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Bear Embrace (Shift, Inc 1)
by Crymsyn Hart
Sale Price: $4.24

A werewolf, bear shifter, skinwalker, and a vampire find darkness holds the secret to free them all.


Clutch Wars (Box Set)
by Mychael Black
Sale Price: $4.24

Four exiles come together to preserve the dragon species from demons bent on destroying their clan.


Blood Slave (Box Set)
by Brannan Black
Sale Price: $5.09

It's the twenty-first century. Who keeps slaves anymore? Other than really, really old vampires...


Hybrid (Box Set)
by Ruth D. Kerce
Sale Price: $4.24

The Pod Program pairs Hybrid shifters and humans in space. Sex is a given. Survival, not so assured.


Elven Magic (Box Set)
by Willa Okati
Sale Price: $4.79

Wanted: Wild, willing women eager for the exhilaration of Elvish enchantments.


Screwed and Screwed Again (Box Set)
by J. Hali Steele

When the new vampyre in town comes after P.I. Purple P. Rose, she's screwed, and screwed again.


2nd Edition Boudica (Horsemen)
by Marteeka Karland
Sale Price: $3.59

As Boudica prepares for the biggest battle of her life, Aries shows her the true meaning of power.


Wolfman Tales (Box Set)
by Brannan Black

For a blind woman, learning to trust two savage wolfmen won't be easy, but love conquers all. Right?


Tales of Moonspell (Box Set)
by Jessica Coulter Smith

Four women find the mates of their hearts as wolves battle vampires for control of Moonspell.


All Hallows Reaping
by Crymsyn Hart

Lydia's just dying to be with the two men who would kill for her.


by Changelings
Sale Price: $3.99

Six paranormal encounters rock your night with aftershocks!


Captain (Phantom Lure 2)
by J. Hali Steele

When he hits the Caribbean, the ice water in Captain Gent Finway's veins will boil over and burn!


Bloody or Nothing (Box Set)
by Kate Hill

Meet Sudsy Waters, drag queen, martial arts master, and owner of Bloody or Nothing, vampire hotel.


2nd Edition: Fortune's Flight
by Lia Connor
Sale Price: $3.59

With the help of a worthy rival, Rosetta works to win the heart of the Firebird.


On the Double (Guardian's Tales 4)
by Zenobia Renquist

Roman and Kenz are looking for the woman who will complete their triad. But is Letha the one?


2nd Edition: Alexander (Horsemen)
by Marteeka Karland
Sale Price: $3.59

Madeea fears she can never be a part of the deep, abiding love shared by these two men…



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Now Showing Page 1 of 18  (274 books found)

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