Demon Entanglements

Forged in Dreams (Demon Entanglements 1)

Forged in Dreams (Demon Entanglements 1) by Rebecca York $3.99

They can save the world, but only if they can forge a lasting bond of power -- and passion. ...

Demon's Dream (Demon Entanglements 3)

Demon's Dream (Demon Entanglements 3) by M.D. Stewart $3.99

Can a nerdy human end Winston's eternity of loneliness?

Demon Hunter (Demon Entanglements 4)

Demon Hunter (Demon Entanglements 4) by Treva Harte $3.99

Who is this unknown male visitor who calls the widowed Duchess Dorothea back to life?

Infernal Desire (Demon Entanglements 5)

Infernal Desire (Demon Entanglements 5) by Angela Knight $4.99

Is love possible between a succubus and a half-angel demon hunter - given her demonic daddy?

The Ruins (Demon Entanglements 6)

The Ruins (Demon Entanglements 6) by Torri Heat $3.99

Joelle may be a hot mess, but Luc is just plain hot. Too bad Luc’s a demon set on ending the world....

Demonium Rex AKA Buttercup (Demon Entanglements 7)

Demonium Rex AKA Buttercup (Demon Entanglements 7) by Stephanie Burke $4.99

It’s good to be the Kin -- er, Queen!

Damned & Confused (Demon Entanglements 8)

Damned & Confused (Demon Entanglements 8) by Crymsyn Hart $3.99

Only the cards know their fate!

The Reckoning (Demon Entanglements 9)

The Reckoning (Demon Entanglements 9) by Torri Heat $3.99

Joelle isn't fighting her feelings for Luc anymore. But now she'll have to fight off all of hell.

The Remains (Demon Entanglements 10)

The Remains (Demon Entanglements 10) by Torri Heat $3.99

Hell's coming and the Mares won't stop until they have Joelle. Good thing she has a new trick or two....