Lauren Alsten

Worth the Weight (Q For Quarantine 1)

Worth the Weight (Q For Quarantine 1) by Lauren Alsten $4.99

Qyra's not ashamed of her plus size past, but will fitness fiend Josh call it quits when he finds out...

Sideswiped (Q For Quarantine 2)

Sideswiped (Q For Quarantine 2) by Lauren Alsten $4.99

How many times will Tara swipe right before realizing her perfect lover is already in her bed?

Sidetracked (Q For Quarantine 3)

Sidetracked (Q For Quarantine 3) by Lauren Alsten $4.99

A lawyer, a librarian, and a prank gone too far. Will it be no harm, no foul or too bad, so sad?