Box Sets

The Nature of the Beast (Nature of the Beast 3)

The Nature of the Beast by Ciarra Sims $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

A retreat in the forest becomes an erotic battleground of good versus evil.

The Masters (Box Set) (The Masters 4)

The Masters (Box Set) A Blood and Soul Vampire Romance by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Submit to the Masters of Ecstasy and experience pleasure beyond your wildest dreams.

The Magical Forest (Box Set) (The Magical Forest 4)

The Magical Forest (Box Set) by Marteeka Karland $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

It's mating season in the Magical Forest, and Faeries simply love to explore carnal delights.

The Hunters (Box Set)

The Hunters (Box Set) by Mikala Ash $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

For paranormals on the hunt finding what you’re looking for may be the last thing you’ll ever do....

The Hard Way (Box Set)

The Hard Way (Box Set) by Stephanie Burke $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

From the twisted mind of Stephanie Burke come some of the strangest tales you'll ever read!

The God's Wife

The God's Wife by Lena Austin $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Hati is the power behind the throne, until Pharaoh dies suddenly. Now she must rule Egypt - as a man....

The Felidae (Box Set) (The Felidae 7)

The Felidae (Box Set) by Jade Buchanan $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

The pride is ready for some changes... particularly when it comes to their sleeping arrangements.

The Elixir Maidens (Box Set) (The Elixir Maidens 5)

The Elixir Maidens (Box Set) A Blood and Soul Vampire Romance by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Sexy vampire drag queens reunite lovers who've burned for each other since the days of ancient Rome.

The Don'ts of Zombie Hunting (The Don'ts of Zombie Hunting 4)

The Don'ts of Zombie Hunting by Ashlynn Monroe $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Sisters Emily and Cora have lost friends and found love--but they’re unprepared for what comes next...

The Dark Side

The Dark Side by Angela Knight andSierra Dafoe $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Welcome to The Dark Side, where the line between love and lust blurs with dangerous passions.

The Claiming

The Claiming by Marteeka Karland andShara Azod $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Nine short stories of exceptional woman and the mates who claim them.

The Chosen (Box Set) (The Chosen 5)

The Chosen (Box Set) by Shara Azod $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Amidst a war as old as time, sometimes the battle lines go awry, and the hunter becomes the hunted.

The Accidental Fairy Tale (The Accidental Fairy Tale 4)

The Accidental Fairy Tale A Women’s Urban Fantasy Romance by Crymsyn Hart $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Only Jasmine’s magic can save the men she loves. Oz may never be the same…

Telesians (Box Set) (The Telesians 4)

Telesians (Box Set) by Alice Gaines $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Two cultures clash in space. They agree to settle things the old fashioned way. With sex.

Tales of the Quiet Kitty (Box Set) (Tales of the Quiet Kitty 5)

Tales of the Quiet Kitty (Box Set) by Camille Anthony $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

These futuristic sci-fi tales are anything but quiet.

Tales of Moonspell (Moonspell 1)

Tales of Moonspell by Jessica Coulter Smith $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Four women find the mates of their hearts as wolves battle vampires for control of Moonspell.

Sympathy For the Devil (Sympathy For the Devil 6)

Sympathy For the Devil by Stephanie Burke $6.99 Sale Price: $5.59

The rock gods of the band Abadon are falling hard, but their would-be killers are getting closer.

Stray Cats (Box Set) (Stray Cats 5)

Stray Cats (Box Set) by Megan Slayer $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

He's got cat class and cat style -- she's got the flash. Together they'll create magic.

Stone Cold/Stone Dead Duet (Stonegar 1)

Stone Cold/Stone Dead Duet A Paranormal Women's Fiction Duet by J. Hali Steele $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Stonegar, a mystical race of statues, initiate humans to the joy of making love without boundaries.

Stargazers (Stargazers 6)

Stargazers by Anne Kane $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Five stargazers defy the odds and find love and adventure as they travel across the galaxy.

Star City Crusaders (Box Set) (Star City Crusaders 4)

Star City Crusaders (Box Set) by Ashlynn Monroe $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Can Kory convince her dark lover to switch teams before he destroys himself from the inside out?

Spirits of Abaddon (Blood & Fire 2)

Spirits of Abaddon by Mychael Black $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Jesse doesn't like vampires, but he can't deny Gabriel, and time is quickly running out.

Spirits Duet (Spirits 3)

Spirits Duet by BA Tortuga andJulia Talbot $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

No one expects a werewolf to be running a moonshine still, but life's full of the unexpected.

Space Opera (Box Set) (Space Opera 3)

Space Opera (Box Set) by Stephanie Burke $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Bred to be the perfect soldiers, Javen and Gara are running from the scientist who created them...

Soul Familiar (Soul Familiar 4)

Soul Familiar by Kate Steele $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Alex, a soul familiar, has the solution to Tyler's problem. All he wants in exchange is Tyler...

Song of the Bear (The Northlanders 2)

Song of the Bear by Shelby Morgen $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Together they share a vision for freedom that will not be held captive...

Solum's Aurora (Box Set) (Solum's Aurora 1)

Solum's Aurora (Box Set) by Marteeka Karland $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Travelers find love and adventure as they risk everything to bring life to Solum.

Solar Flare (Solar Flare 5)

Solar Flare by Elizabeth Jewell $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

There's one place in the universe vampires can bask in full sunlight - a red star deep in open space....

Snowbound (Snowbound 1)

Snowbound Urban Fantasy Women’s Fiction by Camille Anthony andElizabeth Jewell $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Winter storms and seduction go hand in hand...

Silver Iris (Box Set) (Silver Iris 5)

Silver Iris (Box Set) by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Sexy aliens take adventure to the limits.

Shifting Priorities (Shifting Priorities 5)

Shifting Priorities by Anne Kane $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Amid deep space disasters, four legendary Imperial were-panthers find their bond-mates...

Shifters in Plaid (Shifters in Plaid 3)

Shifters in Plaid Paranormal Women's Fiction by Jessica Coulter Smith andKenna McKay $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

A shifter can only deny his destined mate for so long before the beast takes over.

Shift, Inc (Shift, Inc 5)

Shift, Inc Paranormal Women’s Fiction by Crymsyn Hart $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Finding one mate can be difficult. Two or more may make these shifters question their sanity.

Shepherd's Watch (Shepherd's Watch 6)

Shepherd's Watch by J. Hali Steele $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

These big dogs usually get what they want, but will their mates accept what they are?

Shelby's Angels (Box Set) (Shelby's Angels 0)

Shelby's Angels (Box Set) by Stephanie Burke $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Once upon a time, seven male models turned exotic dancers formed the best detective agency ever!

Shadowed (Box Set) (Shadowed 4)

Shadowed (Box Set) by Kate Hill $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Shadowing angels make sure their charges get the chance every new soul deserves.

Seducing Destiny/Dark Kisses Duet (Northern Rockies Pack 1)

Seducing Destiny/Dark Kisses Duet by Anne Kane $3.99 Sale Price: $3.19

A female werewolf in heat and a matchmaking old man turn Jeff’s world upside down.

Seduced by Darkness

Seduced by Darkness by Lacey Savage $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

A girl can only take so much darkness before she succumbs to its seductive call.

Second Chance Omegas (Second Chance Omegas 5)

Second Chance Omegas by Will Okati $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Second Chance -- a small town where anything can happen -- and it usually does.

Sealed Fate (Box Set)

Sealed Fate (Box Set) by Lia Connor $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Could these twin Selkies have found a woman who'll love them both as they are?