Encounter: Stargazers -- Coming of Age
Anne Kane

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Copyright ©2009 Anne Kane


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Stargazers -- Coming of Age


Jarett ran his hand down the smooth cheek of the Stargazer’s naked butt. She remained submissively passive, braced on her hands and knees. She had chosen him from all of the unattached males in the palace guard to fuck her on the eve of her twenty-first birthday, but he had no illusions about her motives. Stargazers used sex as a means to an end, a technique to garner more power.

Sometimes a man got lucky, and a Stargazer would form a permanent bond with him, but Katie was the pampered daughter of two of the richest bipeds on the Intergalactic Council. They would never agree to her bonding with a mere palace guard, so he had this one night to convince her to defy them. He intended to fuck her until she couldn’t stand up straight, and he planned to make sure she enjoyed it so much, she wouldn’t be able to resist coming back for more.

He slapped her butt with measured strength, enough to let her know he was boss without causing any real harm. “On your back. I want to see the expression in those witchy green eyes when I stretch that hot little pussy of yours with my cock.”

Katie rolled over obediently, her slight hesitation telling him she wasn’t submissive by nature. He grinned wickedly as he surveyed her naked form. Long golden hair spilled in wavy abundance across her pale flesh. Her breasts sat plump and high, the rosy nipples puckered in the cool air of the barracks tactical room.

He reached down to tweak one nipple between his thumb and forefinger, wringing a moan from her. He watched the passion flare in her eyes as he stretched himself out beside her on the hard pallet. His body reacted to her closeness with a predictable surge of lust, the blood pooling low in his groin. He ran his fingers through the silky tangle of her hair, tracing the outline of her high cheekbones before he lowered his mouth to nip her earlobe, licking and nibbling his way down her jaw. He feathered tiny kisses across her bottom lip, tempting her to open up, knowing that he would only have this one night to impress her.

She opened her mouth, and he swept his tongue inside, tasting the addicting sweetness of her lips. The kiss deepened, roughened, became a duel between two strong willed opponents, the soldier and the Stargazer, both vying for control, used to obedience. He struggled to rein in his lust as their tongues danced along each other in an erotic exchange. He let his hand wander down to cup the heavy weight of her breast, the skin satiny smooth beneath his roving fingers.

Katie arched her back, pushing herself into his hands, and Jarett felt a surge of elation. By the time the twin moons rose in the west, he hoped to have the little witch begging him to stay by her side. And in her bed. He nibbled his way down her throat to her shoulder, pausing to explore the tender hollow with his tongue.

Katie whimpered, her eyes glazed with passion. “Quit fooling around. I want that cock of yours buried deep and hard in my pussy. “

“Tsk, tsk.” He scored his teeth across one pert nipple. “Patience is one of the six virtues.”

“Patience be damned. I didn’t pick you to teach me theology.” She stroked a finger down his hard shaft. “This is what I chose you for.”

His cock jerked eagerly under the feather light caress, and he realized he’d better change tactics before he embarrassed himself. The little flirt didn’t know how close he was to just kneeing those silky thighs apart and plunging himself into her cream slicked warmth.

He looked into the shimmering depths of her eyes, and realized she knew exactly what she was doing to his control. And she didn’t care. Lust and mischief lit her face as she slowly extended her tongue to wet those full, sensuous lips.

Growling out a curse, Jarett rolled over top of her, lifting himself up on his forearms. He took her lips, sealing his mouth over hers aggressively as he used his knee to part her thighs. His cock pushed impatiently at the silken entrance to her pussy, and he paused, lifting his head to meet her gaze before he buried himself to the balls with one powerful thrust of his hips.

Katie gasped and thrust up to meet him, wrapping her legs around his waist as he withdrew partly before he began shafting her with long hard strokes of his eager cock.

Her eyes shone in the semi-darkness, lighter streaks swirling in the emerald depths as she writhed beneath him, low erotic whimpers spurring his lust until he found himself pounding into her over and over, his hips pistoning up and down. The sweet scent of her arousal, feel of her silky skin beneath his hands, the spicy taste of her lips, and the mesmerizing look in her eyes all combined to destroy his tenuous hold on his sanity. He couldn’t stop himself, couldn’t rein in the molten heat racing through him, centered in his shaft as he sunk it into her creamy heat again and again.

Her silken channel pulsed around him, the walls velvety soft as they pulled him deep into her slick sex. His breath came in ragged gulps as he drowned in a sea of feeling the likes of which he’d never experienced before. And still, her eyes shone up at him, knowing, wanting.

“Give yourself to me.” Her voice was whisper soft. “I need you, want you. Spill your seed deep within me. Please.”

The please caused his heart to do a little flip in his chest. He could no more resist that than he could stop the flow of air to his lungs. He surged deep a final time, feeling his hot seed jetting out to bathe the walls of her tight channel. She convulsed around him as they climaxed together, a low whimper escaping her lips as their world fragmented and a million stars danced through the darkness around them.

They clung to each other as the rippling waves of their orgasm washed over them, gradually lessening in intensity. He lifted a hand to smooth the damp hair back from her face, and dropped a gentle kiss on her forehead.

“Not exactly how I’d planned to impress you with my prowess.” He silently cursed his loss of control. “Perhaps you’ll give me another chance?”

“Not to worry, my sexy soldier.” Pure seduction shone from her Stargazer eyes as she trailed her fingers across his chest. “The night is young and so are we. I’m sure you’ll more than meet my expectations.”