Congratulations to our authors on your great new reviews this month!


“I liked the writing style a lot, funny and to the point. And the sex was hot! A perfect short entertaining read to add a spark to those days when everything feels bland!”

— 5 Stars from AnnieU, Barnes & Noble Review

“…a quick but a great story. I really enjoyed this story. I really enjoyed the interactions between Tundra and Alex aka Big Blue.”

— 5 Stars from Ellen S., Barnes & Noble Review

“This was a really steamy and exciting paranormal read.”

— 5 Stars from Ash J., Barnes & Noble Review

“The story is very steamy with some danger, kidnapping, drama and a touch more excitement and intrigue.”

— 4 Stars from MacMurphie, Barnes & Noble Review

“Anne Kane is exceptional with character development and world building, along with an amazing imagination.”

— 5 Stars from Ken T., Barnes & Noble Review

BLOOD MATE by Tamsyn Roe

“Steamy and exciting! This was a really good short read.”

— 4 Stars from Ash J., Amazon Review


“If you are looking for a story with hot love scenes, great characters, plot twists, and most of all fun, this is the book for you. Cadence is sexy, sassy and witty and Collin is her perfect match…”

— 5 Cups from Coffee Time Romance & More

DANGEROUS OBSESSION (SPACEPORT) by Marteeka Karland and Shelby Morgen

“A quick read. This is my first from this author. It had a good balance of story and steamy fun. It flowed very well with no hiccups of any kind.”

— 5 Stars from Amazon Customer, Amazon Review


“…will keep you on the edge of your seat. Their backstories are fascinating, dangerous and full of grief. The characters have determination, resilience, and great banter as well as a mating pull. You can not miss this book.”

— 5 Stars from JLH, Amazon Review

“Expect a speedy and steamy reading ride when you dive into this entertaining story :D”

— 5 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review

“…unusual and so good. I liked the two main characters very much. They were both so brave and clearly made for each other. It gets more interesting with every word.”

— 5 Stars from Sharon Akshar, Barnes & Noble Review

“Different… a bit of fun and they did get their HEA.”

— 4 Stars from CJ Jackson, Barnes & Noble Review

” I liked how Apollo found out the truth about her past and finally put her hurt and anger to rest.”

— 4 Stars from JL_Foxy, Barnes & Noble Review

“I love the well-written plot and the characters are well-matched. The first book I’ve read by this author and hope to read more.”

— 5 Stars from Mima48, Barnes & Noble Review

DRAGON STONES by Stephanie Burke

“Stephanie Burke writes this type story well. A dragon is offered up to an elf prince and they end up being mates. The story winds through the three books… Very satisfying ending. Just to let you know that the honeymoon scenes make up about half of the books which I really enjoy because Ms. Burke is good at that as well.”

— 4 Stars from Suzanne Irving, Kobo Review

“A good steamy mm book with a nice ongoing storyline and lots of spicy scenes… if you’re looking for a spicy MM where the main characters have something to them and you want a bit more than some sex scenes strung together, then this is definitely worth a read.”

— 4 Stars from DeeDee!89, Barnes & Noble Review

DR’S ORDERS by Marteeka Karland and Shara Azod

“The story takes off like a shot and the reader feels like they went to warp speed in a second. Short stories are interesting and often difficult for the reader because there are holes in the storyline; however, these talented authors managed it perfectly by using a subject matter which needs no introduction, and the reader can jump in without missing a beat. I enjoyed the story…”

— 5 Cups from Delane, Coffee Time Romance & More


“This is a short, hot read. It’s fun and sexy…”

— 4 Stars from Alias11, Amazon Review

“The Sanguine Blood series is quite a hot read. When I say hot, it’s an understatement. It’s steaming hot.”

— 4 Stars from J’s Reviews, Amazon Review


“Loved all the main characters, but especially the fierce Ciara… a truly delicious morsel of a story to enjoy!”

— 5 Stars from Andra, Amazon Review

“This quick read has a lot going on. It’s well written, the characters are great, you have shifters, demons and I don’t know what else, demon killers? It’s steamy and hot, hot, hot.”

— 5 Stars from Fran B., Kobo Review

“Mikala Ash keeps the reader’s attention with this fast paced page turner. I was so involved in the story that I read it all in one sitting. This novella has a little bit of everything including steamy gay and bi sexual interactions, adventure, mystery solving paranormal characters. She keeps you hinged to your seat as the story unfolds. An awesome short read!”

— 5 Stars from Carol Oz, Barnes & Noble Review

“This was a very hot book. Suggest your reading in the pool, especially after being introduced to Mal and Tommy!”

— 4 Stars from Arabella4922, Barnes & Noble Review

“I liked the descriptions of the battle they are doing.”

— 4 Stars from JL_Foxy, Barnes & Noble Review


“It was a well written book… Angela Knight never disappoints with great dialogue and sexual tension.”

— 5 Stars from Romance Junky, Amazon Review

“A great short read.”

— 5 Stars from Mima48, Barnes & Noble Review


“A quick read with a good storyline and fascinating characters. Good read!”

— 4 Stars from Maggi, Amazon Review

“The characters and the story were good and I knew that it was short going in, I liked it, a lot!”

— 5 Stars from Sissyj59, Kobo Review

“Steamy and exciting! I loved both Maggie and Memphis’ characters and the storyline.”

— 4 Stars from Ashley J, Kobo Review

“This is a fun and steamy read that is short and quick. The story is about Memphis and Maggie. These two are undercover when he is knocked out. The story is very steamy with some danger, kidnapping, drama and a touch more excitement and intrigue.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“I enjoyed Memphis and Maggie’s book. It was an entertaining read.”

