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New Releases

A Wanted Man (Daring Domanicos)
by Saloni Quinby

Will Dalton, who never believed in fairytale endings, get his own happily ever after?

All She Needs
by Danni Price

Trina is looking for a fresh start, but a new boyfriend? Luke must get her to see hes all she needs...

Hard, Fast and Forever
by Angelina Evans

Rayne will give anything for the chance at happiness with Aedan... even her immortal life.

Assassins in Lace (Collection)
by Jocelyn Michel

The assassins in lace may have bitten off more than they can fang.

Cat Groove (Stray Cats)
by Megan Slayer

He's found his mate and his groove, but he's got to convince her they belong together.

by Ana Raine

Will Ian risk his stable life for a future full of uncertainty -- and the possibility of real love?

Project Silhouette
by Ruth D. Kerce

There's only one way to destroy the shadows -- hot, raunchy sex.

By the Numbers (Collection)
by Riley Ashford

When Pack Law and the Vampire Court rule, lovers make dangerous choices that may change the future.

Unhinged (Immortal Redeemers 3)
by J. Hali Steele

Not even love could tame the deadly creature inside him.

Digital Slave (Hacked Investigations)
by Sarah Mäkelä

If Hannah can't find Ian soon, he'll be lost to her forever as a digital slave...

Recipe for Love
by Julia Talbot

When Megan meets Jack she knows he's completely wrong for her, but she can't stop...

Beautiful Music (Collection)
by Faith Talbot

When Kayla hooks up with the far younger lead singer of Daze on End, she gets the bass player, too.


Bunny Tails (Collection)
by Camille Anthony

This hare loves nothing more than being caught by her wild wolves!

Coyotes of Yellowstone (Collection)
by Lena Austin

Things are about to get a little wild in Yellowstone.

Vaaden Warriors (Collection)
by Jessica Coulter Smith

Living in a male dominant society, Vaaden warriors must obtain slaves from Earth to meet their needs...

The Agency (Collection)
by Michelle Hasker

Richard's best agents are on an important case, but their animal instincts are getting in the way!

New Hot Flashes

by Isabella Jordan

What's a headstrong princess to do when two gorgeous hunks command erotic obedience from her?

Flames of Desire
by Michelle Hoppe

Mindy lays the perfect trap for make-up sex...

Swinging Along (Rose and Thorne 3.5)
by Sean Michael

Can Thorne give Rose exactly what he needs at the end of a bad day?

Hidden Confections (Red Velvet Christmas)
by Dawn Montgomery

A showdown between chefs like you've never seen before...


In The Company of Strangers
by Stephanie Burke

When Cosimo helps a cute alien bunny, he's lost in the company of strangers of the most erotic kind.

Her Sexy Side
by Ayla Ruse

Kiera loves her new eroticism, but would her desire exist without his art?

Stolen (Super Powered)
by Sarah Mäkelä

The Dark Huntress meets a man whose electrifying power is a fine match to her own...

Sugar & Spice (Spaceport)
by Tuesday Morrigan

Justifier Sugar's a tough woman -- but the Spice brothers are hot enough to handle her.

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