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Troll's Blog (Box Set) by Shelby  Morgen
Read an excerpt

Troll's Blog (Box Set)

by Shelby Morgen

Cover art: Renee' George

BIN: 04319-01384
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Urban Fantasy, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Interracial, Multiple Partners, Bisexual and More, Big Beautiful Women, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Men and Women in Uniform
Length: Box Set

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    Book Summary

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    Welcome to Troll's Blog.

    So you want to know about Trolls. Well, the only thing I can tell you is about this Troll. I'm taller than most of you, stronger, faster, and I have wicked teeth. All perfectly straight, thanks to modern orthodontia, and very, very sharp.

    If you're a Troll, what better place to hang out than under a bridge, right? I mean really. What's the use in being a Troll if you can't catch a good laugh now and then? But if you're a Cop, chances are you're like genetically predisposed to mess with the Troll. Not a good move. Especially when the Troll has a thing for Cops. Especially tall, strong, hot bodied cops... Or at least one Cop in particular...

    Oh. Sorry about the ads... we're using a lot of bandwidth these days. Got to do something to stay on the grid.

    Troll's Blog includes: Troll Under the Bridge, Troll in the Shadows, Den Mother, and Window Shopping.

    Praise for Troll Under The Bridge
    "Wow! This is one hot read! Not only does the sexual tension between the troll and the cop begin immediately, it's also thick enough to cut with a knife. This encounter between the two characters is absorbing. The steaming sex and unexpected ending will keep you smiling long after you finish Firecracker: The Troll Under The Bridge."
    -- Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

    Praise for Troll in the Shadows
    "Don't miss this one: it hits exactly the target it aims at and is very, very well done."
    -- Frost, Two Lips Reviews

    "Troll in the Shadows is a scorching hot story with a little bit of humor."
    -- Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "A thoroughly engaging tale full of humor and the erotic fairy tale sure to please."
    -- Phillipa Ann, Romance Reviews Today

    Praise for Den Mother
    "Witty, hot, and entertaining, this little nibble will provide the perfect amount of reading pleasure when you're short on time."
    -- Lori Ann, RRT Erotic

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