Christmas Pageant (Hot Toddies)

Christmas Pageant (Hot Toddies) by Sahara Kelly $2.99

A lonely widow and a man in uniform. No one will ever know -- after all, it's just one night...

Gift from Within (Twelve Nights)

Gift from Within (Twelve Nights) by Alice Gaines $2.99

Rick's cut himself off from everyone, until Leeza shows in the middle of a blizzard...

Holly's Jolly Christmas (Twelve Nights)

Holly's Jolly Christmas (Twelve Nights) by Ciarra Sims $2.99

A sarcastic wish to Santa and a last minute flight fiasco leads Holly to Polar Flight Express...

Christmas Cookie (Stocking Stuffers 3)

Christmas Cookie (Stocking Stuffers 3) by Elizabeth Jewell $2.99

Everybody has their Christmas traditions -- even vampires.

Happy Howlidays (Stocking Stuffers 1)

Happy Howlidays (Stocking Stuffers 1) by Isabella Jordan $2.99

When Sarah's rescued by the two handsome rangers, she knows she's in trouble. The moon is full...

The Gift (Stocking Stuffers 2)

The Gift (Stocking Stuffers 2) by Lia Connor $1.99

What's a man to do but take advantage of the reason for the season and unwrap his gift?

Elves Gone Wild (Stocking Stuffers 7)

Elves Gone Wild (Stocking Stuffers 7) by Lacey Savage $2.99

Grace has a naked Elf standing in her living room, complete with pointy accessories...

Yule Wolf (Christmas Cookies 1)

Yule Wolf (Christmas Cookies 1) by Kate Hill $2.99

On this dark, cold Yuletide Eve, Fenris offers Roth the most priceless holiday gift imaginable.

Fire and Ice (Christmas Cookies 3)

Fire and Ice (Christmas Cookies 3) by Lacey Savage $2.99

One brief touch couldn't hurt… could it?

Frost Bite (Christmas Cookies 4)

Frost Bite (Christmas Cookies 4) by Tuesday Morrigan $2.99

Julian gets three days to prevent the death that never should have happened.

Christmas Kiss

Christmas Kiss by Mikala Ash $3.99

Gilly's bravery fuels Jarrod's hopes for a happily ever after at last.

Solstice Craving

Solstice Craving by Silvia Violet $2.99

Jackson has three days to convince Cara to perform a sexual ritual with him on Winter Solstice...

Sideways Glance (Christmas Cookies 7)

Sideways Glance (Christmas Cookies 7) by Camille Anthony $2.99

A heated sideways glance from a handsome suntanned hunk sparks Cheryl's desire to celebrate life.

Karmic Gifts (Christmas Cookies 10)

Karmic Gifts (Christmas Cookies 10) by Kira Stone $2.99

Fate has a karmic gift in store for Pax -- if she's brave enough to accept it.

Sophie's Present (Gingersnaps 6)

Sophie's Present (Gingersnaps 6) by Anne Kane $2.99

Dandy knows how to make Sophie's Christmas the merriest ever -- a sex demon in her stocking!

Dawg-Napped! (Holiday Howlz 1)

Dawg-Napped! (Holiday Howlz 1) by Anne Kane $2.99

A cute little prairie dawg is just what Bruce needs to cuddle up with him in his North Pole cottage.

Haulin' Hawg (Holiday Howlz 3)

Haulin' Hawg (Holiday Howlz 3) by Lena Austin $2.99

BD has plans that involve bungee cords and a motorcycle to prove his love.

Suspicious Surprises (Holiday Howlz 2)

Suspicious Surprises (Holiday Howlz 2) by Camille Anthony $2.99

Only true love will guide these two lovers through this Christmas minefield of suspicious surprises.

Tails N Scales (Holiday Howlz 4)

Tails N Scales (Holiday Howlz 4) by Tuesday Richards $2.99

What's a prairie dawg to do when a family of gator shifters asks him to dinner?

Stray Urges (Holiday Howlz 5)

Stray Urges (Holiday Howlz 5) by Lacey Savage $2.99

This man will do anything to remind her that memories made between the sheets can never truly be...

