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2nd Ed: The Masters (Blood and Soul Box Set 5) by Kate  Hill
Read an excerpt

2nd Ed: The Masters (Blood and Soul Box Set 5)

by Kate Hill

Cover art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 06458-02076
Genre(s): Paranormal, BDSM, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Interracial, Multiple Partners, Bisexual and More, Second Editions, Vampires, Big Beautiful Women
Series: Blood and Soul (#5)
Length: Box Set
Page Count: 139

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    Book Summary

    The Intimates of Sunlight of the Soul are known for their carnal skills and ability to draw out the most exquisite sensations from their donors. Those who want to experience their brand of discipline offer themselves to a Master of Ecstasy and if chosen, they are rewarded with pleasure beyond their wildest dreams.

    Rune - The first Master of Ecstasy to complete Ivan's course at the vampire haven Sunlight of the Soul, Rune is among the most sought after guides for the sexual gantlet. While he has brought countless visitors unimaginable pleasure, he has never lost his heart to one, until he meets Doe.

    Tarak - When Tarek's marriage ends after a thousand years, he returns to his master at Sunlight of the Soul and becomes a Master of Ecstasy. Though he hasn't lost his magnetism and skills in the ways of love, his heart is cold without Deva. To his surprise, she follows him to Sunlight of the Soul and asks him to guide her through the sexual gantlet. Knowing her, he realizes her point might not be to rekindle their love, but to prove that they should make their split permanent.

    Samson - A scheduling error brings Cortez and Jendaya together at Sunlight of the Soul with appointments to endure the sexual gantlet with Master Samson as their guide. All three will experience the rigors of the gantlet and gain more pleasure than they ever dreamed possible. They don't plan on falling in love, but can't deny they are experiencing a joining of hearts.

    Publishers Note: The Masters (Blood and Soul Box Set 5) contains the previously published novellas Rune, Tarak, and Samson.

    "The Masters (Blood and Soul Box Set 5)" is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iTunes!

    Praise for Rune

    "If you're looking for a sensual adventure, then this is a good one for you. Kate Hill takes us on a journey through a woman's sexual awakening, and a Master's emotional one. This was a wonderful read that leaves you with a smile on your face."

    -- Viscaria, Whipped Cream Reviews

    "The Masters: Rune instantly grabbed me and [I'm] eager to get my hands on its sequel."
    4 Angels! -- Contessa, Fallen Angels Reviews

    "Kate has a way of making her characters jump off the page. The chemistry was something to behold... Kate Hill creates a world of BDSM that readers of the genre and paranormal lovers will thoroughly enjoy."
    4 Nymphs! -- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

    "Kate Hill really knows how to turn up the heat in her writing. I am still panting and fanning myself."
    -- Julianne, TwoLips Reviews

    "I have always loved Kate Hill's vampires and the world that they live in and this book is another fine addition to that world. I look forward to the next book in this series."
    4.5 Stars! -- Oleta M Blaylock, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

    Praise for Tarak

    "The Masters: Tarak was an awesome, delightful read and just as good as its precursor."
    -- Contessa, Fallen Angels Reviews

    "The sexual tension, and there was a great deal of it, is hot and sensual as usual... Kate Hill creates a wonderful sequel to The Masters: Rune that readers of the genre will enjoy..."
    4 Nymphs! -- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

    "Hot! There is no better word to describe this sexually charged story. If you enjoy vampire stories, especially those laced with dominance and submission, this is one book you need to read. Like me, you'll probably become addicted to Ms. Hill's sensual dominant vampires."
    -- Jacquelyn R. Ward, The Romance Studio

    Praise for Samson

    "What do you get when you throw together a very experienced sexual master vampire with a cocky overtly sexual vampire and a female vampire strong enough to handle both of them? A sensual feast for the senses is what you get.... This is one fast paced, sensual adventure that should not be missed."

    -- Jacquelyn R. Ward, The Romance Studio

    "The Masters 3: Samson is a pure fantasy sex romp, with BDSM and fetish elements that are integral to the plot... The ménage works and leaves the reader on a happy note. This is a refreshing conclusion to a sexy little paranormal romance."
    -- Patrice Storie, JERR

    "I have no idea how Kate Hill does it but this series just gets better and better! Just when I think The Masters can't get any more erotic, I'm proven wrong. This is a stellar series of books that I would recommend to anyone looking for a bite with their erotica."
    5 Blue Ribbons! -- Amanda Haffery, Romance Junkies

    "The sexual chemistry is sweet, slow and sensual like warm syrup dripping down pancakes... The Masters: Samson is a wonderful continuation in the Masters series."
    -- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

    "This is one fast paced, sensual adventure that should not be missed."
    -- Jacquelyn R. Ward, The Romance Studio
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