. Really is quite a trick,” Jake replied and scrambled to gather himself together. “You know I’ve wanted you ever since the first day you came in. Everything about you made me lust for that body and now you show me your cock? No wonder I passed out. I never had a clue, because you’re so gorgeous.”

“Well, if it bothers you that much I should just leave.”

“Oh God no, please stay.” Taking her hand and placing it on his hard erection, he lifted her up on the bar and began stroking her cock while pressing his lips firmly on her right breast, tonguing the nipple with heated need.

She began stripping off his remaining clothes. “Take me to your room out back. Now.”

Grabbing her up in a bundle he never let up on her breast -- and she never let up on him.


Ashley and Josh: The Beginning -- Kate Hill

Ashley should have known better than to randomly open interesting-looking jars on her deceased aunt’s kitchen shelves. Still, she grabbed a purple one with silver sparkles, twisted the lid and shouted when purple smoke exploded around her.

She inhaled the strong scent of lilac and choked.

“You okay?” asked a perfect male voice. A hand touched her upper back.

“Yeah. I just --” Ashley paused and stared into a pair of gorgeous blue eyes. The rest of her unexpected companion wasn’t hard to look at, either. Tall, lean and dressed from head to foot in clingy silver, he looked like something out of a sci-fi fantasy.

“You can call me Josh.”

She nearly said you can call me anytime, but refrained. “What’s happening?”

“It’s the beginning,” he replied.

“Of what?”

He grinned and tugged her close to his hard body. “Anything you can imagine.”


Double Take by J.R.

Jay twisted the cap off a beer. Going back into the living room, he saw the moving van pull up across the street. The house had been empty for so long he and Kate wondered if it would ever sell. He watched as the movers got out and opened the truck, preparing to start unloading.

He was about to go watch TV when he saw the door open and a busty blonde stepped out onto the porch.

“What the hell,” Jay said to himself, looking confused.

“Jay!” Kate shouted, making him jump with a start.

There stood Kate. Wearing the same tank top and snug cut-off shorts he’d just seen across the street. He looked from Kate to the scene outside and back to Kate. There was only one thing to ask. “Baby… are you sure your a only child??”

Double Take Part 2 by J.R.

Kate looked out the window at the scene across the street. The movers were unloading the truck and carrying in furniture. With her hands on her hips, she turned looking at Jay. “How much have you had to drink?”

“This is the first beer I’ve had,” Jay told her as she gave him a look. He could hear her saying “Yea Right” in her mind.

“Once I get the laundry started we’ll go to town.” Kate said, as she walked back out of the room.

“OK Princess.”

Looking back across the street, the blonde was gone. The movers went about unloading the van. Jay shook his head, thinking Kate was right. He has been working a lot of hours lately and he was tired. He was just about to go sit down when the blonde stepped out onto the porch. If he was seeing things he wasn’t sure.

What he saw was an exact double of Kate. Same outfit. Same glasses. Same hair. Same pose. Just then, she looked across at Jay and waved smiling.


Pie by Rattie

Looking to make sure no one was watching, he gently ran his finger through her cream. Keeping watch, he slowly brought his finger up and licked it clean, quietly moaning as the sweet yet spicy flavor burst across his tongue.

Since no one was watching, he shoved his finger back into her cream, knowing it was wrong doing this in public but she had tempted him. This time he eased his finger deeper, making sure it was fully coated before pulling it back out.

He stuck his whole finger into his mouth, closing his eyes and moaning a little louder as that sweet flavor coated his tongue. She was absolutely amazing…

He jumped and let out a shout as someone twisted his nipple. Opening his eyes, he looked into Mary’s angry gaze and tried to come up with a way to explain why there were finger holes in her pumpkin pie.


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