Viper (Audio)

A Bones MC Romance

Viper (Audio) (Bones MC Audio 4)

Author: Marteeka Karland

Cover Art: Marteeka Karland

Narrator: Umi Markkanen

BIN: 010666-03467

Genres: Action Adventure, Audio, Contemporary Women’s Fiction, Romance, Suspense

Themes: Capture Fantasy, MC Romance, New Adult, Organized Crime

Series: Bones MC Audio (#4)

Multiverse: Bones MC (#2)

Book Length: Audio

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Price: $7.95

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Viper’s rough around the edges and some kind of badass biker, so there’s no way this is going to work out well. Unfortunately, he calls to me on a purely sexual level. Makes my heart race and my body melt just looking at me. It doesn’t help he’s actually nice to me. He claims to know my dad. My real dad. Says he’s been sent to bring me back. I have no idea if I believed him or not. Just don’t really have a choice but to go along. At least for now.

Viper: I tracked the cunning little wench for three fuckin’ days. In the fuckin’ snow. She’s good, too. She survived on her own in a hostile environment with only a little trouble. That alone would make me respect for her, but then she had to go and kick me in the balls. Had I not been on the ground in agony, I’d have been turned on beyond belief. Now, with her safely under my protection, I’ve got to figure out how to keep my hands off her so her father won’t kill my sorry ass. He’s our intel man and one of my best friends, so I don’t want to cause him grief. But I want Darcy. Badly.

It’s Christmas Eve, and there’s an enemy on our doorstep with a unique gift. One that will leave us all with some hard choices -- Darcy especially. What unfolds next is something none of us ever planned for.

Warning: Viper (Bones MC 4) deals with issues of abuse and human trafficking that may be triggers for some readers.

Praise for Viper (Bones MC 4)

"The club loves, protects, and helps any woman they can. Although they are portrayed as hard and unforgiving to those who cross them there is the other side... So, if you are looking for a short Christmas story with big bad bikers acting like teddy bears towards their women and watching a brand-new member of the family be embraced, you will love this story. You’ll love it more if you also like a little heat with your hot chocolate."

-- 4.5 Stars from Dryas, Long and Short Reviews


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