Arcane Talents

Arcane Island (Arcane Talents 4)

Arcane Island (Arcane Talents 4) An Arcane Talents Novel by Angela Knight $5.99

Can a man who is no longer human trust a woman who wants him anyway?

Arcane Deception (Arcane Talents 5)

Arcane Deception (Arcane Talents 5) An Arcane Talents Novel by Angela Knight $5.99

Abducted by killers, a witch and her grandfather must trust the undercover agent who broke her heart....

Arcane Betrayal (Arcane Talents 6)

Arcane Betrayal (Arcane Talents 6) An Arcane Talents Christmas Romance by Angela Knight $5.99

Targeted by terrorists, a woman inhabited by a tiger spirit turns to the lover she left behind.

Raven's Song (Arcane Talents 1)

Raven's Song (Arcane Talents 1) An Arcane Talents Prequel by Angela Knight $4.99 Sale Price: $3.74

How can Raven convince Nate she really wants him when he knows about the power of her magical voice?

Arcane Kiss (Arcane Talents 2)

Arcane Kiss (Arcane Talents 2) An Arcane Talents Novel by Angela Knight $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

When shared danger leads to shared desires, the consequences could be deadly for Genevieve and Kurt.

Arcane Heart (Arcane Talents 3)

Arcane Heart (Arcane Talents 3) An Arcane Talents Dark Fantasy Novel by Angela Knight Coming Soon $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Can Jake and Erica afford to take a chance on love when so many lives hang in the balance?