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New Releases

Grit (Fangs and Fists 2)
by Kate Hill
Sale Price: $4.24

In the midst of a rebellion, Grit and Zari explore a once forbidden passion.

2nd Edition: The Pleasure Dome of Titan
by Mikala Ash
Sale Price: $3.19

Joshua must convince Professor Voss to cease her experiments -- before she steals his heart.

Forever (Box Set)
by B.J. McCall
Sale Price: $5.09

For vampires, everything fun is illegal, but night is made for sin, and vampires rule the dark.

Tegan (Married to the Aliens 2)
by Ashlynn Monroe
Sale Price: $4.24

Is Tegan brave enough for life on an unknown world with two alien warriors in a galaxy far far away?

2nd Edition: Beware The Fury
by Lena Austin
Sale Price: $3.19

Why's Detective Bach tracking Tisiphone? It's personal. And it's about to get really personal...

by Shelby Morgen
Sale Price: $4.79

Her love may be his only redemption...

Ella and the Alien Gamer (Intergalactic Brides 10)
by Jessica Coulter Smith
Sale Price: $4.24

This Prince Charming is going after what he wants, even if Cinderella is playing hard to get.

Emotional Rescue (Set in Stone)
by Lily Vega
Sale Price: $2.54

When a hunky gargoyle tries to break his curse, he could lose his one chance at love.

2nd Ed: Bloody or Nothing (Blood and Soul Box Set 6)
by Kate Hill
Sale Price: $4.79

Meet Sudsy Waters, drag queen, martial arts master, and owner of Bloody or Nothing, vampire hotel.

Calling the Clutch (Dragon Mesa 1)
by Julia Talbot
Sale Price: $3.39

Time is running out for Erik and Bard - the dragons fear no one will survive the coming storm.

A Wolf's Hunt
by Echo Ishii
Sale Price: $3.39

Can a lonely Alpha Wolf find the release he craves with a Dragon he loathes?

Intergalactic Loyalties (Print Edition)
by Jessica Coulter Smith

Four aliens battle Intergalactic politics to rescue the Earth women destined to become their mates.

Run, Pussycat, Run! (Las Vegas Tales 4)
by Amber Malloy
Sale Price: $2.54

Lounge singer Kitty Carmichael made a deal with the devil. It'll take a sexy lawyer to set her free ...

2nd Edition: Ropacabana
by Isabella Jordan
Sale Price: $3.19

Can Salome keep it all professional? Or will she fall in love with Tony?

Gimme Shelter (Set in Stone Multi-Author)
by Kate Steele

Shanrem owes his life to the captain and crew of the starship Brizo, but even the best of dreams end

Sheltered Angel
by Crymsyn Hart

Once a succubus always a succubus - so Vaughn believes til he meets Polly and all hell breaks loose.

Neko (Print Edition)
by Ana Raine

Collin has loved Adrian for over a decade but can he trust his future to the Prince of the Demons?

Twisted (Playboys 3)
by Ana Raine

Which of his best friends will Pip choose as his lover -- or does he really have to decide at all?


Joel & Brent (Shibari Auction House Duet)
by Sean Michael
Sale Price: $3.99

Joel knows what he wants. Brent has what Joel needs. But what happens when the contract is up?

2nd Ed: The Masters (Blood and Soul Box Set 5)
by Kate Hill
Sale Price: $3.99

Submit to the Masters of Ecstasy and experience pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

2nd Edition: Paradise Earth (Box Set)
by Samantha Winston
Sale Price: $3.99

Adam and Evan find it impossible to resist the passion that draws them together...


Undercovers (Box Set)
by Ruth D. Kerce
Sale Price: $3.99

Three hunky cops swear to protect women in danger -- but can they protect the women from themselves?

Warlock's Eve
by Michelle Hoppe

Will Dominic find ecstasy beyond his wildest dream or a nightmare of torture?

Forget Me Not (Spaceport)
by Mikala Ash

Can Holly solve the mystery of Maxim's disappearance?

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