M. A. Freeman

Biological Instinct (Aleka Chronicles 1)

Biological Instinct (Aleka Chronicles 1) by M. A. Freeman $4.99

They’re a perfect match. But the true monster isn’t the beast, it’s the beauty.

Biological Choice (Aleka Chronicles 2)

Biological Choice (Aleka Chronicles 2) by M. A. Freeman $4.99

When it comes to the lonely hearts of Connor and Lorelei, home lies with each other.

Biological Imperative (Aleka Chronicles 3)

Biological Imperative (Aleka Chronicles 3) by M. A. Freeman $4.99

The forest is full of beasts, but none as dangerous as predator turned prey.

Biological Compatibility (Aleka Chronicles 4)

Biological Compatibility (Aleka Chronicles 4) by M. A. Freeman $4.99

Phoebe finally has it all. But will she have to choose between the love of her life and her family?