Plain Brown Wrapper (Box Set) (C.H.A.S.E. 2)

Plain Brown Wrapper (Box Set) by Shelby Morgen $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

The wrong place. The wrong time. One wrong move could get her killed.

Christmas Magic (Sugarplums 3)

Christmas Magic (Sugarplums 3) by Anne Kane $2.99

Tali hopes the Christmas Magic of the Sugarplum Ball is strong enough to get Jax into her bed.

Just Wink (Sugarplums 5)

Just Wink (Sugarplums 5) by Bryl R. Tyne $2.99

"What haven't I made clear? Desire. Ecstasy. Satisfaction. In that order!"

Make the Yuletide Gay (Sugarplums 8)

Make the Yuletide Gay (Sugarplums 8) by Lena Austin $2.99

Beware the cowboy bearing gifts, who may make Dr. Gary Lord's Yuletide much gayer than he'd planned.

Christmas in the Zone (Sugarplums 6)

Christmas in the Zone (Sugarplums 6) by Isabella Jordan $2.99

Two guys, two gals, and an aphrodisiac under the tree...

Blitzened (Sugarplums 10)

Blitzened (Sugarplums 10) by Elizabeth Jewell $2.99

Can a carton of eggnog and a bottle of rum kindle a dose of Christmas spirit between Nick and Ian?

Santa's Treat (White Hot Christmas 6)

Santa's Treat (White Hot Christmas 6) by Camille Anthony $2.99

Plum's been a very good girl for far too long. The special treat she wants this year is Santa.

Christmas Stalkings (White Hot Christmas 11)

Christmas Stalkings (White Hot Christmas 11) by Cassidy McKay $2.99

When Henry's Elven magic goes awry, Santa's workshop will never be the same!

Emmy's Wish (White Hot Christmas 10)

Emmy's Wish (White Hot Christmas 10) by Ayla Ruse $2.99

Will this little Elf get the huge (male) present she wants?

Santa's Claws (Holiday Business 1)

Santa's Claws (Holiday Business 1) by Stephanie Burke $2.99

Santa's going to ensure his Elf and the human he's bound to have a Merry Khristmas... or else.

The Firm (The Firm 6)

The Firm (The Firm 6) by Tuesday Morrigan $5.99

The Lionheart brothers must find their destined mates -- sometimes at the family law firm.

Mistletoe Mistakes (Santa's Helpers 3)

Mistletoe Mistakes (Santa's Helpers 3) by Jocelyn Michel $2.99

Braving a blizzard, MJ drives to her mountain cabin. But there's a very sexy someone already there.

Zarakion's Tip (Santa's Helpers 1)

Zarakion's Tip (Santa's Helpers 1) by Ayla Ruse $2.99

Delivery tips come in all shapes and sizes.

Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey (Santa's Helpers 4)

Aliens Stole the Frozen Turkey (Santa's Helpers 4) by Ashlynn Monroe $2.99

Betty Jean never expected to spend Christmas Eve with the sexiest circus ringmaster in the galaxy.

Epiphany (Santa's Helpers 5)

Epiphany (Santa's Helpers 5) by Mychael Black $2.99

All it takes is a little kindness and a lot of action...

Hearth and Home (Red Velvet Christmas 2)

Hearth and Home (Red Velvet Christmas 2) by Ayla Ruse $2.99

What's an elf to do when she finds herself between Hearth and Home?

A Gift for Wulf (Red Velvet Christmas 4)

A Gift for Wulf (Red Velvet Christmas 4) by Marteeka Karland $2.99

To protect her beloved forest, can Nadia gift herself to Wulf the Feared?

Ribboned (Red Velvet Christmas 5)

Ribboned (Red Velvet Christmas 5) by Megan Slayer $2.99

Ribbons aren't just for decorating anymore.

Ticket to Ride (Red Velvet Christmas 1)

Ticket to Ride (Red Velvet Christmas 1) by Ana Raine $2.99

Addison finds Taylor's kinky bondage magazine and decides to wrap up the best Christmas present ever!...

Reindeer Sex Games (Red Velvet Christmas 9)

Reindeer Sex Games (Red Velvet Christmas 9) by Lacey Savage $2.99

What's a girl to do when she discovers the hunk she's been bedding is the genuine red-nosed reindeer?...