Elves, Dragons & Magical Creatures

The Night Before Christmas (Dragon's Watch 1)

The Night Before Christmas (Dragon's Watch 1) by Shelby Morgen $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Jackson is determined to take one night off and show Von exactly how he feels for her...

Holly's Jolly Christmas (Twelve Nights)

Holly's Jolly Christmas (Twelve Nights) by Ciarra Sims $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

A sarcastic wish to Santa and a last minute flight fiasco leads Holly to Polar Flight Express...

The Gift (Stocking Stuffers 2)

The Gift (Stocking Stuffers 2) by Lia Connor $1.99 Sale Price: $1.49

What's a man to do but take advantage of the reason for the season and unwrap his gift?

Elves Gone Wild (Stocking Stuffers 7)

Elves Gone Wild (Stocking Stuffers 7) by Lacey Savage $2.99 Sale Price: $2.24

Grace has a naked Elf standing in her living room, complete with pointy accessories...

Lupercalian Feast

Lupercalian Feast by Silvia Violet $2.99

When Julianne retreats to her family's cabin, she never expects to meet the men of her dreams...

Silver Stray (Heat Strokes 7)

Silver Stray (Heat Strokes 7) by Lacey Savage $2.99

This may be Lysali's only chance to make her wildest erotic wishes come true.

Cavern Dancer (Fantasy Flames 3)

Cavern Dancer by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Two men fated to love women who will never be theirs...

Christmas Magic (Sugarplums 3)

Christmas Magic (Sugarplums 3) by Anne Kane $2.99

Tali hopes the Christmas Magic of the Sugarplum Ball is strong enough to get Jax into her bed.

Demons R Us and Other Stories (Demons R Us 0)

Demons R Us and Other Stories by Alice Gaines $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Demons and fairies and sex, oh my!

Christmas Stalkings (White Hot Christmas 11)

Christmas Stalkings (White Hot Christmas 11) by Cassidy McKay $2.99

When Henry's Elven magic goes awry, Santa's workshop will never be the same!

Emmy's Wish (White Hot Christmas 10)

Emmy's Wish (White Hot Christmas 10) by Ayla Ruse $2.99

Will this little Elf get the huge (male) present she wants?

Santa's Claws (Holiday Business 1)

Santa's Claws (Holiday Business 1) by Stephanie Burke $2.99

Santa's going to ensure his Elf and the human he's bound to have a Merry Khristmas... or else.

Kendren's Prize

Kendren's Prize by Ashlynn Monroe $3.99

Will Kendren give into temptation and risk his soul, or sell his prize to the highest bidder?

Zarakion's Tip (Santa's Helpers 1)

Zarakion's Tip (Santa's Helpers 1) by Ayla Ruse $2.99

Delivery tips come in all shapes and sizes.

Epiphany (Santa's Helpers 5)

Epiphany (Santa's Helpers 5) by Mychael Black $2.99

All it takes is a little kindness and a lot of action...

Justice Served Hot

Justice Served Hot by Sarah Barimen $2.99 Sale Price: $2.39

When Tansy meets a fallen angel, holy chastity is the very last thing on her mind!

Falling for Fall

Falling for Fall by Sara Jay $2.99

Battling for Autumn's life may just convince her Theo's serious about her becoming his Mate.

Hot River (Hot River 5)

Hot River by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Magic and lust tempt the supernatural residents of Hot River.

To Free a Djinn

To Free a Djinn by Ayla Ruse $3.99

How can a djinn, bound to the wrong person, find a way to be with the men she loves?

Hearth and Home (Red Velvet Christmas 2)

Hearth and Home (Red Velvet Christmas 2) by Ayla Ruse $2.99

What's an elf to do when she finds herself between Hearth and Home?

A Gift for Wulf (Red Velvet Christmas 4)

A Gift for Wulf (Red Velvet Christmas 4) by Marteeka Karland $2.99

To protect her beloved forest, can Nadia gift herself to Wulf the Feared?

Ribboned (Red Velvet Christmas 5)

Ribboned (Red Velvet Christmas 5) by Megan Slayer $2.99

Ribbons aren't just for decorating anymore.

Built for Lust

Built for Lust by Alice Gaines $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

Elves and dragons and wolves, oh my!

Bottom's Tale

Bottom's Tale by Elizabeth Jewell $3.99 Sale Price: $3.19

Tricked by her husband Oberon, Titania curses Tad to henceforth only enjoy himself as a bottom.


Pets by Mychael Black $2.99

When the novelty of a human pet wears off, will the Centaur King still keep Ian as his own?

Violet Storm

Violet Storm by Tuesday Morrigan $3.99 Sale Price: $3.19

Storm's willing to use every naughty trick in the book to teach the handsome royal Elf a lesson.


Reflections by Camille Anthony $3.99

Half god, half mortal and all male, Narcissus is a wanted man.

Yummy Love (Box Set) (Yummy Love 4)

Yummy Love (Box Set) by Kate Hill $4.99 Sale Price: $3.99

Magic and lust abound on the shores of Hot River.

The Dryads' Tower

The Dryads' Tower by Judy Mays $3.99 Sale Price: $3.19

It'll take more than a sensual and powerful sex mage to keep Dylana down.

Delicious (Wet 6)

Delicious (Wet 6) by Stephanie Burke $3.99

The only meeting of water and land is where the sea touches sand.

Soul's Embrace

Soul's Embrace by Tuesday Morrigan $3.99

Kyra's on the run and Quintus stands between her and a future as an evil Elf's human Zombie project.....

Oh My Deer (Peppermint Twist 5)

Oh My Deer (Peppermint Twist 5) by Saloni Quinby $3.99

Will the sexy reindeer shifter Jake rescued return on Christmas, or disappear forever?

Strange Bedfellows (Peppermint Twist 3)

Strange Bedfellows (Peppermint Twist 3) by Julia Talbot $2.99

One dentist Elf. Two lumberjacks. A Christmas deadline. Peppermint can't even cool them off.

Shifter's Challenge (Peppermint Twist 4)

Shifter's Challenge (Peppermint Twist 4) by Megan Slayer $2.99

Time to see what magic Christmas has in store for Steve, a black cat shifter, and Landon the Elf...

Santa's Clause (Peppermint Twist 2)

Santa's Clause (Peppermint Twist 2) by J. Hali Steele $3.99

Breaking Bad with Santa is so damn good!

Naughty, Naughty (Peppermint Twist 7)

Naughty, Naughty (Peppermint Twist 7) by Lily Vega $2.99

Maisy wants Santa's elf, Zed, and the special toy he crafted for naughty girls, all to herself.

A Reckless Gift (Peppermint Twist 6)

A Reckless Gift (Peppermint Twist 6) by Ayla Ruse $2.99

Rec thrives on command. Lacy, chaos. When the two come together, they burn bright as the North Star.....

Quality Control (Peppermint Twist 9)

Quality Control (Peppermint Twist 9) by Tuesday Morrigan $3.99

Maya, head of Quality Control, never expects to be at the mercy of St. Nick's nephew's wicked magic.

Letting Go (Peppermint Twist 12)

Letting Go (Peppermint Twist 12) by Sara Jay $2.99

Jack Frost is after the Snow Queen's heart, and this winter he may just get his Christmas wish.

Wrapped In A Bow (Peppermint Twist 13)

Wrapped In A Bow (Peppermint Twist 13) by Isabella Jordan $2.99

Discipline is tough -- even in Santa's Workshop.