— 4 Stars from Nate D., Kobo Review

“With smoking hot chemistry and a rogue vampire out causing trouble, these find working together much more successful than working alone – and not just at work. Lol! This is a speedy read but it’s not missing anything to keep you hooked.”

— 5 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review

“…a short well written story. I enjoyed seeing Retro-Blues singer, Maggie and undercover cop and werewolf shifter “Trip” Memphis ‘ story come together with its drama, danger, suspense and romance.”

— 4 Stars from Babs, Barnes & Noble Review


“This is a good book to read!”

— 5 Stars from Patti, Amazon Review


“Short, hot and sweet. It was actually very enjoyable and I recommend.”

— 4 Stars from AnotherDayInParadise, Amazon Review

“This is pure erotic, smut with very little story development. It is all about submission and control. It is short and quick read that is high heat.”

— Mary S., Kobo Review

“This was another entertaining and steamy reading escape that shows Kitten taking steps to make sure her Daddy is in a good place. Expect a speedy read that’s full of impact play, steam and a naughty kitten ;P Good fun!”

— 5 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review

RAM (DEVIL’S FURY MC 12) by Harley Wylde

“Talia was smart and so strong, she was just perfect for Ram. Loved it so very much!”

— 5 Stars from Leslee Nevill, Amazon Review

“Good characters and plot along with good twists and turns.”

— 4 Stars from CRoll, Amazon Review

“Ram burst onto the scene with some serious brass b*lls! Finding a woman that is just as deadly as himself was awesome. the twists and turns are amazing!”

— 5 Stars from DragonWolf, Amazon Review

“Phenomenal… loved the main characters and had a wonderful bonus of catching up with what everyone else has doing. You can read as a standalone but is even better if you have been reading her books. The current action adds to series.”

— 5 Stars from Reyna Upchurch, Amazon Review

“Harley once again hit this one out of the park! I really loved the connection Ram and Talia shared. I seriously can’t say enough good things about this book!”

— 4 Stars from Dark and Angsty, Amazon Review

RHYME OF LOVE (JACK AND GIL 3) by Emily Carrington

“I really enjoyed how Jack is adapting to his new form, and the enormous personal growth of Gil. There were some good plot twists and a few unexpected moments which was good.”

— S Veldhuis, Kobo Review

SLAMMED by Saloni Quinby

“…oh my word it was hot! Steamy wrestling shenanigans!”

— 5 Stars from Amber Krogh, Kobo Review


“Quick unique insta love story. You should read it.”

— 5 Stars from Crystal, Amazon Review

“This was a new author for me. The story flows as I got to know the characters. It’s not only about two individuals meeting and getting to know each other, developing a relation, but how both trying to find themselves and overcoming some pretty major obstacles along their path. I was so involved in the book I didn’t realize I was on the last chapter and the ending was unraveling! You’ll be rooting for Trudi and Nick at every turn, just as I was!”

— 5 Stars from Carol Oz, Barnes & Noble Review

“…Trudi and Nick. There is an instant spark when these two meet. I enjoyed this romance as they dance around each other.”

— 5 Stars from SEng, Barnes & Noble Review

TAKEN BY THE SIREN (TAKEN 3) by Megan Slayer

“Great story, wonderful characters, and a little steamy. Can’t wait to read more from this author.”

— 4 Stars from Ash J, Amazon Review


“Yes, you can change — just read Truth! Madison realizes that Truth will do whatever it takes to keep to keep her safe and ensure she’s happy and well loved!”

— 5 Stars from Melissa Toner, Amazon Review

“Loved it, and that’s the TRUTH. Can Truth and the club save [Madison]? Will he claim her for his own, and will she let him? Read this and find out. I love Harley Wylde!”

— 5 Stars from Brenda Ashworth, Amazon Review

“An emotionally heartbreaking, suspenseful and challenging but enjoyable ride to go on with Truth and Madison. A definite page turner and tearjerker. Fantastic book!

— 5 Stars from A Fernandez, Amazon Review

“I was glued to my book while reading Truth and Madisons story. Madison is so sweet and hasn’t let all she’s been through break her down. Truth is just a man, but when he meets Madison, he becomes an even better man! I loved this book and all the emotions reading it!”

— 5 Stars from MLS, Amazon Review

“Brill. Couldn’t stop the tears in parts of this book with Madison and Liam. Loved it.”

— 5 Stars from Teri, Amazon Review

“Love this book. Truth and Madison’s story is amazing. I can never get enough of the alpha in these bikers and their need to protect when they meet the women they are meant to be with. Definitely can’t wait for more!”

— 5 Stars from Danaca Edwards, Amazon Review

“I loved the story line and the characters.”

— 5 Stars form Nadine, Amazon Review

“I loved Madison, she is so sweet and Truth really redeems himself…”

— 5 Stars from Minxy C., Amazon Review

“Once again this author hits the nail on the news with this book. I love Truth. And Madison together. Their chemistry is amazing. I couldn’t put this book down. Can’t wait to see what happens next.”

— 5 Stars from Gretchen Calder, Amazon Review

“Sometimes the characters don’t need a ton of drama or action in order for them to come together. The obstacles they faced on their own before meeting each other provided drama and angst. Coming together, Truth and Madison healed what was broken or damaged in the other. They were the pieces each other were missing.”

— 5 Stars from Shelby, Amazon Review

WILL (IF IT FEELS GOOD 3) by Alice Gaines

“I really enjoyed this read. This book was super steamy and had a story that was very easy to follow along with.”

— 5 Stars from Ash J, Amazon Review

“Alice Gaines is excellent for her character development and world building skills, as well as an awesome imagination.”

— 5 Stars from Ken T., Kobo Review

“The story is well written with a surprise ending. I enjoyed reading their story.”

— 5 Stars from Babs, Barnes & Noble Review

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