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Big, Blooming & Wild! Vol. 1 (Box Set) by Michelle  Hasker
Read an excerpt

Big, Blooming & Wild! Vol. 1 (Box Set)

by Eve Vaughn, Tuesday Morrigan, Dawn Montgomery and Michelle Hasker

Cover art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 06963-02242
Genre(s): Paranormal, Sci-Fi , BDSM, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Interracial/MultiCultural, Multiple Partners, Bisexual and More, Shapeshifters (Other), Big Beautiful Women
Series: Big, Blooming & Wild! Multi-Author (#1)
Length: Box Set
Page Count: 230

Buy This Book for $4.79 $5.99
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    Book Summary

    Suffering Sassafras -- Michelle Hasker
    When Gayle settles into her new home in the mountains in North Pennsylvania she meets two of the sexiest men she's ever seen. These two have a sex appeal she can't resist -- until she stumbles upon them making love in their backyard.

    Tied & Tempting -- Tuesday Morrigan
    Yahara does not do nature. As far as she is concerned, Central Park is all the green the world needs. Kauri does not like humans. They care nothing about the world that is their home. But he must mate. And with a human. Once he catches sight of the tall, dark-skinned full-figured woman that is Yahara, he decides humans aren't so bad.

    Daria's Dilemma -- Eve Vaughn
    Daria West has met the man of her dreams. Ethan Granger is handsome, charming, and funny -- and the biggest plus -- he loves every inch of her voluptuous curves. Unfortunately, he forgot to mention, he's a tree. And there are two of him.

    Texan Bound -- Dawn Montgomery
    Hot-blooded and horny, Maria is stuck in a rut. When the feisty Texican offers sex to his competition, Cody sees red. Since his heat began, his hormones have been screaming for the full-bodied woman's loving. Well, if the transplanted pecan tree has his way, she'll be tied up, tasted, and in his bed for the rest of their lives.

    This collection contains the previously released Big, Blooming & Wild! series novellas Suffering Sassafras, Tied and Tempting, Daria's Dilemma, and Texan Bound.

    "Big, Blooming & Wild! Vol. 1" is also available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

    Praise for Suffering Sassafras

    "This is a delightful wanton fantasy that takes the reader on an erotically wild and wacky ride... The menage is a deeply lustful and highly charged journey on the wild side that will leave the reader panting for more. Ms. Hasker's imagination is endless which makes this a true winner of a story! "
    -- Shannon, The Romance Studio

    "Michelle Hasker has incorporated humor and intense sexual heat in Big, Blooming & Wild!: Suffering Sassafras. The storyline centers on finding true love. The story was fast paced and the characters had an easy rapport. This is a great story for those looking for a shapeshifter novel out of the norm."
    -- NeNe, Fallen Angels Reviews

    "Sexy, sexy, sexy is about all I can say about this story... Michelle Hasker gives her readers great characters and lots of hot sex. Her sex scenes are steaming, sensuous and highly romantic with men on men and a ménage. I have enjoyed all these stories so far and am looking forward to reading more."
    -- Val, Love Romances and More

    Praise for Tied and Tempting

    "Man, the sexual scenes in this book were so hot, I swear that I saw a couple of flames run across my laptop screen. I love this book!"
    -- Margo Arthur, The Romance Studio

    "If you're looking for a strong story with bits of humor, steamy sex and a love story that makes you sigh, then you don't want to miss Big, Blooming & Wild! Tied and Tempting."
    4.5 Nymphs! -- Scandalous Minx, Literary Nymphs

    "City chick meets country bumpkin and what a lot of laughs there are on the way... This was a nice, entertaining read and the sex scenes were sizzling, emotional and fun. I for one would like to read more from this talented author."
    -- Valerie, Love Romances & More

    "Tied and Tempting is a pleasant afternoon read with plenty of sex...if you like male-female loving with a little bit of BDSM and shape-shifting thrown in, you'll find this an entertaining story."
    --Dandelion, Whipped Cream Reviews

    Praise for Daria's Dilemma

    "Once again Eve Vaughn has showcased her excellent writing skills with Daria's Dilemma. Within this storyline, Ms. Vaughn managed to bring forth a variety of distinctiveness that included internal strength, vulnerability, strong determination, the willingness to never give up, romance, lustful foreplay and most of all a sense of humor that made this novella a joy to read."
    4 Angels! -- Contessa, Fallen Angels Reviews

    Praise for Texan Bound

    Best Sci Fi/Fantasy 2008

    "Dawn Montgomery pens a unique fantasy that's a lot of fun.... This is one of those books that's sure to put a smile on the face of the reader."

    -- Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

    "Sex, lust and love are the order of the day in Texan Bound... hot sex and a really unique twist."
    -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

    "...a cute story with hot sex... If you like touching love stories, this one is perfect for you."
    4 Nymphs! -- Amethyst Nymph, Literary Nymphs

    "I was drawn into this story from page one and couldn't stop turning the pages until the very end. Maria and her low-self esteem, along with Cody's secret, gives this story a few twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat; and the passion between the two jumps off the pages to heat you up and leave you panting!"
    -- Amaranth, Whipped Cream Reviews

    "This is a short, entertaining humorous story that certainly gave me some thrills and chills... Dawn Montgomery has written a great story with characters that leap off the pages."
    -- Valerie, Love Romances and More

    "Sex, lust and love are the order of the day in Texan Bound."
    -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed
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