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Dark Callings (Box Set) by Elizabeth  Jewell
Read an excerpt

Dark Callings (Box Set)

by Elizabeth Jewell

Cover art: Angela Knight

BIN: 03881-01242
Genre(s): Paranormal, Action Adventure & Suspense, Box Sets, Romance
Theme(s): Vampires, Gay
Series: Dark Callings (#2)
Length: Box Set

Buy This Book for $3.99 $4.99
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    Book Summary
    Once Mark Riordan had a happy, ordinary life -- before a vampire attack left him changed. No longer human, but not quite vampire, Riordan now hunts the evil vamps who terrorize his city, giving in to the desires his vampire half needs to survive -- occasional blood and constant, empty sex.

    Until he meets Roarke. The centuries-old vampire fills a need Riordan can't explain. Joining forces, they battle a nemesis from Roarke's past. But when the immortal Roarke sickens mysteriously, Riordan faces the ultimate question -- how much will he give up for the man he's come to love?

    Note: This Dark Callings series collection contains the previously released novellas Bloodlines, Inamorata, Home for the Holidays, Sacrifice, Pilgrimage, Dearest Forsaken, and Black Tie and Hot Tails. This title is available in print.

    Praise for Dark Callings (Collection)

    "The emotions in this story are staggering, the use of imagery and wording to put across both men's feelings throughout this epic, 340 page book is amazing. You really get to know these characters, there is nothing superficial or one dimensional about them. They're raw, stark and unapologetic."

    4.5 Stars! -- Shaz, Rainbow Reviews

    Praise for Bloodlines

    "Bloodlines is a hot and enticing read. It takes a deft, subtle touch to create equal, truly male characters and place them in a romance without feminizing one or both. Ms. Jewell not only managed this; she excelled at it."

    -- Meribeth McCombs, The Road to Romance

    "An unforgettably, blisteringly hot romp through the world of vampires, hunger and sex. Ms. Jewell's first foray into the world of male/male erotica is truly astounding. Bloodlines is short, but Ms. Jewell brings depth to the characters and an emotional attachment. This isn't one of those eroticas where sex is the main element; there is emotion, excitement, danger and, did I mention vampires? *g* This reader fervently hopes Dark Callings: Bloodlines is the first of many male/male erotic romances Elizabeth Jewell pens. Don't miss!"
    -- Ayden Delacroix, In the Library Reviews

    Praise for Inamorata

    "If you enjoy stories that push the boundaries, then Inamorata is the book for you!"

    -- Susan White, Coffee Time Romance

    "Ms. Jewell has written a well-crafted story, with suspense, forgotten love, and action."
    5 Stars! -- Oleta Blaylock, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

    Praise for Home for the Holidays

    "Ms. Jewell is a talented author who has created a couple of very sexy vampires that I enjoy reading about. I will be avidly watching for more of her work in the future. Home for the Holidays is most definitely a keeper!"

    -- Susan White, Coffee Time Romance

    "A sweet, hot tale for the Christmas...that celebrates that no matter how things have changed in our lives, that true love should be hung onto no matter where you find it."
    -- Barb Hicks, The Best Reviews

    Praise for Sacrifice

    "Ms. Jewell is a very talented writer with an extremely creative imagination... This book is a must read for anyone following the series. I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of vampires and the paranormal. Dark Callings 3: Sacrifice is most definitely a keeper!"

    -- Susan White, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

    "As a previous reader of Ms. Jewell's Dark Calling series, I must say she had created two great dominant and unique characters with Riordan and Roarke. As the series progresses I learn more details about each character that makes these stories such a great enjoyment to read. I look forward to the next thrilling Dark Calling voyage created by Ms. Jewell."
    -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

    Praise for Pilgrimage

    "This was a great book! Elizabeth Jewell knew what she was doing and she did a great job. This book is about love and how much you'll do for another based upon just love and faith alone! These two guys have a place in my heart with just this one book!"

    -- Anita Jackson, The Romance Studio

    "Roarke faces his fate with humor and resignation. Riordan is not willing to give up on Roarke, doing things a vampire hunter would never agree to. The sex scenes are intense and exciting. The climax of the story is so unexpected; it will leave the reader gasping."
    -- Candy, Coffee Time Romance

    Praise for Dearest Forsaken

    "Elizabeth Jewell writes a hot and steamy novel of love… definitely a keeper!"

    5 Hearts! -- Linda B., The Romance Studio

    "Dearest Forsaken is a short, yet intense story of two desperate people. Because of their shared experiences, their relationship flares up quickly and their sexual encounters burn intensely, searing both of them as well as the reader."
    -- Trang, Fallen Angel Reviews

    Praise for Black Tie and Hot Tails

    "If you enjoy vampires, hot male/male sex scenes and a lot of action and emotion, this series is for you!"

    -- Susanne, Cupid's Library Reviews

    "This is a great m/m love story that I enjoyed reading very much! The sex scenes are hot, sensual, and graphic."
    4 Cups! -- Regina, Coffeetime Romance Reviews

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