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Frequently Asked Questions

* Why do I need to open an account to buy e-books from Changeling Press?

o Your Changeling Press account allows you to access your shopping history and in the case of an emergency helps us reissue lost books. Your credit card information is never stored in your account or anywhere else on our site.

* How long are Changeling Press e-books?
o Hot Flashes -- 12 to 29 pages
o Novellas -- 30 to 90 pages
o Novels -- 91 pages and up
o Collections combine 2, 3, 4, or more short stories and/or novellas from a series or serial packaged together. (Page count is based on 8.5" by 11" layout, PDF file format. Your mileage may vary.)

* I'm an international customer. Why won't my credit card purchase process?
o International customers must enter a province/territory and an international postal code/shipping code when placing credit card purchases. Customers from the United States should enter their zip code and leave the province/territory field blank. If you're still having problems, please use the "Contact Us" button for assistance. We'll do our best to help.

* How long will my download link be active?

o Links expire 30 days from date of purchase. To renew an expired link please use the "Contact Us" button for assistance.

* I don't use credit cards. How can I buy books?

o Your Changeling Press account can carry a positive balance that you can use to quickly purchase our books without needing to enter credit card information. Simply refill your account as needed. In addition to credit card payments, you may purchase account credits with PayPal in the amount of $20.00, $50.00, and $100.00 using the Buy Credit button at the top of the page.

o Please Note: Credits are processed manually and will not be processed until the next business day. If you do not receive an acknowledgment of your purchase within one business day please contact

o If you have elected to use a form of funding that requires clearing from your bank, your credit will not be available until the funding has been fully processed and cleared.

* Is there anywhere else I can buy Changeling Press e-books?

o Yes. Most Changeling Press e-books are also available from




* http://iTunes

* How do I read Changeling e-books on my Kindle or other mobile device?

o You can use the "Email this book to myself" feature on your Changeling account page to email files directly to your Kindle or other mobile device. You can mail the file directly to your device's email (add your @kindle address to your Changeling account) or download the file to your computer and email it to yourself. If you're emailing directly to your device, be sure to add to your device's allowed list.

o You can also download purchased books from your customer account to your computer, and use the "Mail to Kindle" app (available for Windows and Mac to send books directly to your Kindle or Kindle for iPad, Android, etc.

* The cover art is missing in my HTML file!

o Don't unzip your file into a folder with the same name -- it's already packaged in its own folder. If the folder is nested too far down, your html reader won't be able to find the cover art.

* I can't open my ADOBE/PDF file!

o Make sure you have the Adobe Acrobat installed. Our files are backwards compatible through Adobe Acrobat Reader Version 6. Older readers may not be supported in all operating systems. Download the newest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can also use alternative products that open a range of book files, such as Icecream Ebook Reader, available as a free download

* How do I buy a Gift Certificate?

o Easy. Purchase an account credit -- Buy Credit -- and use the contact us page to let us know what account you want credited with your gift. Please be sure to include the recipient's name/names, amount/s and email address/s. If the recipient doesn't currently have a Changeling account, we'll set up a temporary account for them. Unclaimed Gift Certificates will be credited back to your account at the recipient's request.

* Help! My PayPal Credit hasn't shown up in my account!
o There are two main reasons for this:
* Credits are applied manually. This is why the "Buy" line says it may take up to 24 hours to see the credit in your account -- if it's 4 AM Eastern US time we're all asleep. We try to apply credits promptly, but occasionally the timing's bad.
* We received your credit, and we'd love to apply it, but none of the information -- email address, first or last name account name -- on the credit matches any of the information in your Changeling account, so we can't locate your account to apply the credit.
o You can help avoid PayPal holdups. If your Changeling Account information does not match your PayPal information, please update the account that's out of date before you purchase. If you can't do this for some reason, please use the "Contact Us" button to provide your name as listed on your Changeling account as your PayPal Ship To Address.

* Is there a minimum I have to buy?
o Yes, there is a $1.00 minimum credit card transaction limit.

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