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Creed 2
Director: Steven Caple Jr.
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordan, Dolph Lundgren, Tessa Thompson, and more...

Under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa, heavyweight contender Adonis Creed faces off against Viktor Drago, son of Ivan Drago.



Wraith (Dixie Reapers MC 8) by Harley Wylde and Jessica Coulter Smith $4.99 Sale Price: $4.24
I'm not the kind of man to give a woman a fairy tale ending. But for Rin, I'm willing to try.
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Krampus Bah Humbug (Christmas Spirits 4) by Crymsyn Hart $3.99 Sale Price: $3.39
Krampus has to get with the holiday attitude or lose all that he holds dear. Bah, Humbug!
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by Sheri

Easy Gluten Free Pan-Cakes

We've been making these for a few years now. So easy to make, you just blend the ingredients and cook in a pan in the oven. You can also use Greek Yogurt, instead of sour cream but I think the sour cream adds a nice tang. I got the picture at the wrong angle but when I made it today, to take a pic, it turned out with a heart in the middle. Love, Mom.


3 large organic pastured eggs
1/2 cup organic sour cream or organic Greek yogurt.
2 tbsp sweetener. Any type you prefer, I use swerve or stevia.
1 tsp baking powder
1/4 cup organic almond flour
2 tbsp organic butter


Heat oven to 425 degrees.

Put all ingredients, except butter into a blender jar (I use my Vitamix) and blend on manual 3-4 for a few seconds until all the ingredients are completely incorporated into the batter.

When the oven is heated, put butter in a 9? x 12? cake pan and place with only the butter in oven.

Melt the butter for 3-5 minutes or until the butter is bubbling in the bottom of the pan. Remove from oven.

Pour the batter gently over the hot butter and return to oven.

Bake for 15 minutes, until pancake is golden and puffed.

After baking, cut the pancake into 4 and serve. Serves 2 at 2 pancakes each.


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  • Napoleon reportedly carried chocolate on all his military campaigns.
  • Voltaire drank between fifty and seventy-five cups of coffee every day.
  • Manfredo Settala is the only person in all recorded history that has been killed by a meteorite, in 1680.
  • Rembrandt, the Dutch painter, died almost penniless at the age of sixty-three.
  • King John did not sign the Magna Carta in 1215, as he could not write his name. Instead he placed his seal on it.
  • A drinking cup used by Napoleon was made from the skull of the famous Italian adventurer Cagliostro.
  • While he was a member of Parliament, Sir Isaac Newton's only recorded utterance was a request to open the window.
  • American showman P.T. Barnum had his obituary published before his death.
  • The younger of Albert Einstein's two sons was a schizophrenic.
  • Napoleon suffered from ailurophobia, the fear of cats.
  • Martha Jane Burke, better known as Calamity Jane, was married twelve times.

Borrowed by Daheap from The World's Greatest Book of Useless Information; Noel Botham & The Useless Information Society


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