Fandango (Foxy 1)

Fandango (Foxy 1) by Shelby Morgen $2.99

There's nothing a bunny like Jessie loves more than dancing... unless it's being caught by Foxy.

Chemicals Between Us (Foxy 2)

Chemicals Between Us (Foxy 2) by Stephanie Burke $3.99

Has the Big Bad Wolf met his match in a pair of Sly Foxes?

Grin and Bear It (Foxy 3)

Grin and Bear It (Foxy 3) by Cassidy McKay $2.99

Being wanted by the law has never been so much fun.

Tied and True (Foxy 7)

Tied and True (Foxy 7) by Anne Kane $3.99

Two's company but three is downright cozy!