Flash Fiction -- Zero G
Celia Kyle, Lexxie Couper, Camille Anthony

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2008 Celia Kyle, Lexxie Couper, Camille Anthony


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Celia Kyle


He thrust into the circle of his hand. Pre-cum coated his palm, making the slide of skin against skin smooth and easy.




The tingles of pending release gathered in his balls, threatening to overtake him at… any… moment… The tension intensified with each additional stroke. Over and again he tugged on his shaft, rubbing small circles over the head of his cock. Release was so close…

He grunted and came, shudders wracking his body as his seed shot from his cock. Suddenly, the gravity inductors failed and droplets of come filled the air.

“Well, fuck!”

* * *


Perpetual Sex

Lexxie Couper


I stepped into the phonebox, expecting a tiny space. What I found instead…

A warm body pressed to mine, the Doctor’s two hearts a steady tattoo against my shoulder blades. “Big, isn’t it.”

I didn’t know if he meant the TARDIS or the thick shaft between his legs. Regardless, the answer was yes. God, yes!

His hands slid up my ribcage and cupped my breasts. My nipples turned hard, stabbing into his palms. He ground his massive cock to my ass and my pussy constricted, flooding with wet anticipation. I grinned. Who better than a Timelord to provide the perpetual orgasm.

* * *


Space Flight

Camille Anthony


The bubble is small. Entwined, we fit -- just barely. Only enough air for one night of fucking.

I’m hard inside her. She’s soft and hot around me. The stars burn around us as we burn, surrounded by each other. Novas burst as my seed erupts, jettisoned into the vacuum of her clinging pussy.

She sighs, shifts… allowing some of my sperm to escape. The globules dance around us. She opens her mouth, and they float inside.

Our bubble rotates and now I’m on top, thrusting “down” into her tight juicy cunt.

I’m hard still. In zero G I’ll be hard all night.