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New Releases

Racing Wild (Reindeer Games)
by Ayla Ruse
Sale Price: $3.39

A wild race can lead to anything -- even love.

Tinsel Wars (Reindeer Games)
by Anne Kane
Sale Price: $2.97

Braedon intends to win the final skirmish in the Tinsel Wars!

Vixen (Reindeer Games)
by B.J. McCall
Sale Price: $2.54

Snow is falling, but the North Pole is heating up.

Christmas Cowboy (Reindeer Games)
by Ruth D. Kerce
Sale Price: $3.39

Chaz breeds horses. What's a cowboy supposed to do with a herd of reindeer?

Silver Bells (Reindeer Games)
by Dahlia Rose
Sale Price: $3.39

Tia was the sexy little elf that made Danny Grinch’s Christmas that much hotter.

A Changeling for All Seasons 6 (Box Set)
by Stephanie Burke and
Alice Gaines
Sale Price: $5.09

Eleven tales of seasonal magic from your favorite Changeling authors!

Charlotte and the Alien Ambassador (Intergalactic Brides 4)
by Jessica Coulter Smith
Sale Price: $4.24

Charlotte knows it's her last chance to find happiness, and she'll grab it with both hands.

2nd Edition: Elfin Blood
by Dany Sirene
Sale Price: $3.59

Tall. Dark. Dangerous. Human.

Extra Cream (Box Set)
by J. Hali Steele
Sale Price: $5.09

Shifters infected with vampyre blood prowl the night looking for the mates they desire.

Claws (Shifter Rescue 2)
by Sean Michael
Sale Price: $3.39

Life is never dull when you've become a dragon shifter's keeper.

2nd Edition: Moonlight Healing
by Marilyn Lee
Sale Price: $4.39

One beautiful, addictive woman. Two warring brothers prepared to fight to the death...

by Stephanie Burke
Sale Price: $4.24

A blue fairy with a broken wing just dropped into Miznari's lap. Her life will never be the same.

Garden of Silence
by Ana Raine
Sale Price: $3.39

Oliver wants to showcase the beautiful gardens, but Charles is more interested in making Oliver his…

Phoenix Rising (Anthology)
by Changelings
Sale Price: $3.99

The heroines of Phoenix Rising rebuild their lives and their loves one night at a time.

Elven Magic (Box Set)
by Willa Okati
Sale Price: $4.79

Wanted: Wild, willing women eager for the exhilaration of Elvish enchantments.

The Warriors of Sir Guy (Witches and Demons 3)
by Saloni Quinby
Sale Price: $3.82

A magnificent warrior witch and a half-demon hotter than hell join forces in a battle against evil.

Sea God's Pleasure (Agency of Extraordinary Mates)
by Alice Gaines
Sale Price: $3.59

The central piece of Gloria’s art exhibition -- The Sea God's Pleasure -- has sprouted a phallus…

Screwed and Screwed Again (Box Set)
by J. Hali Steele
Sale Price: $4.24

When the new vampyre in town comes after P.I. Purple P. Rose, she's screwed, and screwed again.


Dragon's Watch (Box Set)
by Shelby Morgen

Atop the roofs of New York's forsaken skyscrapers, gargoyles have awakened. The Dragons are back.

Bloody or Nothing (Box Set)
by Kate Hill

Meet Sudsy Waters, drag queen, martial arts master, and owner of Bloody or Nothing, vampire hotel.

Nights in Pink Satin (Box Set)
by Sharon Maria Bidwell

Three lonely men find the answers to their hearts' desires in worlds they never dreamed existed.


Bound in Lust (Bound 1)
by Dawn Montgomery

When the dark mark of the succubae entwines with Elena's soul, she becomes the enemy...

The Midnight Hour (Paranormal Mates Society)
by Isabella Jordan

Spencer would really like to lure the sexy little spy out of the shadows and into his bed.

Clock Strikes (Neko 1)
by Ana Raine

A Neko may only leave Aloria by becoming a demon's pet, but Adrian doesn't seem to notice Collin.

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