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New Releases

Sweet Love (SOS Multi-Author)
by B.J. McCall
Sale Price: $3.39

A stolen shifter stone. A hunky werewolf. A feline with attitude. The hunt is on.

2nd Edition: Submissive (Leopard Tails)
by Isabella Jordan
Sale Price: $3.82

Can Isaak he help Neva discover the powerful, desirable being he sees when he looks at her?

Mystic U (Box Set)
by Julia Talbot
Sale Price: $4.67

Will stubborn Pack Alpha Logan listen to Allie before Wolf Creek pack end up with a failing grade?

Spotlight: Black as Night (SOS Multi-Author)
by Shelby Morgen
Sale Price: $3.39

Will that Tom Cat strut get Officer O'Donnell so distracted she forgets who's wearing handcuffs?

Spotlight: Coyote Games (SOS Multi-Author)
by Anne Kane
Sale Price: $3.39

A burning desire for each other -- will it be enough this time?

Spotlight: Her Maine Stud (SOS Multi-Author)
by J. Hali Steele
Sale Price: $3.39

Coral Gillespie's on a mission, but neutering her prize stud is sure to bring out his claws!

Garden of Delights
by Alice Gaines
Sale Price: $3.82

In a secret part of the garden center a mysterious man helps Wendy find exactly what she wants.

Devil in a Blue Dress (Devil May Care 3)
by Lily Vega
Sale Price: $3.82

One lust demon, two hot men, plus some supernatural shenanigans equals one unforgettable wedding.

Thirst (Razor's Edge Box Set)
by J. Hali Steele
Sale Price: $4.24

Omen's, the club where monsters come out to play. Humans who cross the threshold may never leave...

Forgiven (Haven House Vampires 3)
by Megan Slayer
Sale Price: $3.39

Two gruff vampires are an unlucky source of second chances, but they're all Landon has left.

Crossing Fate (Neko 3)
by Ana Raine
Sale Price: $3.82

Lance promises freedom but is Rolland's life worth betraying Porter and the secret he vowed to keep?

2nd Edition: What It Takes
by Willa Okati
Sale Price: $3.39

Donovan wants Remy, but every time they get close he turns from a man to spray-painted graffiti...

Yves (Shibari Auction House 11)
by Sean Michael
Sale Price: $3.39

Can Yves and Tony make what they started at Christmas work now the holidays are over?

Pink (2nd Edition)
by Stephanie Burke
Sale Price: $4.24

The pink haired, cross-dressing Fae has orgies breaking out in every corner of Cali's offices…

Wild and Wicked (Razor's Edge Box Set)
by Rayven Renshaw
Sale Price: $4.24

Going wild and wicked -- an offer these lovers will find impossible to refuse.

Spotlight: Back in Action
by Elayne S. Venton
Sale Price: $4.24

Gavin Moore idolizes war hero Dana Tangier, but is he strong enough to protect her from her past?

Claimed (Box Set)
by Ashlynn Monroe
Sale Price: $4.67

Roan and Jenner will give all they've got to protect Lexa, and she's the only one who can save them.

Brielle and the Alien Geek (Intergalactic Brides 1)
by Jessica Coulter Smith
Sale Price: $4.24

The moment Syl sees Brielle, he realizes the sassy Earth woman is exactly what he needs in his life.


The Magical Forest (Box Set)
by Marteeka Karland

It's mating season in the Magical Forest, and Faeries simply love to explore carnal delights.

Oblivion (Box Set)
by Kira Stone

Forbidden loves and forbidden lands, three men search to bind to the ones who rule their hearts.

Moonlust (Box Set)
by B.J. McCall
Sale Price: $5.09

Sometimes Moonlust strikes where you least expect it. Even a true mate can need a little convincing.


Flesh and Spirit
by Amanda Steiger

To complete her Initiation as a priestess, Rose has to submit to her darkest fantasies.

Carnal Surrender
by Kate Hill

No one, not even the Ruler of Vampires, can tame true alpha Werewolves.

All Washed Up
by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Though Peter's life seems all washed up, the solution is "baring" it all-- including his heart.

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