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Elven Magic (Box Set) by Willa  Okati
Read an excerpt

Elven Magic (Box Set)

by Willa Okati

Cover art: Renee' George

BIN: 06127-01967
Genre(s): Urban Fantasy, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Multiple Partners, Bisexual and More, Second Editions, Holiday Themes, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures
Series: Elven Magic (#6)
Length: Box Set
Page Count: 228

Buy This Book for $4.79 $5.99
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    Book Summary

    Wanted: Wild, willing women eager to experience the exhilaration, enchantment and orgasmic delight of an Elven ménage. Ciara, Sara, Elizabeth, Jewel and Alyssia have been waiting their whole lives for a chance to really let their hair down and make their naughtiest dreams come true.

    Luckily for them, there's no shortage of Elven men who'd love nothing better than to turn their worlds upside down with pleasure. In pairs. Which, if you ask the ladies, only makes their adventures sweeter, spicier, and sexier.

    Bring it!

    Publisher's Note: This Box Set contains the previously published novellas Elven Enchantment, Elven Encounter, Elven Escapades, Elven Exhilaration and Elven Enticement. Elven Enchantment is also available in the multi-author anthology Changeling Seasons 1.

    "Elven Magic (Box Set)" is also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

    Praise for Elven Enchantment

    "Willa Okati charms and arouses in this whimsical tale of magic and lust. I was captivated and amused in turn with Ciara and her men, and laughed out loud several times. I'll be looking for more of Willa Okati's work to add to my keeper shelf."

    -- Michelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "This book enthralled me from beginning to end and I loved it."
    -- Sheryl, Coffee Time Romance

    "Elven Encounter is a tasty little morsel from that Queen of the Elves, Willa Okati."
    5 Kisses! -- Frost, Two Lips Reviews

    "What woman would not want to have two men pay homage? Where do I sign up? This is only the first of the Elven series and I look forward to reading the next few books."
    4 Tombstones! -- Megan, Bitten By Books

    Praise for Elven Encounter

    "Elven Encounter blends tongue-in-cheek sarcasm with scorching sexual scenes to create a fantastic sequel to Elven Enchantment."

    -- Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "Sinfully erotic and romantic, Elven Encounter will leave you panting for more."
    -- Isabelle Spencer, RRTErotic

    "This was the second book in the Elven series by Willa Okati. I loved this one as much as the first one. This one had a bit more action to it, though. I still say that I want two of these men but I will keep dreaming."
    -- Megan, Bitten by Books

    "I loved this one as much as the first one."
    4 Tombstones! -- Megan, Bitten By Books

    Praise for Elven Escapades

    "Elven Escapades is a seriously hot erotic romp."

    -- Isabelle Spencer, RRT Erotic

    "As usual, Ms. Okati has created an encounter between three people who have found the right combination that makes each of them happy and satisfied…and gives the reader a satisfyingly sexual story!"
    -- Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "Elven Escapades is the third book in the Elven series. I think Killian is my favorite so far of all of Willa Okati's heroes. He had just the right amount of sensuality and humor. Be still my erratic beating heart."
    -- Megan, Bitten by Books

    "Willa Okati gives us more fun fantasy with her elves. These two guys definitely don't work for Santa. And the gifts they deliver don't have to wait for Christmas. This is another of Ms. Okati's books sure to pique some fantasies."
    -- Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

    "Elizabeth had no idea what hit her when it came to those two [men], and I bet she enjoyed every minute of it, as I did reading it."
    4 Tombstones!-- Megan, Bitten By Books

    Praise for Elven Exhilaration

    "Once again Ms. Okati has written a sizzling hot erotic romance that really should come with a warning label. From the first page to the last, this little nibble is sure to heat up your life."

    -- Isabelle Spencer, RRT Erotic

    "I love the way Willa Okati builds the scenes to a fever pitch.... This is one blazing book you don't want to miss."
    -- Julianne, TwoLips Reviews

    "The sexual scenes were wonderful and the ménages made me run for a toy.... The plot included a charming Elven place, which added complexity to the story, and pulled me in."
    -- Marcy Arbitman, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

    "I will warn you that having some water beside you will be a great thing as the room seems to heat up rather fast while reading Elven Exhilaration. A keeper for your erotic library and one you will want to re-read."
    -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

    "Cullen, Declan and Jewel together were amazing."
    4 Tombstones! -- Megan, Bitten By Books

    Praise for Elven Enticement

    "Elven Enticement is filled with hot eroticism that flows pleasurably and sinuously through the pages. When the tension erupts into a passionate tangle of limbs, I felt such a sense of relief and satisfaction, I was left breathless."

    -- Manda, Dark Angel Reviews

    "Willa Okati has created a fantasy that leaves you with needing relief from the sexual activity and laughter at the characters antics with each other."
    --Goddess Minx, Literary Nymphs

    "Elven Enticement is a great way to unwind and escape into a fun piece of fantasy. If you have been following the Elven Series, this is a must have for your collection from Ms. Okati."
    -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed
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