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Dragonfire (Print Edition) by B.J.  McCall
Read an excerpt

Dragonfire (Print Edition)

by B.J. McCall

Cover art: Karen Fox

BIN: 08048-02598
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action Adventure & Suspense, Print, Romance
Theme(s): Shapeshifters, Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures, Alternative Universe
Series: Dragonfire (#6)
Length: Print
Page Count: 382
Print Book
This book is available in PRINT for $12.95
Book Summary
Print Edition: Dragonfire at $12.95

eBook Edition: Dragonfire at $5.99

When the nights are Dragonfire hot, human and dragon may bond in a way neither expects.

Captured: Captured and tossed in an aviary, Zira discovers she is the tyrant Targus's new pet. The key to her escape lies with her keeper, a hunky human with a gentle touch. Dragon Keeper Laros has no idea the dragon he's been tasked to train is also the woman who's haunting his nights...

Chosen: A thousand years ago two dragon clans went to war over a cache of gold. To stop their war, a sorcerer cast a spell, hiding the treasure. According to legend the location of the gold will be revealed when the chosen is bonded with her dragon mate. Born with the mark of the dragon on her hip, Karis Nordrath is heralded as the chosen, but the only dragon that stirs Karis' fire is her bodyguard, Rett Aurumon.

Covert: Rogue dragons are committing crimes, and anti-shifter activists are demanding action. The good dragons have come up with a plan. Undercover dragon warrior Velka Krytt's mission is to bring the Rogues to justice. Law enforcement has a different plan. Undercover human cop Aric Exeter's mission is to bust the Vigilante organization. When their missions collide, Velka and Aric must join forces to survive. Things are getting dragonfire hot!

Covenant: Thanks to a mysterious covenant, Byrne Tregaron and Livia Hazac will be bonded for life. Livia is getting the mate of her dreams, a dragon who doesn't know she exists. Byrne doesn't want a Hazac for a mate, and for him keeping the covenant is a matter of honor, not desire. She has one shot to capture her dragon on her terms. She attends Byrne's bachelor party with seduction in mind. One night. Her way.

Caught: For Adatha Krytt there is only one dragon, but he has vanished, leaving her to pursue her dream of becoming a dragon warrior. Duty is everything until the day comes when Trynt's quest becomes Adatha's mission. To catch a thief, she must track down the dragon she loves. Can she fulfill her mission without breaking her heart?

Praise for Captured

"This is one very hot and enchanting story, with danger and action, and the slow seduction of the senses that Ms. McCall does so very well."

-- Foxglove, Whipped Cream Reviews

Praise for Chosen

"I loved this dragon love book. It's definitely a spicy top pick!"

-- Angi, Night Owl Reviews

"I enjoyed this short, quick read. Not only did I find the passion between Rett and Karis believable but I liked both of them."

-- Tangie, Two Lips Reviews

"...I liked [Karis's] spunk for going after the man she wanted. I like dragon stories for their aggressive natures and this story did not disappoint. The sex scenes are erotic and hot, and a twist is added with the heroine as the aggressor."
-- Pam S., Fallen Angel Reviews

Praise for Covert

"The love story between Velka and Eagle was exciting. The action in the story really helped to bring them together in a magical way."

-- Peppermint, Long and Short Reviews

Praise for Covenant

"I like this world Ms. McCall has created, one with passion and desire around every corner... The characters in this one were well developed, and I enjoyed the interaction between all of them."

-- 4.5 Stars from Foxglove, Long and Short Reviews

"...the main characters will stay in your mind after reading the last page. There [are] also some love scenes in this book that might leave you so hot you will need either an ice cube or fan to cool your body off after reading them."

-- 4 Stars from Arianne, Night Owl Reviews

Praise for Caught

"This is a fast paced story, with action and danger as well as romance and passion. I like the characters, and look forward to more from this author in this world. I recommend this for all those who like happy endings and lots of hot dragon passion."

4.5 Stars! -- Foxglove, Long and Short Reviews

"This story has a strong sense of honour and love between the two characters... unfolds before your eyes in such a heart-warming way that you will be glad that you read Caught. B.J. McCall knows how to entice you, with the sensuality that sizzles between Tyrnt and Adatha, to how well the story is written."

-- Catherine Anderson, The Romance Studio

Read An Excerpt
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