Flash Fiction: The Shower

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The Shower


Jake is sitting on the old wicker chair, as often he does, just inches away from the most beautiful, hot-blooded woman he’s ever known. They’ve been together for over fourteen years. Jenny is in the shower, naked, naturally, and wearing her best sultry, sensuous look as she steps out of the stall to kneel on the floor in front of him.

Nearby sits a small bowl of ice cubes and a cup of very hot coffee. As she tugs a towel off the rack and wraps her hair up and out of the way, Jenny takes a sip of coffee and immediately engulfs Jake’s balls, without swallowing the coffee. He responds with thrusting hips and a moan that makes her smile. Jenny downs the coffee, then puts an ice cube in her mouth as she swallows his entire shaft. Jake can only stand so much. As she changes out the ice for coffee and back again, he explodes off the chair.

Tugging the towel off her head and picking her up, he steps into the shower. Jake plants his lips over Jenny’s -- he can still taste the coffee. Jake leaves a trail of kisses leading to her breasts, stopping to lick her erect nipples, first one then the other.

Grabbing Jake by the shoulders and wrapping her legs around him, she encases his cock. Moving slowly at first, the pair let the cascading water arouse every nerve. As the intensity increases, Jenny matches each thrust of Jake’s hips, stroke for stroke. Feeling the rush of her building climax Jenny hugs Jake and whispers, “I love you.”

He smiles and quietly mouths the words, “I love you, too.”