Merry Wonderful Christmas

Michelle Hasker

All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2008


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Merry Wonderful Christmas


“Merry Fucking Christmas,” Kataya growled as she stormed into her apartment and slammed the door shut. She had the bottom half of a duplex, and was pleased, because that meant she didn’t disturb the neighbors as she stomped down the hall to her bathroom.

Jason appeared in a poof of smoke, scaring her half to death. She banged on her chest trying to restart her heart, which had stuttered to a stop at his sudden appearance. With her now beating heart still stuck in her throat, she had trouble verbalizing her feelings.

“What’s the matter, love?” His hands settled on her shoulders.

For just a second she melted into his touch, accepting his warmth and strength before jerking away.

“Bad day at work?”

“Prick!” She glared at him, then tossed her hair over her shoulder, snorted, and stormed into the bathroom, slamming the door behind her.

Jason appeared, sitting on the toilet seat.

“Aren’t you satisfied, you ass?” she hissed, and stormed back out into her living room.

“Not really.”

“Well if you don’t stop popping up in front of me I’m going to grab your balls and squeeze until they turn blue.”

He tilted his head back and gave a loud belly laugh.

“Argh!” First he caused trouble for her at work when her boss was flirting with her, and then he chased off her boyfriend. The man was a total jinx. He’d ruined her love life and thought it was funny.

Perhaps if she’d thought it through, she wouldn’t have walked up to him and pushed against his chest with both her hands. He stopped laughing and grabbed onto her, yanking her up against him.

“Resorting to violence? My, what has gotten into you, love?”

“You. You got into me!” She tried to bang her fists against his chest.

Up close and personal to Jason, she struggled to get free. She’d lusted after him ever since they’d first met. But he wasn’t her type. Hell, he was a friggin’ Djinn. Way out of her league.

“But I’ve not gotten into you.”

She stared up into his face. His eyes sparkled with amusement. It was enough to push her over the edge. Kataya burst into tears and struggled to get free.

“Shh. Don’t cry, darlin’. I can’t stand to see a woman in distress.”

“According to you I’m no woman, and I’ll show you distress.” She leaned back and kicked at his shins.

“Ow! Minx!” He wrestled her to the wall, pinning her hands together and raising them over her head. He held them in place with one hand, and pressed his body against hers so she couldn’t kick him again. But she could bite.

“What the fuck!”

Hearing the anger in Jason’s voice, Kataya wondered if maybe she’d pushed him too far. Maybe the bite had been a bit much. But he was an ass and had been asking for it for months. “You’ve ruined my love life for the last time. I’m gonna kick your spoilsport ass!”

“All this aggression is because you didn’t get laid tonight?” Jason kept her hands pinned above her, and cupped her chin in his free hand so she had to look at him.

“Tonight? Dude, I’ve not gotten laid since we became friends.”

“So you want to get laid?”

Kataya tried to jerk away and only succeeded in banging her head against the wall.

“If sex is what you want, sex is what you’ll get.” Jason rubbed against her, creating a delicious friction between their bodies. His erection pressed against her, even through their layers of clothes.

Kataya closed her eyes and moaned. Her thighs trembled and liquid desire rushed straight to her pussy. Could she have asked for more? She wanted to pretend this wasn’t what she wanted, but she’d wanted it all along. And the damn man hadn’t given it to her. Instead he’d made her life hell. “If you think I’m going to fuck you because I have no one else, you’re mistaken! I can get someone. Someone who won’t make my life so hard!”

“I’ll give you hard.” His eyes darkened, and he lowered his head and captured her lips.

The floor moved under her, and she swayed, thankful he’d pressed her up against the wall. Otherwise she’d have swooned. She didn’t know if all Djinn kissed like magic, or if it was just Jason. She didn’t want to know either.

His tongue teased her while his free hand slid behind her neck, holding her. He wasn’t exactly holding her in place, but he massaged her neck, stimulating more sensations than just his kiss alone. His touch was tender. It was a surprise. A pleasant one.

When he broke the kiss, they were both breathless. He nuzzled her cheek and neck, holding her close for a minute. She’d never felt as loved as she did at this moment. Only he didn’t love her. She needed to remember that.

“I’m not looking for a pity fuck. I can find someone. I’m not that bad off.”

“No. No more. No others. Just me.” Jason met her gaze again, and held it. “You’re mine, Kataya. Mine.”

The possessiveness in his voice sent a thrill up her spine. Pleasure filtered through out her body when he released her hands, and slid both of his palms over her body. Up and down her arms and sides, his touch ignited her.

In a flash, they were on her bed, their clothes in a pile on the floor. Jason took her with a tender fierceness. He slid in slowly until he filled her completely. Then as he looked down at her and smiled, he began to thrust. Harder and faster, all the while staring into her eyes. She could fool herself into thinking he actually cared. That he loved her.

The thought that he could love her sent an overwhelming need through her. Kataya closed her eyes and surrendered to the pleasure. The image of forever in his arms skyrocketed her into the most intense orgasm of her life. Tingles spread through her like wildfire, and all she could do was take his thrusts, hear her cries of pleasure and his moans. When he cried out, and came hard, buried deep inside her, she held him close, feeling him shake with release.

Jason buried his face in her neck and held her tight. “Can we just stay like this forever?”

“I don’t have forever.” Kataya sighed and played with his hair. “Don’t tease me like this. I can’t stand it anymore.”

“If I were to take you as my mate, then you would become one of us. With the permission of the council.”

Kataya blinked up at him. Where had all this come from?

“I’m serious.”

“You want to make me a Djinn and live with you forever?”


She stared at him. She couldn’t doubt his sincerity, but why hadn’t he shown these feelings before?


“I think I need a little more convincing.” Kataya grinned at the disbelieving look on his face, which quickly turned naughty.

“You do?”

“Yeah. How many orgasms can you give me tonight?”

“Let’s find out.” He lowered his head and gently kissed her.

Oh yeah. This was going to be a Merry Wonderful Christmas after all.