Marteeka Karland

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“I need a favor, Jakx.” The deep raspy voice startled Jakx. He hadn’t expected his best friend, Dykstra, to be this deep into the cave. No one came this deep unless there was a freeze.

“Anything, my friend.” Even though he preferred to be left alone, Jakx would never refuse Dykstra. Not because he felt obligated, but because the other man extended him the same respect.

“I need you to join Talia and me tonight.” When Jakx looked at his friend and raised an eyebrow, Dykstra added, “In bed.”

“Now, that’s something you don’t hear every day. She’s your wife, Dykstra. Are you sure about this?”


Normally, Jakx would have laughed off Dykstra, but he couldn’t. Not now. “I can’t do it, Dykstra. Ask anything else and I’m yours, but not this.”

“You love her.”

Jakx couldn’t look at his friend. “From the first moment I saw her. I’m sorry.”

“How can I possibly be angry at you for something I did myself?”

“I’ve tried to stay away, Dykstra. That’s why I stay down here.” He spread his arms helplessly. “I will not betray you in any way -- in action or thought -- so I simply removed myself from temptation.”

“Come with me, Jakx. It’s time to come home.”

Jakx didn’t want to follow his friend. He didn’t want to be a part of something he could never have. It wasn’t just Talia, it was Dykstra too. He just didn’t know how to tell his friend that. Something had changed inside him when he’d spent himself in Dykstra’s mouth.

Dykstra seemed to sense his reluctance because he grabbed Jakx’s hand firmly and raised an eyebrow as he looked at him. “I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.”

There were many reasons Jakx could think of not to go, but only one thing resounded in his mind. These two wonderful, special people called to him and he couldn’t imagine life without either one of them. Everything since the day Talia had dragged him into her room and kissed him, trying to punish Dykstra, he’d known his life would never be the same.

When they reached Talia and Dykstra’s dwelling, Jakx was shoved unceremoniously inside by Dykstra and Talia greeted him warmly. “I knew you’d come.” Her smile warmed him as nothing else could and his heart melted.

“How could I not?” Jakx looked over his shoulder at Dykstra. “I could never deny either of you anything.”

When he turned back to Talia, she had moved so close to him, his arms closed around her automatically and she melted into him. As her hands slid up his shoulders to his hair, she stretched to touch her lips to his. Jakx groaned before pulling Talia to him more fully and kissing her the way he’d wanted to kiss her since the day he’d fucked Dykstra’s mouth.

She was so very delicious. Her tongue darted inside his mouth and touched, tasted, the same thing he did to her. The softness of her lips blanketed him in growing lust, longing… love.

Kissing Talia was all consuming. He molded his mouth to hers, searching for the perfect angle. Jakx was so engrossed in the heady feeling of finally feeling those perfect lips on his once again, he didn’t realize Dykstra had removed his own clothing and started working on Jakx’s until he urged him to step out of his pants -- boots and all.

It took a little doing, but Jakx managed it. Talia had half undressed when he whipped his shirt over his head. He started to reach for her, but Dykstra’s hand encircling his cock from behind Jakx’s body stopped him.

Jakx groaned. Other than when Dykstra had sucked him off, Jakx had never touched or been touched by another man. It was a completely different sensation than a feminine touch. When Talia’s hand caressed his balls, it took all Jakx’s will power not to come immediately.

“Is this what you want, Jakx?” Talia’s breath caressed his cheek as she spoke. “Because we’ve both been struggling with it.”

Jakx stiffened. “I won’t be the cause of strife between you.”

“No,” Dykstra gripped him tighter and Jakx groaned. “We’ve struggled with you not being a part of our love. You’ve been in our hearts.”

“I don’t see how this could lead to anything but heart break for me. The two of you are still a couple. I have feelings for both of you. You told me plainly that Lionsblood don’t mate with anyone of the same sex. And I can’t see you letting me marry your wife.”

“It’s never been done, but that’s not to say it can’t happen.” Dykstra pumped Jakx’s dick a couple of times. “Besides, I don’t see as I have much choice. That night bound me to you, and being Lionbound is almost as strong a tie as being mated to a Lionsmate. The only difference is being Lionbound isn’t so much a choice as a craving for sex and intimacy.”

He paused when Jakx closed his eyes and groaned. The sensations Dykstra and Talia -- who had dropped to her knees now and took one of his testicles into her mouth -- were creating were so intensely pleasurable Jakx just wanted to let his eyes roll back in his head and enjoy. When Dykstra stopped moving his hand along Jakx’s dick, Jakx opened his eyes with great effort. “We’ll always want you Jakx. But if you find a mate for yourself who cannot accept the two of us, you’ll be free to leave.”

“You’re saying you’ll willingly share Talia with me?” Jakx was past the point of understanding all the mystical sexual things Lionsblood had going for them. He just wanted relief from the sexual tension. Wanted both Talia and Dykstra as he’d never imagined possible.

“Only as a threesome. But given the way you were bound, I sincerely doubt you’d be able to be with only one of us. I believe you’ll either crave both of us or neither.”

