Faith Talbot

Beautiful Music (Beautiful Music 5)

Beautiful Music by Faith Talbot $5.99 Sale Price: $4.79

When Kayla hooks up with the far younger lead singer of Daze on End, she gets the bass player, too.

Mara by the Sea (Mara's Men 1)

Mara by the Sea (Mara's Men 1) by Faith Talbot $2.99

When two beautiful men invite Mara to their world, it's unlike anything she could ever imagine.

Mara's Men (Mara's Men 2)

Mara's Men (Mara's Men 2) by Faith Talbot $3.99

Mara left Chris and Aaron, but now she wants them back. What will she do if she succeeds?

Child of the Sea (Mara's Men 3)

Child of the Sea (Mara's Men 3) by Faith Talbot $3.99

Mara's idyllic threesome faces its greatest challenge yet -- she’s pregnant!