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New Releases

Delicious (Wet)
by Stephanie Burke
Sale Price: $3.82

The only meeting of water and land is where the sea touches sand.

by K.Z. Snow
Sale Price: $3.82

Rahenna's in need of some sexual healing -- vamp-menage style.

Cat Flash (Stray Cats)
by Megan Slayer
Sale Price: $3.39

She's got the flash and he's the cat. Together they'll create magic.

Spaceport Vol. 2 (Box Set)
by Lena Austin and
Shelby Morgen
Sale Price: $4.67

Adana. A rundown spaceport edge of nowhere. Last port of call for those who move in the shadows...

Riding Shotgun (Mercenaries 3)
by Anne Kane

When Kalie wants to ride Shotgun, he'd better be ready to oblige!

Bearing Up (Carnival Magic)
by Eden Royce
Sale Price: $3.82

A magical teddy bear might turn out to be Ellie's perfect man...

The Dryads' Tower
by Judy Mays
Sale Price: $3.82

It'll take more than a sensual and powerful sex mage to keep Dylana down.

Yummy Love (Box Set)
by Kate Hill
Sale Price: $4.67

Magic and lust abound on the shores of Hot River.

Avery (Kline Agency)
by Ana Raine

Avery must choose between Milo or the rich clients of the Kline Agency and his brother's future.

Galactic Treasure (Earth Con)
by Theodora Marie Adams
Sale Price: $4.24

Connor meets two men at Earth Con and finds the dominating aliens of his dreams.

The Serpent's Lair
by Kaye Sykes
Sale Price: $3.82

When Ivy trades herself for her father's freedom, Marcus makes her darkest desire come true…

Heat Strokes Vol 2 (Box Set)
by Kate Hill and
Isabella Jordan
Sale Price: $4.24

Six more sexy summer sizzlers to set the night on fire!


Dragon's Own (Box Set)
by Willa Okati

Four humans find their lives are not complete without their dragon mates.

Spaceport Vol. 1 (Box Set)
by Shelby Morgen and
Marteeka Karland
Sale Price: $5.09

Adana. A rundown spaceport edge of nowhere. Last port of call for those who move in the shadows…

Mating Season (Box Set)
by Anne Kane
Sale Price: $4.24

Three Imperial Were-Panthers find their true bond-mates in the most unlikely of places…

Lust Magick (Box Set)
by Willa Okati
Sale Price: $4.24

Each Novice must win the challenge against his or her chosen Master. Do they have what it takes?

New Hot Flashes

Beauty and Her Beast
by Kyla Logan
Sale Price: $2.54

Xavier has only one chance to speak with Jenna, but what will she do when she learns he isn't human?...

Love Rains
by Kira Stone

When love rains down, childhood friends meet to see what's possible when the past is washed away.

Born on the 4th of July
by Marteeka Karland

Jake and Laura drive each other crazy! Maybe they can find a love Born On The 4th Of July.

Caught Me (Razor's Edge)
by Megan Slayer

Finding time to spend with the one he loves is difficult -- until Trick sends up a challenge.


Legal Beagle (Protect and Serve)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $2.97

Sniffing out the bad guys, one ass at a time.

The Pleasure Dome of Titan
by Mikala Ash
Sale Price: $1.69

Joshua must convince Professor Voss to cease her experiments -- before she steals his heart.

Blood Oath (Box Set)
by Kira Stone
Sale Price: $5.09

Unexpected consequences arise when a new Vampire Lord is selected to endure the Blood Oath…

Charmed Lover (Caveat Emptor 1)
by Zenobia Renquist
Sale Price: $0.84

His body is hers to control. Her passion is his to enjoy.

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