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A Changeling For All Seasons 6 (Box Set) by Ashlynn  Monroe
Read an excerpt

A Changeling For All Seasons 6 (Box Set)

by Stephanie Burke, Alice Gaines, B.J. McCall, Silvia Violet, Marie Treanor, Mychael Black, Cynthia Sax, Sean Michael, Jocelyn Michel, Ayla Ruse and Ashlynn Monroe

Cover art: Bryan Keller

BIN: 07553-02436
Genre(s): Paranormal, Romance
Theme(s): Second Editions, Shapeshifters, Christmas
Series: Changeling Seasons (#6)
Length: Box Set
Page Count: 219

Buy This Book for $4.79 $5.99
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    Book Summary

    Eleven tales of seasonal magic from your favorite Changeling authors!

    Wolf Run by B. J. McCall: Are Stella and Charlotte prepared for two hunky werewolves and the most memorable Christmas of their lives?

    Epiphany by Mychael Black: Ryan's going to show the gorgeous Elven waiter that Christmas means a whole lot more than crowds and stress.

    Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey by Ashlynn Monroe: Betty Jean never imagined she'd spend her Christmas Eve searching for three tiny alien tumblers with the sexiest ringmaster in the galaxy.

    Valentine's Ghost by Alice Gaines: Agnes claims to be Phyllis's fairy ghostmother, and she's going to take Phyllis to Valentines past, present, and future. Will one of the visions turn out to be a keeper?

    Zarakion's Tip by Ayla Ruse: Zarakion gives Taryn, the new delivery Elf, a tip that'll have her scrambling to return to the drop point again and again.

    Mistletoe Mistakes by Jocelyn Michel: MJ's mistletoe missteps keep piling up, and she begins to wonder if they're really mistletoe miracles in disguise.

    Lupercalian Feast by Silvia Violet: Julianne retreats to her family's mountain cabin to spend Valentine's weekend alone, she finds an orgy in full swing.

    A Halloween Tale by Stephanie Burke: She's almost ready to give in to the darkness when an angel of mercy with a body made for sin comes to her aid.

    Christmas Elves Are Ringing by Sean Michael: Joey's having a tantrum of epic proportions. Can Bane work his magic in time to make sure Santa's sleigh is full this year?

    Damned Santa by Marie Treanor: Escaping the lupi police, Kate hides out in the workshop of a sexy if insane mutant who claims to travel in time just to give presents to other people's children.

    Snowflake by Cynthia Sax: The Christmas fairy performs her unofficial duties bringing holiday cheer to hard-working elves. Nerva is the ancient demon known as the fairy killer. When bad meets bad, Christmas miracles happen.

    Publisher's Note: The novellas in A Changeling For All Seasons 6 (Box Set) have been previously published.

    "A Changeling for All Seasons 6 (Box Set)" is also available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and iBooks!

    Praise for Wolf Run

    "...the hero and heroine fall instantly in love and the sex is hot and the future looks promising. A short happy little holiday read."

    -- Helen, Love Romances & More

    "Cade and Stella have a very merry Christmas! They strike an instant sparks off of each other and have no problem lighting the fire. Santa�s Helpers: Wolf Run is a quick sensuous Christmas read."

    -- Sizzling Hot Books Reviews

    Praise for Epiphany

    "...a feel-good, sexy, holiday romance that left this reader with a smile and a contented feeling at the end of the story. Lovely and heartfelt, Epiphany really captured the hope and joy of the season. Highly Recommended!"

    -- 4.25 Kisses from Gabbi, Top 2 Bottom Reviews

    "This well written Christmas tale is smexy and so tasty. Who wouldn't enjoy a hot elf plus a handsome cop getting it on? Ms. Black does a lovely job of creating fun and sweet characters while bringing holiday joy. This is a great light read and thoroughly enjoyable."

    -- BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

    Praise for Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey

    "Ms. Monroe gives the reader an interplanetary union with lots of humor. Betty�s Christmas adventure gives new meaning to first contact with an alien race."

    -- 4.5 Stars from Candy, Sensual Reads

    "If you�re looking to read something outside the box, this is a winner. Light hearted and unexpected, it made me laugh out loud, and look at the night sky with wonder."

    -- Shyla, Romancing the Book Reviews

    Praise for Valentine's Ghost

    "Valentine's Ghost is as hot as it is funny... Packed with steamy sex, Alice Gaines writes a story that will entertain and leave you satisfied."

    -- Erys, Joyfully Reviewed

    "For a entertaining and sexy little nibble this Valentine's Day, don't miss Valentine's Ghost, it's sure to put a smile on your face."
    -- Terrie Figueroa, RRT Erotic

    "With a charmingly naughty twist on the Dickensian ghosts of past, present, and future, Ms. Gaines takes Valentine's Day and shakes it up.... I will definitely look for more from her witty pen."
    -- Serena, Fallen Angel Reviews

    Praise for Zarakion's Tip

    "...unexpectedly delightful just because the characters and the setting are so unique. The sexual interactions are deliciously hot and imaginative. This is one of those stories that you enjoy enough to hope the author plans to write stories that will allow us to revisit Zarakion and Taryn again in the near future. "

    -- 4.5 Blue Ribbons from Chrissy, Romance Junkies

    Praise for Mistletoe Mistakes

    "...a fun little romp just in time for the holidays. It�s MJ and her old friend, Jonah getting reacquainted in the cold, dark, and very isolated cabin in the woods, reliving their first sexual encounter as teens. And, oh my, it�s hot action all over the cabin."

    -- 5 Stars from Charlayne Elizabeth Denney, Paranormal Romance Guild

    Praise for Lupercalian Feast

    "Sylvia Violet never fails to impress me with the excellent fantasies she excels in writing. The scenes she writes come alive for the reader and the characters are always so hot!!"

    -- Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio

    "Lupercalian Feast is an erotic taste of modern times combined with an ancient celebration... Silvia Violet has written a hot story..."
    -- Erys, Joyfully Reviewed

    "Lupercalian Feast is a banquet overflowing with veracious pleasures and the good feeling of knowing you've finally had a taste of the forbidden.... Silvia Violet gives us a pretty hot piece of erotica and a great bedtime story to be enjoyed with that special friend."
    -- Rachelle, Fallen Angel Reviews

    Praise for Christmas Elves Are Ringing

    "Whew! When it comes to writing hot and steamy romances, Sean Michael is truly a master at what he does! Not only is Christmas Elves are Ringing a gem of a Christmas story, it�s both sweet and sexy. I swear the chemistry between the two heroes, Joey and Bane, really steamed up my computer screen!"

    -- 4 Kisses from Gabbi, Top 2 Bottom Reviews

    "I need to read more Sean Michael books! This was holy smoking hotness! The scene between Bane and Joey went from spark to flaming hot within a couple of sentences. Both characters were well presented and easily amicable. This story is a tasty treat for any m/m reader."

    -- 4 Stars from BookAddict, The Romance Reviews

    Praise for Snowflake

    "Ms. Sax uses her signature combination of humor and sex to tell a story that will satisfy any reader."

    -- 5 Stars from Candy, Sensual Reads

    Read An Excerpt
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