“I’ve thought about both of you for weeks now and all I want to talk about -- hell, all I want to think about -- is fucking the two of you. Now!” The words had no sooner left his mouth than Talia wrapped her lips around his cock. Dykstra knelt behind him and started doing wicked things to his balls and ass.

A month ago, if anyone had told him he’d be in this position, he’d have cheerfully throttled them. Jakx wasn’t gay or bisexual. But after his encounter with Talia and Dykstra a few weeks before, he’d thought about nothing but this moment. He didn’t care who he fucked, as long as it was one of these two, and Dykstra was right, he wanted both of them to be present. Having one and not the other seemed wrong somehow.

Jakx growled and fisted his hands in Talia’s silky soft hair pulling the lovely woman to her feet. He scooped her up and reluctantly pulled his body away from Dykstra’s mouth, marching himself and Talia to the bedroom. He lay Talia down gently, settling himself between her legs. He’d been in this position before, but it hadn’t been this enjoyable. Probably because he now knew he had his friend’s total blessing for what was to come.

Talia tilted her pelvis and sighed, holding his head to her cunt when he dipped down to swipe her lips with his tongue. At the same time, he felt Dykstra probe his own ass with his tongue. The sensation was totally odd, and the thought of what Dykstra was so alien to him, it was almost unimaginable.


Dykstra’s wet tongue probed Jakx’s anus, rimming the sensitive opening persistently until he was wet with Dykstra’s saliva. Jakx couldn’t help but lift his ass higher, encouraging Dykstra in unknown pleasure. He groaned as he stuck his tongue in Talia’s pussy, sucking on her lips when he retreated. He remembered to flick her clit before his eyes crossed as Dykstra inserted a finger inside his anus.

“Sweet heaven!” Jakx gasped.

“It will be,” Dykstra growled. “Raise your ass for me. I want to fuck it.”

Dykstra lifted his head from between Talia’s legs and crawled up her body before doing as Dykstra asked. His dick was poking at Talia’s cunt, waiting to thrust home. Something cool and wet drizzled down his crack and soon Dykstra’s fingers traced a path from his scrotum to his ass and inside, penetrating the lubricant and preparing Jakx for what was to come.

The bed shifted as Dykstra took his position. Jakx had been looking over his shoulder, totally enthralled in watching the big Lionsblood prepare himself for sex. Now, he looked at Talia, her face flushed and pretty. She smiled at him as if she knew how excited he was.

“Dykstra is an excellent lover. I promise you won’t be disappointed.” And Dykstra nudged the tip of his cock into Jakx’s ass.

Jakx expected the invasion to hurt, but there was only minor discomfort as his ass burned slightly with each thrust of Dykstra’s cock. With each gentle push forward, Jakx’s cock entered Talia’s pussy. The double sensation made his head spin.

Within a few seconds of careful probing and stretching, Dykstra’s pelvis rested snugly against Jakx’s ass.

“Now --” Dykstra growled, “let’s get started.”

His thrusts were slow at first, but rapidly built in speed and ferocity, every slap against Jakx’s ass driving Jakx into Talia’s pussy. Talia moaned and pulled Jakx down for a kiss, her tongue delving into his mouth relentlessly. Jakx was so overwhelmed, all he could do was hold on for the ride. His ass burned, but erotically so and his dick felt like it might explode inside Talia at any moment, but he held off, knowing the longer he held out, the better it would be for all of them.

Dykstra gripped Jakx’s ass cheeks and pulled him back with almost as much force as he thrust forward. The sound of flesh slapping flesh was loud in the small room. The grunts, sighs, and whimpers of all three of them was lush and passion-filled and Jakx knew he’d never forget this moment as long as he lived.

With that thought came the feeling of impending orgasm. He was going to come. There was no way to stop it. He rolled sharply to his right, grabbing Talia’s leg as he went. He urged her over his face so he could taste her as she came. He lifted his legs high and wide, inviting Dykstra back inside. The Lionsblood complied with no comment, but when Jakx gripped his own cock to finish himself, Dykstra batted his hand away and replaced it with his own.

Jakx found Talia’s clit and latched onto it, sucking as the familiar sensation of climax washed over him. His cock throbbed and pulsed and he felt his own semen erupt and land on his belly. Talia screamed and her own orgasm flooded Jakx’s face. He eagerly drank her essence and continued to lick and suck her clit and cunt lips until she rolled off him.

Now, he faced Dykstra. The veins in the Lionsblood’s temples and neck stood out, his face red with exertion. With several more rapid, deep strokes, Dykstra threw his head back and roared. He pulled out of Jakx’s ass and his cum joined Jakx’s on his belly.

It took several spurts before Dykstra’s orgasm subsided and when it did, Dykstra fell back onto the bed, his chest heaving with each breath.

“Fuck, that was good.”

“Definitely.” Talia smiled and stretched lazily. “I’d say worth the wait.”

Jakx chuckled weakly. “Definitely. But next time, you get to be in the middle.”