Elvenswood Tales

Bonfire Bright (Elvenswood Tales 3)

Bonfire Bright (Elvenswood Tales 3) by Alexa Piper $4.99

Charlotte and Hugo are an Elf's lovers… Can random vermin stop their Elf from claiming them?

Siren's Love Song (Elvenswood Tales 4)

Siren's Love Song (Elvenswood Tales 4) by Alexa Piper $4.99 Sale Price: $4.24

Mike is a siren, but when he meets Corvin, the human needs no song to make Mike fall for him.

Legally Claimed (Elvenswood Tales 5)

Legally Claimed (Elvenswood Tales 5) by Alexa Piper $4.99

A vampire lawyer, Peter needs humans for blood, but Theo is more than Peter bargained for.

Witch Wolf (Elvenswood Tales 6)

Witch Wolf (Elvenswood Tales 6) by Alexa Piper $4.99

Haunted by the hurts of his past, werewolf Will finds magic, healing, and love when he meets Colin.