Paranormal Women's Fiction

Classy Bitch (Last Call Europe 6)

Classy Bitch (Last Call Europe 6) by Lacey Savage $3.99

Classy Bitch: Whore in designer clothing, ripe for the taking.

Whiteout (Dire Wolves 3)

Whiteout (Dire Wolves 3) by Shelby Morgen $3.99

Unfinished business... Wolf's got a silver bullet to return to its owner.

Silence (Dire Wolves 4)

Silence (Dire Wolves 4) by Lena Austin $4.99

"One funeral wasn't enough for you?" said the kidnapper's note.

Black Widow (Garou 1)

Black Widow (Garou 1) by Jonathan Wright $3.99

A woman who must kill to survive. A man who risks everything to win her submission. Perfect match?

White Heat (Dire Wolves 5)

White Heat (Dire Wolves 5) by Shelby Morgen $3.99

Undercover operative Jake Parker needs a handler, and Heather Grant's more than up for the job.

Christmas Magic (Sugarplums 3)

Christmas Magic (Sugarplums 3) by Anne Kane $2.99

Tali hopes the Christmas Magic of the Sugarplum Ball is strong enough to get Jax into her bed.


MINE! by Marteeka Karland andShara Azod $2.99

Larissa has finally met the man of her dreams. Literally.

Christmas in the Zone (Sugarplums 6)

Christmas in the Zone (Sugarplums 6) by Isabella Jordan $2.99

Two guys, two gals, and an aphrodisiac under the tree...

White Vampire (Garou 2)

White Vampire (Garou 2) by Jonathan Wright $3.99

Inhuman, immortal, virtually invulnerable, the White Vampire has risen -- and she has a plan.

Blitzened (Sugarplums 10)

Blitzened (Sugarplums 10) by Elizabeth Jewell $2.99

Can a carton of eggnog and a bottle of rum kindle a dose of Christmas spirit between Nick and Ian?

Gatos (Cat O' Nines)

Gatos (Cat O' Nines) by Lia Connor $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Catkind -- they're rough, they're tough and they don't take no for an answer.

Stranger Than Fiction

Stranger Than Fiction by Silvia Violet $2.99

Vivian's characters have often talked to her in the past, but never like this.

Enchanted (Mirror, Mirror 1)

Enchanted (Mirror, Mirror 1) by Anne Kane $2.99

A capricious fairy has trapped Jackson in the mirror, and only Kaylee's love can set him free!

Demons R Us and Other Stories (Demons R Us 0)

Demons R Us and Other Stories by Alice Gaines $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Demons and fairies and sex, oh my!

Scent of Love (Mirror, Mirror 2)

Scent of Love (Mirror, Mirror 2) by J. Hali Steele $2.99

His youth won't be misspent in her bed.


Revision by Silvia Violet $3.99

Niall has found his Companion, but will a dark wizard prevent him from staking his claim?

Wylder Magick

Wylder Magick by Camille Anthony $3.99

It'll take more than magick to unite Wylder with his stubborn witch -- he must win her heart!

Shadowed Glass (Mirror, Mirror 3)

Shadowed Glass (Mirror, Mirror 3) by Elizabeth Jewell $2.99

Vampire Olav hasn't seen his lover, Rig, in centuries... until he looks in the Mirror.

Storm's Tempest (Final Cut Miami 1)

Storm's Tempest (Final Cut Miami 1) by Lacey Savage $3.99

This inexperienced virgin has found herself a real demon in the sack!

Mine For Keeps (Mirror, Mirror 4)

Mine For Keeps (Mirror, Mirror 4) by Kate Hill $2.99

A trip through the mirror gives Ricky a chance to prevent his vampire lover's tragic death.

Amused and Amazed

Amused and Amazed by Willa Okati $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Laughter and love go together like peanut butter and chocolate for men in search of a tasty treat!

Gladiator (Mirror, Mirror 6)

Gladiator (Mirror, Mirror 6) by Alice Gaines $2.99

Turn up the heat when a tough businesswoman collides with an alien warrior!

Carnal 2 (Carnal 2)

Carnal 2 by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

In a world where vampires and werewolves rule, danger and passion abound.


Stained by Saloni Quinby $3.99

Max will do whatever it takes to save Ash from a future as a Bledu Lust Steed in Lord Don's stable.

Wild Ride (Box Set)

Wild Ride (Box Set) by Willa Okati $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Time traveler, highwayman, beast, and storyteller -- it's going to be a wild ride.

Santa's Treat (White Hot Christmas 6)

Santa's Treat (White Hot Christmas 6) by Camille Anthony $2.99

Plum's been a very good girl for far too long. The special treat she wants this year is Santa.

Sinful Wager

Sinful Wager by Alice Gaines $3.99

What if hell was a casino where sex was free, everyone won, and Lucifer was a handsome devil?

Santa's Claws (Holiday Business 1)

Santa's Claws (Holiday Business 1) by Stephanie Burke $2.99

Santa's going to ensure his Elf and the human he's bound to have a Merry Khristmas... or else.


Fallen by Megan Slayer $3.99

He's her salvation if she's willing to lose her wings all over again.

Fandango (Foxy 1)

Fandango (Foxy 1) by Shelby Morgen $2.99

There's nothing a bunny like Jessie loves more than dancing... unless it's being caught by Foxy.

The Sorceress' Apprentice

The Sorceress' Apprentice by Elizabeth Jewell $3.99

Lissa goes too far in seeking the love of her mentor. Will the punishment fit the crime?

Chemicals Between Us (Foxy 2)

Chemicals Between Us (Foxy 2) by Stephanie Burke $3.99

Has the Big Bad Wolf met his match in a pair of Sly Foxes?

Grin and Bear It (Foxy 3)

Grin and Bear It (Foxy 3) by Cassidy McKay $2.99

Being wanted by the law has never been so much fun.

Good Gone Bad (Doppelganger Tales 1)

Good Gone Bad (Doppelganger Tales 1) by Ayla Ruse $3.99

Will stepping over that line mean never going back?

Python Place (Box Set) (Python Place 4)

Python Place (Box Set) by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Three brothers, enslaved by a hunger for sexual energy and sworn to denounce their evil side.

The Firm (The Firm 6)

The Firm (The Firm 6) by Tuesday Morrigan $5.99

The Lionheart brothers must find their destined mates -- sometimes at the family law firm.

Bad Gone Better (Doppelganger Tales 2)

Bad Gone Better (Doppelganger Tales 2) by Ayla Ruse $3.99

A Doppelganger and a Wraith. Hell couldn't make a better match.

Egyptian Lover (Egyptian Lover 4)

Egyptian Lover by Isabella Jordan $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

In the desert sands of Egypt, three lovers battle a maniacal curse. Only their love can save them.

So Passes the Night

So Passes the Night by Cassidy McKay $2.99

One wild night, two sexy seamen, and a voluptuous woman -- three broken souls seeking completion.

Tied and True (Foxy 7)

Tied and True (Foxy 7) by Anne Kane $3.99

Two's company but three is downright cozy!