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Shapeshifters (Other) Books


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2nd Edition: The Big Blue (Protect and Serve)
by Anne Kane
Sale Price: $3.19

Tundra is a polar bear shifter with a hankering for some Big Blue.


2nd Edition: Legal Beagle (Protect and Serve)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $2.79

Sniffing out the bad guys, one ass at a time.


2nd Edition: Hounding the Beat (Protect and Serve)
by Sharon Maria Bidwell
Sale Price: $3.59

Pounding the beat is no longer an option, but Sam's life is suddenly more arresting!


2nd Edition: 4Saken (Agency of Extraordinary Mates)
by Eve Vaughn
Sale Price: $3.59

Shelby's first trip to Chimera was nearly perfect, but back in Laiocean, Shelby just didn't fit in.


Captive Hearts (Shift, Inc. 2)
by Crymsyn Hart
Sale Price: $4.24

Misha wants Kele. Kele wants Lark. Lark wants them both. Only one thing can set them all free.


2nd Edition: Don't Need a Hero (Protect and Serve)
by Lena Austin
Sale Price: $3.59

Never tell a hero what they are.


2nd Edition: 4's Company (Agency of Extraordinary Mates)
by Eve Vaughn
Sale Price: $3.59

Roar, Bayoh, and Talh are everything Trina ever wanted, but as the Alpha female she has enemies…


Fading (Shifter Rescue 3)
by Sean Michael

Can Jag save mated pair Hill and Cather or will the abused lynx shifters fade away?


2nd Edition: House of Blues (Protect and Serve)
by Shelby Morgen
Sale Price: $3.19

Werewolf cop vs vampire serial killer. Maggie's caught in the middle. She's the bait.


2nd Edition: The Godrabbit (Protect and Serve)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $3.19

I'll make you an offer you can't refuse.


Raven Dreams (Desert Dragons 4)
by Julia Talbot
Sale Price: $3.19

Dragons are confusing, and Dan and Kalo must make sense of them even as they fall in love.


Bear Embrace (Shift, Inc 1)
by Crymsyn Hart

A werewolf, bear shifter, skinwalker, and a vampire find darkness holds the secret to free them all.


Clutch Wars (Box Set)
by Mychael Black
Sale Price: $3.99

Four exiles come together to preserve the dragon species from demons bent on destroying their clan.


2nd Edition: Badge Bunny (Protect and Serve)
by Cynthia Sax
Sale Price: $2.79

Getting arrested has never been so sexy.


Snowbound (Box Set)
by Camille Anthony and
Elizabeth Jewell
Sale Price: $3.99

Winter storms and seduction go hand in hand...


2nd Edition Flash Point (Protect and Serve)
by Lena Austin
Sale Price: $3.19

After Dustin saves a cat shifter from a fire, can Tigs save the fireman from himself?



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Now Showing Page 1 of 17  (259 books found)

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