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Dragon's Watch (Northlanders Prequel) by Shelby  Morgen
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Dragon's Watch (Northlanders Prequel)

by Shelby Morgen

Cover art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 07486-02414
Genre(s): Futuristic, Paranormal, Action Adventure & Suspense, Urban Fantasy, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Magic, Voyeurism and Exhibitionism, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Dark Desire
Series: The Northlanders (#3)
Length: Box Set
Page Count: 230

Buy This Book for $4.79 $5.99
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    Book Summary
    In the aftermath of the collapse of world governments, technology, and civilization as Earth has known it hundreds of years, the Watchers have awakened. The Dragons have returned.

    Gargoyle: Earth: 2110 Former North American Continent
    The bad guys out number the Rangers twelve to one, and there's a Dragon on Von's tail. When the Dragon turns out to be one hot, sexy Elf, things really heat up.

    The Night Before Christmas: Refugees gather at Camp David, searching for hope in a dying land. The Ranger Von must make decisions that will affect humanity's future, as well as her own. For one night, Jackson vows to make her forget the responsibilities of command, and remember only what it is to be a woman, and his lover.

    Renegade: Earth 2286 Old European Continent
    The last thing Esterion, Ranger of the New Order, expects is to be swept off her feet by a massive blue dragon who claims she's his mate. But when her father, Pajja, shows up to rescue her, Esterion finds she's not at all sure she wants to be rescued. Not when the stakes are higher than she's ever bargained for, and the fate of Humanity hangs in the balance.

    Dragon's Gold: Earth 2347. Old European Continent
    Sindarin, Ranger of Talismar, is a man on a mission. But when a Human entrusts herself to him, he's enthralled. The gift she's given him is one no Dragon can ever refuse. Dragons and virgins. That combination never works out well... for the Dragon. This time he knows he'll be the one to sacrifice... his heart.

    Too Hot To Handle: Earth, 2456. Old European Continent
    Jarla. A woman with no loyalties, except the Mercenaries Guild. She can be whoever the guild needs her to be. Today, she's a bounty hunter. Thallin. A man haunted by his past and a grief he cannot outrun. He'll sacrifice himself to save his men, even if it means placing his fate in the hands of a bounty hunter. But Jarla's hands are interested in more than his fate. Will her touch heal his shattered soul?

    Publisher's Note: Dragon's Watch (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Gargoyle, The Night Before Christmas, Renegade, Dragon's Gold, and Too Hot To Handle.

    "Dragon's Watch (Box Set)" is also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo!

    Praise for Gargoyle

    "Shelby Morgen will blow your mind away with a stunning tale of renewal and change. "
    -- Dena Kosche, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "Ms. Morgan blends science fiction deftly with fantasy and gives the reader an interesting and exciting read. The plot is well paced and the reader will certainly not be able to put it down. The sex scenes are hot, hot, hot, very sensual, emotional and passionate."
    -- Valerie, Love Romances

    Praise for The Night Before Christmas

    Best Erotic Fantasy

    "Ms. Morgen is a genius at weaving an intricate tale in a small venue. Von is strong but still maintains a weakness, and Jackson is a loving man but with an edge of steel. Run for Ms. Morgan's Dragon's Watch series, it will not disappoint!"
    -- Sara Sawyer, The Romance Studio

    "A mixture of sweet and tender, blended with steamy passion and sex so hot you feel the flames. This series only gets better and better! More, please and hurry!"
    -- Johnna, Fallen Angels Review

    Praise for Renegade

    "Very Hot! Never thought shifted dragon sex could be sexy! But it is both sexy and passionate. Anyone looking for a quick and hot dragon story should check out this book!"
    -- Reviewed by Sorrel, Long and Short Reviews

    "The love story of Esterion and Cerulean... is one of the most intense I have read in a while. The sex is hot and Cerulean is the kind of mate every woman dreams of meeting. I enjoyed this story."

    5 Stars!-- Candy, ecataRomance Sensual Reviews

    "Hot doesn't begin to describe it! Who would have thought Dragon sex could be so sizzling? Get your ice bucket and settle in with this one!"
    4.5 Flags!-- Annie, Euro Reviews

    "For those who enjoy some dragon loving and soul mate pairing, this is the book for you."
    -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

    Praise for Too Hot to Handle

    Best Erotic Fantasy

    "A remarkable story about honor, duty, trust, and erotic passion. Shelby Morgen has definitely done a wonderful job creating a story worth reading a couple of times."
    -- Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews

    "Too Hot to Handle starts out with a wonderful look at Jarla's character, and continues to build upon her desires with every masterful turn of phrase. I was fascinated with Thallin's heroic qualities. His loyalty to his men, his need to do what's right and his devotion to Jarla as the story develops is endearing and heartwarming. The passion between Thallin and Jarla sizzles with an almost primal sensual connection, and each sexy encounter builds upon the last, culminating in a believable emotional connection. If warriors, battles and a hint of political intrigue interest you, this story is a must read."
    -- Belle Dessler, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

    "An Alpha hero to die for...or better yet to stay alive and enjoy. Don't miss Too Hot To Handle."
    -- Ann Jacobs

    "Grab some asbestos gloves, hit the ice house and get lost in a world only Shelby Morgan could create!"
    -- Dakota Cassidy

    "When Shelby Morgen titled this story Too Hot to Handle, she wasn't exaggerating. Darkly erotic, this is a sensual yet romantic tale of two lost souls who discover love and passion in a most unusual setting. Very highly recommended!"
    -- Kate Douglas

    "Too Hot To Handle should come with asbestos gloves, a change of underwear, and a cigarette or chocolate to inhale afterwards to calm your nerves down. Cold showers are optional."
    -- Stephanie Burke

    "The Changeling Press version of Too Hot To Handle by Shelby Morgan should come with an asbestos chair pad."
    -- Cassie Walder

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