Encounter -- Little Dragon: Free Fall
Belinda McBride

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Copyright ©2009 Belinda McBride


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Little Dragon: Free Fall


Rose Lee stood very still. Automatically, her hands gripped the broom as though it were a weapon.

Of course, in Rose’s hands, a broom could be deadly.

Casually, she began to sweep the floor. Her sharp eyes scanned the yard around the Lee Martial Arts complex. She didn’t miss a shadow, or the slightest movement in the jungle that encroached on the practice yard.

She was being watched.

Setting the broom aside, she stepped over the hearth of the moon-shaped doorway and out to the porch. Wind chimes tinkled in the light breeze. The liquid heat of the Hong Kong summer had begun to give way to the balmy breezes of autumn. Sometimes she still missed the seasonal changes of Oregon, but in truth, the tropical climate of her homeland suited her well.

“Arad? Is that you?” Her lover had kept his distance this past week, staying in the city rather than at their home in Saikung. His Needing was upon him, and Arad still carried a trace of the shame that the Nephris had programmed into his psyche. He was afraid that Rose would be repelled by his sexual weakness, by the slavish devotion that a Thalian showed to his chosen mate during the heat cycle. As far as she knew, Arad had never known the bliss of a lover during his heat.

Nothing moved at the perimeter of the yard. Absently, Rose glanced up higher, up into the trees.

There! She could see the outline of a man in the tree to her right. With a flood of relief, she saw huge black wings etched in the dark shadows. “Arad?”

He shifted into a crouch, his naked body poised for attack. Long black hair hung unbound down his back and straggled into his face. Blue eyes glowed with feral lust. Lost in the grip of the Needing, Arad Soheil was magnificent in his abandon.

“Oh fuck.” Rose could see that his cock was rigid and erect. How long had he been watching her? Stalking her? Her body clenched, partly in arousal, partly in sheer, primitive terror. Run!

Rose turned to flee just as Arad attacked, hurtling down at an incomprehensible speed. Before she could escape, she was clasped against Arad’s naked body, and they shot skyward, his powerful muscles flexing under her hands.

“Arad!” Her voice held the edge of panic. Usually fearless, Rose was shaken by their rapid ascent into the sky.

“Rose… I need…”

“I know, Arad. I know.” Strange that she should be comforting him.

He was frantic, one arm clasping her tightly to his body, the other wandering, tearing at her clothing. He bent to kiss her, and his tongue pushed into her mouth. His hips thrust fruitlessly at her thighs.

He wanted her on his cock, and he wanted her kiss… she was too small for him to satisfy both needs, especially while airborne! With a curse, Rose kicked away her pants, gasping as Arad clasped her breast roughly, pinching and rolling the nipple between his fingers. She slipped down his sweaty body. In panic, she wrapped her legs around his hips, opening herself up to his invasion. Rather than remove her cotton panties, Arad pulled them aside, forcing his way into her in short, jerky thrusts. She looked up in shock. His eyes were wild with fear and lust. His pulse beat rapidly in his throat.

With every beat of his wings, he jerked up into her channel, thick and long and hotter than she’d ever felt before. She could only hold on and pray and wonder at her own anguished response to his need. As he thrust, she met him stroke for stroke.

They rose higher, the sun burned her eyes, the air became cool on her skin, and still they pounded and thrust at each other like wild things, oblivious to danger. Her arms slipped and he caught her. Unable to find purchase on his sweaty torso, Rose wound her hands into his whipping hair, riding him like an airborne steed.

His eyes flared with pain, but he pulled her closer and pounded harder. Rose dug her teeth into the skin of his chest, muffling the keening of her arousal, her need for him. The steady beat of his cock inside her matched her heartbeat, and was as necessary to life as the air she breathed.

His body vibrated with tension, and Rose screamed… she screamed as her climax wrenched through her, screamed in agony and bliss and with sensations that she name.

And then she screamed because Arad was shuddering, freezing into his orgasm. He went still, and Rose was enfolded in the embrace of his wings. Their rapid ascent came to a sudden halt. As he spilled his seed into her body, they began to fall.

Out of control, they spun crazily through the air, his eyes blank. Rose wondered if he’d lost consciousness. But no, he thrust again, the final grinding moments of his orgasm still upon him. His head dropped to her shoulder and his arms went loose, threatening to set Rose into a freefall.

She slid lower, her legs wrapped around his, still impaled on his cock. Her arms slipped as they plummeted toward the earth. The wind screamed in her ears. Far below, she could see the blue of the ocean rapidly approaching.

His body bucked, his muscles strained, and Arad’s mighty wings extended, shuddering with the stress of averting their fall. They were mere yards from disaster… and then they glided upward, catching a draft, finally coming to a slow landing on the slender crescent of beach that they called their own.

On drunken legs, Arad supported her, refusing to allow Rose to touch the sand. He staggered, and then went over backwards, taking the full force of Rose’s weight. Rose finally lost her grip and collapsed, their faces just inches apart.


His eyes were clear now, but oddly bright. He looked… besotted. With her.

“I guess you missed me.” Rose shifted off his penis, trying to rise to her feet.

“No. No Rose, I’ll carry you.” Arad struggled upright, holding her firmly to his body.

“Arad, I can walk.”

“No. I’ll carry you.”

This must be part of the Needing. The stupid, pig-headed part. He held her close, starting toward the trees where their house had been built. Arad leapt gracefully up the stairs, and Rose marveled at his strength.

Inside, the cool air was a sharp contrast to the sweaty heat of their bodies. She shivered in his arms. He started toward the leather couch.

“Not the furniture!”

Obligingly, he carried her to the bedroom, where they had a walk-in shower. Arad reached out his foot and started the water. It flowed over a rock shelf, cascading like a waterfall.

“You can put me down now.”

Arad looked down at her, a troubled frown on his face. Reluctantly, he set her on the floor. She figured it was only because he was unable to wash her while she was in his arms.

He then knelt, gently scrubbing her legs and feet, her torso and breasts. He was reverent and worshipful, carefully rinsing his seed from her cleft. To her shock, Arad wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his head into her belly. His shoulders heaved with emotion.

“Oh Arad.” She cradled his head, watching the water bead off his feathers.

“I’m sorry Rose. I didn’t want you to see me like this.”

“Like what?”

“Weak. Stupid.”


He looked up at her, water dripping from her short black hair onto his face.

“Isn’t that why your people call it the Needing?”

“I nearly killed you Rose. I almost killed the one person in the world I can’t live without.”

“You would have never let me fall. Ever.” She stroked his face, pushing the wet hair back, revealing Arad Soheil in all his beauty. His eyes glowed with love and passion. And need.

Rose glanced down and saw the livid red marks of her bite. “I’m sorry.” She trailed her fingers over the wound.

“I like it when you bite me.”

“I know that, you twisted rooster.”

He gave her a lopsided grin. “You like that I like it. That makes you twisted as well.”

Arad stood, towering above her. He was again hard and erect. She reached out and grasped his cock. “Don’t you ever leave me again. Not for this.” She tugged and he stepped closer. “Say it Arad. You will never leave me during the Needing.”

His smile faded.

“Say it.”

“Rose, I will never again leave you during my Needing.”

Her hand slipped away. He caught it and clasped it to his chest. Rose looked up into the face of the man she loved so completely. His eyes were frightened, and it made her heart ache. “Arad, I will never leave you. Ever. As long as you need me, I will love you.”

When he scooped her up and headed for the bedroom, she knew she’d said exactly the right thing.