Encounter -- Wrapped Around the Perfect Present

Megan Slayer

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Copyright ©2012 Megan Slayer


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Wrapped Around the Perfect Present


“I have a surprise for you.” Taygan leaned against the bedroom door frame. “Luc?”

“What?” Luc strolled out of the bathroom, hair soggy and a towel wrapped around his midsection. “There’s nothing I want.”

“Baloney.” Taygan snorted and the breeze began to blow in the room.

“No, I don’t like baloney.” Luc whipped the towel from his hips, delighted when the breeze picked up. The cool air swirled around him and his cock rose to attention.

“Har.” Taygan licked his lips, his gaze focused on Luc’s cock. “Close your eyes, because I can’t wait much longer.” He snapped his attention to Luc’s face. “Please?”

Luc cocked his hip and did as told. He held out his hands. “Whatever it is, you don’t have to.” Something heavy was placed in his grasp. He bobbed the object, guessing its weight and resisting the urge to grope it.

“I know I didn’t have to, but it’s our anniversary and I wanted to. Now open.”

Luc opened his eyes and wobbled on his feet. The object in question rocked him to his core. “You’re freaking kidding. A ‘59 Les Paul.” He hesitated before touching the neck of the classic guitar. He’d wanted one since he and his brother-in-law started the band. “Where did you get this? Better yet, how did you get this?” He sat down on the bed and caressed the sleek lines of the instrument. Better than his wildest dreams. He clutched the guitar and found the chords to Luminosity. “Like it was made for me.”

“Zac said that’s what it was supposed to do or be or whatever.” Taygan shrugged and plopped down beside Luc. “He said you’d been eyeballing it over at Woodsy’s. Something about giving your left testicle to get one.”

“Yeah, but this is a collector item. Pricey.” Luc fondled the neck of the guitar. He couldn’t wait to take the thing on tour. “I would’ve given a testicle for one of these. Thank you, but I don’t deserve it.”

“Bull shit. You play music and represent on stage. It’s a given you have a,” he hooked his fingers in the air, “‘freaking awesome’ guitar. Plus, I know where this one came from.” He batted his eyelashes and offered Luc his slick smile.

“What did you do?” Luc leaned forward to check out Tay’s pants. “You didn’t give a nut for it, did you?”

“No. Those belong to you.” Tay frowned. “You don’t trust me to make good decisions sometimes.”

“No, I know getting your hands on one of these means going to pretty crazy lengths.” Lengths which Luc would reward Tay for once he stopped talking.

“When I went to see Gramma in January, she happened to be cleaning out the attic. My Uncle Niro. You remember me telling you about him? He was the crazy one who played with fire and supposedly had papers saying he was a witch doctor.”

“Explains so much about you.” Luc strummed a few notes. Turned on by the instrument or the man who gave it to him? How about both?

“Har. Anyway, he had this guitar and when he died he told her to give it to whomever stuck around. Seems my family has a tendency to wander with the wind. Since she didn’t want it, I got it. I had it cleaned up, let Zac drool over it, and ta da! Luc has the guitar he loves.”

“To compliment the man I love.” Luc hopped up from the bed and placed the guitar across the couch for safe keeping. He whirled around and raked his fingers through his hair. Oh boy how he’d reward Tay. Luc dropped to his knees before Tay and opened his lover’s pants. “I want to thank you.”

Taygan lifted his hips and shimmied out of his pants and boxer shorts. His lips parted and the wind whipped his hair from his forehead. “What are you going to do?”

“Fuck your brains out. Lose the shirt.”

“Yes, Sir.” Tay yanked the garment up over his head. The shirt sailed across the room and landed in a heap.

Sir. Maybe later they’d play their games. But not yet. Luc wrapped his hands around Tay’s cock and stroked. Eyes closed and head tipped forward, Tay groaned.

“Thank you, Sir.”

Pride welled in Luc’s heart. He loved seeing Tay so relaxed. “Not your Sir tonight.”

“What?” Tay opened his eyes. “No scene, no rope?” He brought his knees together. “Luc?”

He nudged Tay’s knees apart and continued stroking his erection. “I hadn’t planned on getting that involved.”

Defeat shone all over Tay’s face. “Oh.”

