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Black Panther
Director: Ryan Coogler
Starring: Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan, Lupita Nyong'o, Danai Gurira, Angela Bassett, and more.

T'Challa, the King of Wakanda, rises to the throne in the isolated, technologically advanced African nation, but his claim is challenged by a vengeful outsider who was a childhood victim of T'Challa's father's mistake.



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by Sheri

Homemade Soaked/Dried Almond Flour

I use quite a bit of almond flour as we're gluten free and as we try to use organic as much as possible, finding organic almond flour has been a bit of a challenge.

It's more available now then it was in years past, but it's expensive and it's not soaked, which we prefer to do with our nuts. This helps reduce the phytates.

I went in on a buy of organic almonds direct from a local farm with some friends and wish I had known sooner how easy it is to make your own.

Soaking/Drying the Almonds:

I soak/dehydrate and make flour from about 5 pounds of almonds at a time. That is approximately one full gallon zip lock bag. Of course you can do less but this amount will fill a 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator so you're using all the shelves.

For soaking I put four cups of almonds in a half gallon ball jar, add one tablespoon of Celtic or sea salt to each jar and fill with water. Give it all a stir and then cover the tops of the jars with a clean kitchen towel. I usually do this before breakfast.

Let soak for at least 8 hours and then pour the almonds in a colander and rinse with clean water. Once they're all drained and washed, place them in a single layer in your dehydrator and turn it onto 115 – 125° degrees.

I usually do this around dinner time and leave them overnight. Check in the morning and they are done when the almost are totally dry and slightly crispy.

I turn off the dehydrator and leave them to cool for an hour or so.

To make the flour:

You need a Vitamix or other high-speed blender.

Do just 1 cup of almonds at a time or this won't work..

Put one cup of almonds in your vitamix.

Put the lid on and put the tamper inside, just sitting on top of the almonds.

Turn the blender on full high for seven seconds.

That's it! Take that flour out and continue in batches until all your almonds are ground. I store mine in the freezer in a gallon zip lock bag. Enjoy!

If you want to mail order some great organic almonds, almond butter or walnuts, I recommend: http://heronfoxfarm.com


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  • Thomas Edison did not invent the lightbulb, but he did perfect it.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was cofounded by William "Bill" Wilson after he had a spiritual revela- tion while in rehab in 1934.
  • Brigadier General Loretta Reynolds became the first female commander of the Marine training facility at Paris Island, South Carolina, in 2011.
  • Mao Zedong (Mao Tse-Tung), never bathed or brushed his teeth. He was also a chain smoker who rarely got out of bed later in life.
  • Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel when that nation was founded in 1947, but he declined.

Borrowed by Daheap from The Incredible Book of Useless Information, Don Voorhees.


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