Nyctophilia (Darkling 1)

Nyctophilia (Darkling 1) by Torri Heat $4.99

Jasper’s a private investigator - and a werewolf. But he’s not the one Ava should be afraid of.

Caligo (Darkling 2)

Caligo (Darkling 2) by Torri Heat $4.99

Ava's slowly accepting her mate bond with Jasper. But will she be strong enough for what comes next?

Nighted (Darkling 3)

Nighted (Darkling 3) by Torri Heat $3.99

Jasper and Ava saved the pack, but now something new is after Ava.

Cimmerian (Darkling 4)

Cimmerian (Darkling 4) by Torri Heat $3.99

The Venators’ secrets are getting darker, but can Ava and Jasper’s love survive the truth?

Umbra (Darkling 5)

Umbra (Darkling 5) by Torri Heat $3.99

Wedding bells are ringing, but will a rival pack keep Jasper and Ava from making it down the aisle?

Darkling (Print) (Darkling 6)

Darkling (Print) by Torri Heat $19.95

Werewolves, witches, and weddings make for a deadly combination…