“Sometimes, I don’t want to make love so complicated.” Luc scooted forward and placed both hands on Tay’s thighs. “Sometimes, love should be simple and beautiful.” He smoothed his fingers along Tay’s skin, stopping at his cock. “You’ve given me one of the best gifts ever.” He nuzzled Tay’s chest, then nipped his pec.

Tay gripped the blankets with white knuckled hands. “The guitar?”

“Nope.” Luc flicked his tongue over the tight bead. “You, your surrender.” He scraped his teeth down Tay’s chest. “That’s better than anything.” Pinching Tay’s nipple, Luc placed open mouth kisses down the treasure trail leading to Tay’s cock. “The guitar is icing on the cake.”


Too many games had Tay convinced rope needed to be involved for them to make love. Luc stood and bent over his lover. He curled his fingers around the back of Tay’s neck. He licked his lips then fastened his mouth on Tay’s. When Tay didn’t touch him, Luc moved Tay’s palm from the bed to his hip.


“This is what I want.” Luc flattened Tay’s hand. “I want to be touched and to show you tender love.”

“You’re corny.” The tension in Tay’s body diminished. “I trust you. Always.”

“I didn’t expect anything less.” He kissed Tay again, this time his tongue tangled with Tay’s. He swallowed Tay’s groan and rubbed his cock over Tay’s chest.

“Want that in me.” Only a thin ring of blue showed around the inky black of Tay’s eyes. “Tender, but hard.”

“Turn over.” Luc stepped back, giving Taygan room to move. He took in the sight of Tay’s toned body getting into position on his hands and knees. One hand on Tay’s ass, Luc drew a lazy circle of Tay’s asshole.

“Want more.” Tay glanced over his shoulder. “Please?”

“Soon.” Luc massaged the creamy skin, then placed kisses in his wake. Tay’s groans filled his ears. He grinned and flicked his tongue over the puckered hole. Tay tensed beneath Luc’s hands, then backed into Luc.

“Goddess.” The wind picked up. Tay shivered and goose bumps rose on his back. The colors in his tattoo grew more vibrant. He arched his back and writhed before Luc.

For his part, Luc inserted one finger into Tay’s ass. He added a slap. “Good?”

“Yes,” Tay panted. “More.”

Greedy man. Luc swatted each ass cheek three times, pleased with the red handprints. He stroked himself and drew a deep breath. The games suited him, tying Tay up, using the gags and the handcuffs, but right now he wanted nothing more than to sink balls deep into the man he loved. He lined his dick up with Tay’s ass and smeared precome over the tight hole.

Tay’s sharp intake of breath brought a grin to Luc’s lips. He breathed out and pressed past the ring of muscle. Tay groaned and backed into Luc. Like they’d been made only for each other, Luc filled Tay’s ass.

Luc grasped Tay’s hips. No matter how many times they fucked, how many times they tried to have sweet, soft sex, things never went slowly. Lightning bolts raced up and down Luc’s spine. The love in his heart radiated along his nerve endings. He rocked in and out of Tay’s ass, speeding up with every push.

“Yes.” Tay rocked along with Luc, staying in perfect harmony with his lover.

“Can’t last.” Luc reached around Tay’s waist and grasped his cock.

“Need to come,” Tay whimpered.

“With me.” Luc squeezed Tay. “Now.”

“Yes, Sir.” Seed splashed on the blankets at the same time Luc’s come filled Tay’s ass.

Luc shivered from head to toe. Tay took Luc’s hand, then sank to the bed and spread out. Luc curled against Tay’s back.

“Tender is good.” Tay sighed. “I like hard better.”

“Either way I got the perfect present today.” Luc pulled out of Tay and flopped onto the bed next to his counterpart. Nothing mattered except Tay.

“I’m glad you liked it.” A lazy smile lit up Tay’s face.

“Like it?” Luc rested his forehead on Tay’s. “You’re the present and I love you. Best anniversary ever.”

“Love you, too. But you are going to play it, right?” Tay rolled onto his side, pressing his body against Luc’s. “I expect to hear some new tunes because you were inspired.”

“Hell yes. I’m inspired to do a lot more than play music.” Luc grinned. “I’m inspired to start round two.” He grabbed Tay’s ass. “Like right now.”

“Then let the second round of celebrations commence.”


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