Leisure Planet

Ilandra (Leisure Planet 1)

Ilandra (Leisure Planet 1) by Alice Gaines $3.99 Sale Price: $3.19

Sam and Ilandra find themselves stranded on a sentient planet determined to make desires come true.

Miranda (Leisure Planet 2)

Miranda (Leisure Planet 2) by Alice Gaines $3.99

Three people lost on a mysterious planet experience sex beyond their wildest dreams and find love.

Celia (Leisure Planet 3)

Celia (Leisure Planet 3) by Alice Gaines $3.99

Celia thinks she's found heaven until she realizes heaven really lies in Judd's arms.

Monira (Leisure Planet 4)

Monira (Leisure Planet 4) by Alice Gaines $3.99

Monira finds herself stranded with a human male who turns out to be good for more than battle.

Zara (Leisure Planet 5)

Zara (Leisure Planet 5) by Alice Gaines $3.99

Zara's on an alien planet with a friendly dog. Then a naked man appears. Are they one creature?

Anya (Leisure Planet 6)

Anya (Leisure Planet 6) by Alice Gaines $3.99

Anya searches an alien planet for a missing crewmember, only to find herself caught in a fairytale.